Kuch Iss Tarhaa (episode 1)


Hello everyone. sorry for not continuing with my previous story. but i swear once my exams are over, il surely update that although i know that all of you must have forgotten my story. well thats common afterall soo many lovely stories are coming up every day. soo this story just suddenly popped up in my mind and ya please do select which pair would you like to see Swasan or Swalak.

well although i have already decided one in mind but even then you are most welcomed to share your views and so no more bak bak. hope that you enjoy it and please do not forget to comment.

Lights, Camera aaaaannndddd Action! The screen snapped.
A boy shouted “dada…ooo dada”
The director turned around.
Director: yess, Mr. Chottu.
He playfully rubbed his hand on chottu’s head. Which fortunately or unfortunately was left with only 3 strands of hair.
Chotu:(irritated) dada, stop playing with my hair.

Director:(serious tone) okay. Chooo choorry.
And den suddenly he burst out laughing. People present there also laughed.
Chotu:(feeling insulted) jao, i wont talk to you.
Director: achaa, sorry baba. Now tell me if you finished the search or not.
Chotu:(happy) yes. She’s waiting.

Director: then are you standing here to admire my handsome face.
Chotu:(confused) ummmm…
Director:(shouts) then bring her inside.
Chotu runs away as the director continues with his work. After sometime they suddenly hear the sweet sound of anklet and the climax changes into some romantic scene as a beautiful, stunning lady appears before everyone.
The director gazes at her beauty and keeps mumb. The lady approaches him and extends her hand.
Lady: hello Sanskar Maheshwari, I am Ragini. Ragini Khanna.
Sanskar foolishly smiles and shakes her hand.
Sanskar: hi, i am Mahesh…no i mean Sunki…no no i mean direct you. Oho! I mean…
Ragini:(softly smiles) you mean you are sanskar maheshwari, the great young director of this century.
Sanskar gives her a foolish smile again. (Writer’s Note- maybe because he was praised soo much, for the first time??)
Ragini: well, i really loved this new story and am really looking forward to work with you.
Sanskar: okay, that’s great.

Ragini: ya, but i have a condition.
She looks at sanskar who assures her that he’s waiting.

Ragini: well i have somebody…i mean she’ll always be…
She doesn’t finish her lines as they here some screams from the passage way. Every eye scans the way as a thin body wearing pajamas and a balloon top appears there.
Ragini moves away not block Sanskar’s view as he looks at that girl with a very confused look.
The girl makes a grumpy face as she puts both of her hands on her waist and stands. The workers find Sanskar’s security and bodyguards coming after her, all in a tired and exhausted state.
The Girl:(pointing to chotu) oa ganjey… I already told you to inform me about Ragini’s safety. Ganjey deemag sey sab nikal Gaya kya?? (everything went out of your bald head)
Chotu put his hand on his head to check if he was really “that bald”. (W.N-??)

Sanskar looked at her and at last spoke,
Sanskar:who the hell is she?
Before the girl could attack him with her words, working as forks and knives, Ragini came to his rescue.
Ragini: she’s my sister or rather by Bodyguard, Swara Gadodia.
Sanskar stared at Swara for sometime and smiled.
Sanskar: nice.

Swara:(while briskly walking inside) not nice at all. Such irresponsible workers. These bodyguards couldn’t even catch me and (looking at chotu) , and this ganja…
Before swara could continue Ragini interrupted.
Ragini:(angry tune) swara, he has a name. Stop calling him with that weird name.
Swara:(not even listening to what she said) Ragu, are you okay. These people didn’t trouble you these 10 seconds in my absence right?
Ragini:(speaking to herself) they had not, but now Il have to face insult due to your karnama)
She ironically smiled and replied,
Ragini: no dear. I am fine.

Swara:oh! Thank god. Okay then. You do your work and Il wait for you while sitting somewhere.
She said this and started searching for a chair. She found one and sat just beside the director.
Swara:(pointing her index finger at sanskar) hey you. Do you have a problem with that.
The director looked at her for a while and replied,
Sanskar: no mam.
Sanskar: you better don’t.
As the workers started with their work some thought ‘Weird’, some thought ‘rude’ and some thought ‘Interesting’.

To be continued… (only if you all like it)

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