Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 12)

Hi guys hope u liked my last epi. Thank u for all ur comments they really mean a lot to me just keep supporting me.
So I start my epi 12
Suhana rests in his arms
Varun – arre ye larki toh so gaye
I can’t even take her home what to do
He gets a call its from kumud (his sis)
He makes suhana rest on the car seat
Kumud – bhatashree varun where r u , its already 10
Varun – hey just give me saras’s no.
Kumud – bhai saras didn’t do anything wrong he is a nice person
Varun – when did I say he’s bad I need it for something else
Ok I’ll message it to u
After varun gets the number he calls saras

Saras – hello , who’s speaking
Varun – it’s me varun
Saras oh helloo sir coughs sir I wasn’t talking to ur sis sir I was just
Varun – what the what r u both saying when I called kumud even she was tensed , kya khichdi pak rahi hain
Saras – nothing sir
Varun – ok forget about that first tell me is anybody around u
Saras – no why
Varun – varun tell him everything
Saras – oye teri
Varun – ikr now shud I get her to ur home
Saras – no no f papa sees di like this in a drunk state then toh di is gone
Varun – so know
Saras – can u keep her with u for the night
I’ll tell mom and dad that she went to her friend’s house for a sleepover and she’ll go to office from there only

Varun – and her clothes ,
Saras – don’t worry I’ll come now and give it to u ok
Varun – ok then bye
Saras – bye sir
Varun – sits in the car , he sees suhana awake , weren’t u sleeping
Suhana – aha no I was just joking take me to papa

Varun – chup –
Suhana – no I want to go I want to go I want to go
Varun (really loudly ) shut the hell up , u have made me crazy
Suhana – makes a sad face and is quiet
Varun – now stay like that
Varun starts to drive the car
He calls kumud and tells her everything dekho kumud mom and dad shouldn’t know abt this , keep the back door open and make sure their room is loked
Kumud – yeah bhai saras told me everything
Varun – wow u guys talk quite frequently
Kumud – blushes bhai
Varun – ok just be ready

Kumud – ok
Varun and suhana reach home they enter from the back door
Kumud hi bhai saras has given the clothes and ma and dad are sleeping
Varun – ok she’ll sleep with u today
Suhana – hi kumud wassap han
I want to sleep with varun not with u
Varun – pagal hogai ho kya
Suhana – I’ll sleep with u only with u only she sits on the floor and smiles at varun
kumud – bhai let her sleep in ur room . its ok im very sleepy now I’m going
varun – are but
he sighs , he asks suhana to get up

suhana – aha no godi
varun – if u want godi then ur not sleeping with me
suhana – hmmm ok no
varun – then get up fast
suhana gets up and the again is about to fall luckily varun holds her
varun – tumhara kuch nahin ho sakta hain
he takes suhana in his arms
suhana – see I know u won’t let me fall , I did both d things
varun takes her in his room he makes her sleep
suhana pulls him back
varun falls on her
varun – what are u doing suhana
suhana – thank u ur very cute gives him a kiss on his cheek and shuts her eyes she’s really asleep
varun – shocked puts his hand on his cheek , what just happened
he then gets up changes and then sleeps

precap – suhana gets up and is confused and has a severe headache
guys plz tell me how it is .
plz leave ur comments below.

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