Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 14)

Hey guys how are you im really very sorry I couldn’t update since long actually I had amazing and the most tirefull trips . thers’s like so much to do and so little time I sometimes wonder how do Barak Obama and PM Narendra Modi do so much in so little time evrn when they have 24 hours just like us , I guess that’s the resaon they’re famous and all good , unl;ike us . ok getting back to the topic I’m really sorry once again and I’ll try my best to update regurlarly .
So I start with epi 14

Suhana comes out in a a very cute shade of bright light pink it’s a little avove her knees and she is wearing black flats whicj perfectly go with the little hand made embroidary in black done on the play suit .
Varun – wow u look so amazin , how do u manage to do it everytime like everytime my eyes are only on you .
Suhana – ok that sounds weird
Varun – yeah ok sorry , I’m stupid
Suhana – I hate my hair know its so bad look , I should have washed it , shit I forgot
Varun – how much do u talk
Suhana – I know but what should I do of it
Varun – kepps his finger on her red rosy lips he gently takes the clip away from her adjusts it a little , now its perfect , u look really nice in open her .
Suhana – thanks – its actually looking nice
Varun – anytime ,
Both stare at eachother for a while , tey’re lost in each others eyes
Kumud – bhai mom’s waiting for breakfast
Their eyelock breaks oh shit kumud says mom doesn’t know about suhana di
Varun – I’ll get my breakfast here and we’ll have it together u just chill ok
Varun goes down and gets breakfast
When he comes up he sees kumud and suhana applying nail-polish to eachother
Varun – what the , u girls will never do anthing usefull

Both kumud and suhana groan , we do many things bhaiyya ok don’t underestimate us
Varun – ok meri maa now go and have breakfast you r getting late for college
Kumud leaves , varun – I have got a lot of food this is cereal if u want , and some pancakes her and poha if u want an indian breakfast
Suhana – ok thanks a lot u have done soo much for me I’m soo ashamed of myself I can’t believe I drank
Varun – now orget what happened , its ok now have food c’mon
Suhana- but how will I its still wet my nails
Varun – oh ok then , no problem I have an idea
Suhana – what
Varun – I’ll feed you
Suhana – no its fine u have already done so much for me , its ok I’ll wait sir
Varun – shhhh kitn nakhre and yes plz don’t call me sir I hate it
Suhana- ok then I’ll start with little poha , little pancakes, little cereal can we share everything little by little
Varun starts to feed suhana they are looking very cute together , suhana is really enjoying ok u made me have everything thora thora na now my hands are dry my turn she starts to feed him they both share some really gratefull moments together .
Varun – ok thanks a lot I really enjoyes this was the best breakfast ever
Suhana – I feel the same thank u
Varun – ok now its time to leave lets go
Suhana – but how
Varun – I have attatched a rope u will climb down after me
Suhana- wowo ouds exciting but when did u do all this
Varun – I’m an early riser ms.
Suhana – wait wat is suhana not ms kashyap
Varun – ok suhana I usually get up early so that time planned tis all
Suhana – your quite smart not bad hah
Varun – ok so lets leave , first I’ll go down then u throw me our bags and then u come will u be ablr to comne down
Suhana – I can do it better than u don’t underestimate me ok
Varun – giggles – I love your confidence I hope u don’t hurt your leg again bcz if u do so I have to pick u up and I don’t want to do that again ur too heavy
Suhana- what am I heavy – I don’t want to talk to u get lost I’m going from the main door
Varun – holds her hand and pulls her towards him shhh ok I’m sorry now jaldi karo
Suhana – what sorry , what do u think of urself haan
Varun – ok go from the main door face mom dad everyone go go
Suhana – fumbles ok now go fast I’ll come down the rope
Varun – pagal
Suhana –what did u say
Varun – nothing , ok lets go throw ur bag as well as mine
Varun goes down the rope , suhana throws the bags down
Now suhana starts to get down she looks really scared
Varun – kuch maza karte hain
Suhana is about to reach the ground when varun screams omg look there chipkali
Suhana loses balance and is about to fall he catches her on time
Suhana – ouchhh I think I’ve hurt my ankle
Varun takes a look at it I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ok wait I have an idea the car is there only 5 min walk only see its here can u walk this much
Suhana – tries but is about to fall varun holds her no problem he lifts her in his arms ok lets go
Varun – your skin is soft haan nice
Suhana – what
Varun – agar tum knee – length playsuits pehno go yahi hoga kust kidding , I’m not a bad guy don’t worry .
He makes her sit in the car ok now lets go to the doctor
Suhana – ok but our bags
Varun – of yes I’ll gt it
Both then drove off to the clinic .

Precap – they both are having a jolly time in the office when a black figre is seen entering suhana’s cabin

Ok I tried a long update covering it up for all the missing days , plz leave your comments below, zayn and bella u guys din’t comment last time didn’t u like it . plz all of u keep commenting . I have had this sudden buzz in my brain of me doing blog writing I thimk I should write blogs what do u think of that shud I start writing my blogs plz tell me what u think in ur comments thanks lots of love to u all . bye

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  1. I’m a silent reader.. but I love ur fan fiction..

  2. awesome

  3. It was gud dr. I missed reading ur stories.

  4. Thank you sooo much Ananya swara and pari . But u guys can u tell me if I should Start blog writing.

  5. Nice person yaar

  6. Hi there Prarthna,, I just went through your story & its pretty gud :).. Though u should improve on some bits.. like your spelling, grammar and vocab.. Just a little tip here – re-check your post before you submit it :)… Also I would like to say that a blog is a very professional stage of writing.. Many people from all around the globe view it.. Your writing skills are yet very immature. You should develop them before you move ahead.. Complete your fanfiction first on this site and see you growth in matter’s of writing.. When you feel you are ready to showcase the world your blog posts.. only then start writing.. Here I am not discouraging you but just wanted to say that for your gud though I’m really sorry if I offended you.. Just wanted to say that you should improve your skills before moving on to a bigger platform 🙂 Good Luck !

  7. Thanks hayathi and rishi . Can u tell me if I should start blog writing what do u think

  8. Hey Mistertgirl I just read your comment and I found you completely right . You have never commented on my blog are you like a silent reader . I really found your comment encouraging not offending and discouraging at all . Infact it is so true I’m just 13 maybe that’s why I’m not that mature enough and yes for my spellings I have got to check my posts before I update it . I will surely do that and for the grammar and vocab part in reading more books so that I gets better . Thanks a lot I think you’re the only truthful person here you have actually told me where I should improve and it really means a lot to me . Please keep telling me my improvements it feels great to have such supporters who guide me . Keep sharing your views . Once again thank you so much .

  9. Lovely episode, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads …

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