Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 15)

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So here I start my episode 15
Both suhana and varun go to the clinic. varun also carries suhana to the clinic.
Suhana – (in his arms) I’m sorry you have got to bear so much for me, u are late for office also, I should have done it properly
Varun – shhhhhhhh shut up, how much do u talk ur troubling now u know, u be quiet that’s the biggest favour on me ok.
Suhana – ok I’m sorry

Varun – doctor, can u please check her leg, I think she has sprained it.
Doctor – after checking, see Mr. varun singhania she has dislocated he ankle bone it is quiet minor it’s a very slight one nothing much to worry it has only moved 0.87 mm northwards but yes its advisable if she doesn’t do and physical activity like dancing for at least a month this a tube which will help her in pain, it will automatically get back to its right place. don’t worry at all and yes she should try not to put a lot of pressure and she shouldn’t walk for more than 10 min. in a day. ok and yes she can practice some light exercises of ankle and toe light ones let her do what she can don’t force her ok, she’ll be alright not to worry.
Varun – ok doctor I will make sure, can she work in office
Doctor – yes of course she can but remember minimum of physical work ok
Varun – thank you doctor, I’ll by the spray and the tube.
Doctor – ok take care
Varun tells suhana – c’mon your fine it’s a minor injury your ankle bone has moved northwards by 0.87 mm ok don’t worry .
Suhana – can I work . say yes plz plz
Varun – yeah u can but u promise me very less of physical activity .

Suhana – yeah promise (she is really happy )
Varun – but u will work in my cabin ok , so that I can monitor u , and don’t worry I’ll get ur stuff k.
Suhana – ok
Varun – I’m going and getting the medicines stay here only, in the reception
Varun leaves a guy is seen entering the hospital he is walking towards suhana
That guy is behind suhana he is wearing denims and t-shirt and has a knife in his hand
He comes behind suhana and puts the knife on her a neck
Suhana Gets shocked – ahhhh who’s this , turns around and sees a man with a plastic knife . heyy Shaurya . Sighs tumne to mujhe dara HI DIYA , SERIOUSLY PLASTIC KNIFE
Shaurya – agar real lata toh yeh mujhe andar nahi aane dete , how r u
Suhana – pagal , I’m good tum toh austrailia mein the na higher studies
Shaurya – ya I was but I finished , now i am gonna settle in dubai only , came for regular check up what about you why r u here
Suhana – my foot u see ,
Shaurya – u got a job
Suhana – yeah a great one I’m the head designer of singhania group of companies
Varun – enters , suhana who’s this man

Suhana – oh varun u came , he is shaurya we were best friends in school and look I just met him . and shaurya this my boss varun .
Shaurya – ok then u know what can we meet up suhana , maybe after my check up I come to ur office is it ok
Suhana – looks at varun , whispers to him , plz he’s my best friend
Varun – ok but only for 1 hour
Shaurya – what about after office suhana
Varun – no she isn’t going out anywhere ok can’t u see she has hurt her foot
Suhana – ok varun don’t get hyper , shaurya come at 2 o clock after ur check up ok we also have a break at that time.
Varun – gets annoyed , what the hell yeh hota konn hai mere office mein aane ke liye , I don’t think he’s a nice man , but suhana I did this only bcz of u , so that u r happy ok
Suhana – he’s very nice don’t worry ok and thanks a lot
Varun – but u guys will be in my cabin bcz everything has already been shifted to my cabin so he will meet u there only , if u want privacy I will be in ur cabin only for sometime ok
Suhana – ok really sorry

Varun – ok no problem , now lets go
They both drive away for office
Shaurya is seen in the hospital
Doc. – are u scared of injections sir
Shaurya – no not at all , in fact I love fresh blood
Doc. – what
Shaurya – I mean it looks good
Doc . – strange he takes the test and goes away

Shaurya – (says to himself)
Who the hell was that varun , what does he think about himself , well its ok don’t get angry shaurya he is just a small stone which I will have to remove from my way .
agli mulaqaat asli chaaku ke saath suhana kashyap (next meeting with a real knife suhana kashyap)he smiles evilly .

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  7. Hey…prarthna.how are you? Sorry I couldn’t comment..but trust me you are amazing..these all episodes have been going on amazing..it’s incredibly good..and I feel delightful to read your story..love you so much bye and take care

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  9. Awesome episode, this shaurya is psycho. …so evil…varun already got negative vibe from him…suhana so innocent to know his real intention. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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