Kuch Iss Tarhaa (episode 2)


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Day 1
Lights, Camera aaaaannndddd Action! The screen snapped.
The shooting started as the director discussed the angles and expressions and other necessary things with the crew.
Sanskar:(shouting) Chottu, bring the Big poster of our film MOHABBAT.
Swara, who was sitting beside the director,keeping an eye on Ragini all the time , softly added
Swara:(softly) ya ya…the film’s name should have been ‘Bhikari Ki Mohanbbat’ ya fir ‘Mohabbat mai phat gayi chaddi’.
Sanskar heard this and laughed out loud but only in his mind. He took a sharp turn and looked at her.
Sanskar: hey, miss BG. What’s your problem?
Swara: my problem is you and your blo*dy ,foolish film.
Sanskar: listen bg, i am the most famous director of this century.
Swara: oh really. Agar aisa hota to sarey cinema hall aaj bandh ho jaatey. (if this was true then all the cinema halls would have closed today)
Sanskar:(angry) excuse me. Just get lost from my set, i wont tolerate such an insult.
Swara: well you should get used to it, because if public gets to watch this “ghatiya” film then I’ll make sure that they throw rotten tomatoes and eggs on you and, and also makes you wear a garland of sho….
She was again interrupted by Ragini.
Ragini:(extremely angry) Swara. Stop talking shit. (comes before Sanskar) i am really sorry Sanskar g. I am really sorry that you have to put up with her madness,but i seriously cant help it. She is working as my bod…
Sanskar:(irritated) its okay if she stays here but she’ll have to keep quiet.
Ragini nods and turns around,
Ragini:(to swara) sunliya? For god’s sake now keep quiet and let me work.
Swara: but Ragini this film will flop if these all rubbish goes on.
Before Ragini could answer her Sanskar interrupts.
Sanskar:(sarcastically) oh really? Then as per your creative mind what should be the film’s storyline.

Swara: see when you are making some film on love then the audience will always love to see something about true love. Like about the circumstances the lovers have to face or their spicy love story and all. But if there’s a twist then the audience will admire it. And moreover the story should be unpredictable for the viewers so that it attracts there 100% attention. They should live the film, the story.

Swara pauses to let her words sink into all there minds. But she was suddenly interrupted by her sister.
Ragini: ho Gaya. Done? Now please take your seat and (angrily) let me do my work peacefully.
Swara reluctantly nod and took her seat,while the work started again. But Sanskar was sure that this bg’s words already made a great impact on many of those who were present,including him.

The two sisters returned after the work. There house looked like a mansion. (W.N- well it is a mansion.??)
Ragini sits down on her sofa exhausted as 3 servants come and stand by her side to help her.
Ragini:(to Romi) Romi, go get me some green tea.
Romi: yes mam.
Ragini:(to Reshma) Reshma conduct an appointment with my stylist and with the parlour girl.
Reshma:okay mam.
Ragini:(to Kabir) Kabir, make my favourite salad today.
Kabir: yes mam.
(W.N- Roma, Reshmi and Kabir are the servants)
The three went away while swara still waited.
Ragini looked at her and signed her to take a seat. As soon as Swara sat Ragini started,
Ragini:(angry) Swara, what’s your problem?
Swara:(confused) Why? What did I do now?
Ragini: listen, don’t act too innocent. I know whatever you did today on the set was just to seek everyone’s attention.
Swara:(confused) rey, i was giving them my views for your benefit.
Ragini: oh please, stop acting like a goody little two shoes because i know your real motive. Wherever i go for work, its mandatory for you to create a scene everywhere.
The workers looked at the two sisters as one of them kept on shouting at the other when suddenly a well looked lady approached them.
Monjolika:(calmly) Ragini beta, what’s the matter? Why are you shouting at Swara.
(W.N- Monjolika is Ragini’s real mother and Swara’s step mother. You’ll get to know more info’s in the upcoming episodes ??)
Ragini: mom please. I don’t understand why you all have accepted her as your daughter…she’s some blo*dy serva…
Monjolika:(shouting) Ragini. You are forgetting that she’s your sister,and Il never tolerate that somebody will insult her. So now go back to your room.
Ragini storms out from the mansions hall room while Monjolika comes and stands before Swara.
Monjolika: Swara, voo…dont mind…
Swara: don’t worry Manji maa. Its not easy to hurt me. I didn’t mind at all.
With this she gave a tight hug to her Manji maa and left.

To be continued… (only if you all like it)

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