Kuch khatta meetha pyaar (Episode 10)

Hi guys , im back thank u all for d amazing comments don’t worry everything will be fine just keep supporting me so here I start my epi 10.
Suhana reaches home she is all drenched –
Suhana’s mum – beta what have u done to urself , I gave u a raincoat and yes u are not taking that stupid scooty when u have a car. Now u’ll get fever . don’t listen to me na .
Suhana – aachi (sneezes ) maa I’m fine aachi (sneezes again )
Suhana’s mum – I can see how fine r u now go and change saras and ur papa are waiting for u
Suhana – ok maa (sneezes again )
Varun reaches home

Varun’s mum – hi varun come food is ready
Varun – maa I’m not feeling like having food I’m going to the garden
Varun’s mom – but it’s raining and u know what happens when u r drenched na
Before she could complete varun goes to the garden and sits there.
Suhana at dining table
Maa I’m not feeling hungry I’m going to my room.
Both suhana and varun are upset and thinking about eachothers words they fall asleep.
In the morning both get ready for work
When varun reaches office he sees a small and cute bouquet.
He then sees suhana
Suhana – sir I’m really sorry sid told me everything maine bina soche kuch bhi bol diya really sorry sir plz forgive me (makes a puppy face )
She starts doing sit ups
Suhana – 1 2 3 4 5
Varun – arre what r u doing
Suhana – no sir don’t stop me till u don’t forgive me I’ll keep doing this
6 7 8 suhana stops a strange noise is heard
Suhana – shit her zip from behind opened

Varun – smiles arre do more why did u stop
Suhana – sir (she tries zipping it up but it doesn’t happen varun hesitates he goes towards her and closes his eyes he tries to put the zip
Suhana feels a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz shock like his touch just sparkled her she closes her eyes tightly.
Varun – arre what is this its got stucke tries harder. by mistake the zip brakes
Suhana – what did u do sir , now I can’t even fix it , u always spoil things who told u to try
Varun – what the ekto I helped u and u r
Suhana – what help haan u have spoilt it
A knock is heard on the door bhai may I come in
Both are shocked
Varun – sid just one min haan
Suhana – now what to do
Varun – wait I’ll so something he takes his leather jacket out and makes suhana wear it
Suhana – what r u doing
Varun – shhhhh not a word kitna bolti hon
Sid come in
Sid – bhai I (he is shocked to see suhana wearing a white jumpsuit and a black leather jacket )
Bhai yeh to aapki hain
Varun – no sid what has happened to u yeh meri nahi hain
Sid – par bhai
Suhana embarresed
Varun – sid I said na its not mine now tell me why have u come
Sid – bhai these files
Varun – yeah give it to me now go .
Sid – bhai but listen
Varun – arre I’ll talk to u later so now

Sid smiles and leaves
Varun – ms.kashyap plz wear this only u can return it tomorrow
Suhana – thanks
Varun – so sorry I didn’t mean to
Suhana – even I am sorry
Varun – for
Suhana – yesterday I sisn’t mean to
Varun – no its ok I shouldn’t have got that angry
Suhana and varun say sorry together both smile and suddenly both sneeze AACHI
Varun – u got a cold
Suhana- yeah yesterday it rained remember wbu
Varun – I sat in the balcony yesterday slept there only
Suhana – did u have dinner
Varun – no wbu
Suhana – no , bcz of my stupidity even u didn’t hav dinner
Varun – no worries ma sent this extra large breakfast for me
Suhana – my mom has done the same
Varun – do one thing get ur tiffin here both of us will share
Suhana – gr8 idea
Both have breakfast together
Varun – ms kashyap I have got an invitation from relectinqo it’s a brand new restaurant and it’s in city walk so if u don’t mind can u come with me for dinner and then we could go around city walk . for dinner I mean if its ok
Suhana – blushes , I don’t mind sir
Varun – ok perfect so we’ll leave office a little early and then at 8 I’ll come to take u souns gud

Suhana – yeah sir , I’ll finish one more design today and then will leave
Varun – ok
Suhana – goes to her cabin.

Precap – suhana is getting ready fr dinner and varun is doing the same

Hi guys plz tell me how u like it and yes one more thing if u want to actually see who am I u can follow me on instagram . my user id is : prarthnamenghani
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  1. Nice love story

  2. very nice

  3. Wow…the episode was really good.. enjoyed it a lot…it’s so superb…loved it…it was great..no words dear…it was really awesome…love you and take care..bye..and once again other was incredible

  4. Thank u sooo much misha u are just awesome when r u updating masquerade. Risha swara and hayathi a special thank too all of u cuz u hav supported me since d beginning.
    Love u all . Misha u too. U comment really well . ❤ ❤

    1. Welcome dear…I’ll update soon…actually I’m working on it its a really long update so needs time…and its my chemistry exam on 14 Feb so pray for me…and my next update is gonna be special so make sure you read it..bye dear

  5. Its going gud prarthna.

  6. Wow…wow…the update was really amazing loved it to core..I can’t express my joy reading it…it’s incredible…amazing…
    You write really well…can’t wait to read the next one…love you lots and bye dear…take car???????

  7. Prarthana i just read this 1st n im happy that i read the whole series
    Dude its a fab story maan luv it what u hav written is vry good n happy valentines de

  8. Hi misha Ananya Bella and dev
    Best of luck to u misha .

  9. Such a cutie pie episode. ..lovely sneezing scene n zip scene….apologies, having breakfast together n now going for dinner. ..growing friendship…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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