Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 13)

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So epi 13
At night varun sleeps on the couch and suhana on the bed.
In the morning suhana gets uo . suhana’s point of view
I get up with a severe headache when I open my eyes I see a very huge room painted white with a small couch beside the queen sized bed I am on . there is a white dresser and a big white cupboard. Everything is white and then the sunlight troubles my eyes I fail to understand where I am and what am I doing , infact I don’t even know what happened yesterday , I only remember myself sitting on the dinner chair.
A girl enters the room – good morning di
Suhana – gm u r kumud right , saras’s frnd and sirs brother
Why are u with a coffee in ur hand , I should serve u , u have come to my house , but wait this is not my rrom . kumud where am I
Kumud – di (keeps the coffee near the table ) chill , I’ll tell u everything . she is about to tell her when her phone rings
Suhana – whos phone
Kumud – di its saras’s phone , we hav some project ask bhai ok . im getting late
Suhana – arre listen
Kumud leaves the room suhana is really confused she is going toward the washroom when the washroom door opens , varun enters (he is only wearing a towel)
Suhana – chi turns back what r u doing here
Varun – sorry, I didn’t know u were awake , takes a tshirt and wears it
Suhana – done ????
Varun – yeah turn
Suhana – can u plz tell me what happened , I don’t remember anything
Varun – kuch khaas nahin , chill . he gets up about to go when
Suhana – no wait hold his hand gets him down on the bed u have to tell me , tumhe meri qasam , she puts his hand on her head.
Varun – ok and tells her everything , whatever happened how she came here and everything.
Suhana – stands up in shock – maine ye kiyan , no I didn’t do this
Varun – its ok it happens who told u to drink 9 glasses and go talli
Suhana – shit yeh maine kya kar diya
Varun – see I understand ur feeling very uncomfortable especially when u gave me a kiss in the night but I understand that u are not lik dat , u were just drunk that’s it nothing else , I used to call u ms.kashyap and u use to call me sir but know can I call u suhana , and u varun . Mujhse dosti karogi
Suhana – yes , im really sorry for what happened
Varun hugs her she hugs him back both realize what they just did , both say sorry together, suhana blushes.
Varun – saras has got ur clothes don’t worry as I told u earlier u were at ur friends house for a sleep over , that’s it ok .
Now go and take a bath , we’ll leave for office together.

Precap – suhana and varun both are in office and a boy is seen entering suhana’s cabin.

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