Kuch Iss Tarhaa (episode 3)


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Day 2
Lights, Camera aaaaannndddd Action! The screen snapped.
Swara is seen sitting on a bench in their garden and writing something. Suddenly an unknown person’s head pops up from the back and then he suddenly comes near her ears and shouts
Swara gets shocked and falls down.
Swara: aaahhh….
Boy: oh! Sorry sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you…
Swara: shut up Laksh. What do you mean by you didn’t mean to scare me? Koi aise he akar doost ka pungi bajatey hai?
Laksh:(trying to hide his smile) vo vo, sorry.
Swara: u green mango more, i wont leave you today.
With this Swara starts chasing Laksh as he runs away to save his life. (W.N-??)

(W.N- well if you donot understand what’s #greenmangomore then please try to translate the words in Hindi. ?? Njoy)

They both suddenly enter the mansion and overhear the elder’s conversation.
Monjolika: i am sorry tun tun. But you are already aware of the fact that Swara is not a person who’ll really agree with you.
Tun tun: rey, don’t worry about her. She’s not understanding that no body will marry her if she gets Old.
Monjolika: tun tun, but its too early. She’s just 22years.
Tun tun: rey, i have a very good alliance. Vo mere Kanpur wali mausi hai na. Unkey jija key, fufa key, chachere bhai key, chotey bhai key, beti key, bete ka Jo beta hai…he wanted to marry Swara when i showed him her picture. So i was thinking key….
Swara:(angrily) excuse me. You don’t have to think anything. Il clear your doubts.
Both the ladies got horrified and turned to Swara.
Swara: listen miss Tun Tun mausi, even if you bring some alliance from the moon then also Il not marry. And just put this thing inside your head because the next time you come up with this topic, Il kick you out of the house.
She paused and looked at Laksh.
Swara: and that next time Il forget that you are laksh’s mother.
Laksh gave her an angry look and then held his mother’s hand.
Laksh: chalo maa, we don’t need to waste even a second in a place where we don’t have any respect.
Swara:(crossing her hands and keeping them infront of her chest) hmm…good that you have understood it soo fast.
Laksh:(loosing his temper) listen, my mom was trying to do something good for you. Everyone knows it quite well that you’ll never get a good alliance at all if someone gets to know your truth that….
He stops abruptly watching swara smirk at him,
Swara: what happened? Please continue. I am standing here to hear you out.
Laksh: lets go maa. No need to waste time.
With this both of them leave while Swara looks at Tun tun mausi who makes faces at her.
After the duo leave Monjolika comes out and stands beside Swara.
Monjolika: swara, you shouldn’t have acted soo rude with them. After all laksh was your only friend left…
Swara: i don’t care manji maa. Even if he was my friend that doesn’t mean that Il spare him or his mother. My Pride and my family will always come first, even if some people donot consider me as a part of this family.
With this she left from there as the screen shifted to the sad face of Monjolika.

The director is seen working with his mobile phone.
Chotu: dada shot is ready, you just come and check once.
Sanskar: oho! Don’t disturb me right now. I am doing an important job.
Chotu: but dada, Ragini mam is loosing her patience.
Sanskar: inform the crew that the shooting will start after 20 minutes and if you are unable to control there tantrums then (threatening tone) Il make sure that those three strands of hair on your head vanishes too.
Chotu:(scared) Il take care of their tantrums dada.
With this he ran away, as Sanskar smiled at him. And then again started his soo called “important” work.
After Five minutes he suddenly found two feet’s before him. The person was wearing bed slippers. He slowly looked up to find Swara wearing Chota Bheem printed Pajamas and a blue top where the words HELL WITH YOU was written in bold letters.
She made a grumpy face and looked at him with seriousness but then was shocked to find Sanskar bursting out into a hearty laugh.
Sanskar: hahahahahaha???????look at you??????hahaha.
Swara: hey, what’s wrong with you? Why the hell are you laughing?
Sanskar:hahahahahaha?????? haven’t you seen yourself in the mirror this morning? Hahahahaha?????
Swara: hey you irresponsible little child, the crew is waiting for the past 12minutes and you are literally playing games and disturbing people from your phone. You idiot, kaam choor.
Sanskar:hahahahaha?????? little child??????hahahaha. Oh! oh! My stomach hurts, haha ha ha.
Swara: listen, if you don’t come back to your work this instance then Il make sure that either the work stops or the film flops.
Sanskar:(serious) no need, I am going back to work. Huh! Miss Panauti.
Swara makes faces at that and both of them walk back. While on the way Swara suddenly asks,
Swara:(keeping her hands inside her pajamas pocket) By the way, why were you laughing?
Sanskar:(smiling) After looking at your “chota bheem” wala pajamas, anyone will laugh.
Swara:(realizing that she’s wore chota bheem pajamas) ooo…i like them.
Sanskar laughs at it again.
Swara: and why are you continuously sending me friend request in fb?
Sanskar:(stops abruptly) ummmm…
Swara looks at him with a questioning expression.
Sanskar: hey , Good morning Miss Ragini.
Swara turns around to find Ragini standing behind her.
Ragini: Sanskar g, its already quite late. Shouldn’t we start our shooting?
Sanskar: oh! Yes, surely.
With this he starts leaving from there but then suddenly after few steps turns around and Winks at Swara.

To be continued… (only if you all like it)

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