KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 15)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap: swasan day out.. aditya’s promise revieled


Swra woke up n found herself in sanskar’s embrace…. n remember how he consoles her…


Swra closes her eyes n took a deep breath n then prepare herself…
She shouts”Goood mornninggg sansskkkaaarrrrrr”

Sanky woke up in a shock…
Sanky: swra u r seriously mad…who wishes good mrng lyk this
Swra:(proudly) me …. n then laughs….
Sanky took a cussion n throw it on swra’s face …
Swra took water bottle n pour water on him..
Sanky: seems u dont luv ur lyf … i will kill u
Swra: then i will haunt u..after becoming spirit..(laughs n ran out of room)

Swra n sanskar were playing in whole MM both were very happy… all the family members were also happy to see their son playing n smiling…again

Sujata: jijji i want swra as my bahu
Ap: i too want her..look how she has changed our sanskar
Rp: bt what if itz just frndship
Kavita: no uncle m sure itz more tha that…
Dp: lets wait for some time …then we will ask for swra’s hand
Pari: papaji swra is very nyc grl bt we dont kno anything about her family
Adarsh: pari swra is well mannered it means that her upbringing is also very good…
Kavita: i will done a background check n tell u… as she is my neighbour in delhi
Eveyone agrees..

@1 pm
Swra was leaving for airport everyone was sad sply sanskar..everyone gives blessings to her n ask her to call Regulrly…


Itz tym for check in swra hugs kavita n says bye to her
Now itz tym to say bye to sanskar
Both hugs each other it was a long n tight hug… it shows that none of them wants to leave the other unknowingly tears strted falling off from both’s eyes…..
They releases the hug
Swra:(whiping his tears) u dont look good while cryng mr sadu…
Sanky: u too kiddo n take care of urself n call me as u debord flight n then when u reached home n then before sleeping
Swra: u too take care n ya plz go n checl reha if she needs anything
Sanky: (kisses her forehead) take care n i will check reha ok now go..


Swra enters the house n cries
Swra came late at night n adi was waiting for her
Sra: bhaiiiii m backkkk
Adi:(angry) i can see that u r back
Swra:(cutely) sory bhaii
Adi: shona y dont u call me..
Swra: luv u too bhai… N hugs him
Adi: u kno how to melt me

swra strted eating food…n rembers how adi use to feed her with his hands
Swea: bhai m tired plz na feed me with ur hands
Adi:achha what u hv done that u r tired
Swra: vo…vo… ha i watched tv whole day u kno how tiering it was
Adi: drama kahi ki

Swra left the plate n shouts
” look bhai what u hv done to me… i cant even eat by myself… ur swra is broken bhai… u r seeing na… but u dont luv me that’s y u left me… i hv tried to take ur place in family n business bt what about me haa… who will fill ur space in My lyf”
Cries n sat on floor with thud
At that tym abhay enters the house with pia n both were shocked to see swra cryng
Pia:swra? U fine?
Swra wipes her tears n hugs her ” yup m fyn mujhe kya hua”
Abhay: u were cryng
Swra: are i hv watch a senti scene na thats it..
Pia: thats y u were cryng on floor
Swra speachless

Abhay: achha so when ragini will come..
Swea: tmrw
Pia: u kno swra i hv joinwd SLR group of industries…as as a PR managee
Swra: congo …
Abhay: achha pia u stay here m going some emergency in hospital..
Swapia: ok..

Abhay calls some one
Ab: hello
Prsn: hwz she
Ab: u were ryt sanakar she was cryng
Sanky: god i knew it…abhay plz take care of her
Ab: u dont worry 🙂
**call ends**
Abhay in mind ” sanskar really loves swra yr he can feel her pain after nt being together physically their bonding is becoming strong day by day… i wish they will become one”

Sanky was pacing to n fro in his room he felt that swra is cryng…he calls abhay
San: abhay pl do me a fav
Ab:ya what
San: can u pl checl swra now n if possible then take pia too n leave her there
Ab: okkk bt what happned
San: i feel that smthng happens with her… tomrw her family will come bt today she is all alone she must be missing aditya
Ab: ok i will go n check her n then will tell u
**flashback ends**

sanky reaches office n geets everyone..
All were shocked to see him smiling
Employe 1 : what happend with sir in 10 days he is laughing..
Employee2: i think he must be tired fter attending marrige.
Employee3: i hv head itz a matter of girl
Employe1 &2 : what
Employee 3:ya my neighbour saw him with a girl 2 days back they were eating street food
Employe1: then he must be mistaken sir n street food that too with a girl impossible
Kavita:(shouts) go back to ur work please…

Whole day he keeps on missing swra n rembers the moment spend with herr
On the other hand swra was very bzy in cleaning as everyone will come by tmrwrng… she changes the curtons…bedsheets,rugs, sofa cover n many more….

Door bell rings…swra ran to open the door .. n greeted all
Rag: shona i miss u soooo much
Swra: me too ragu…
Shomi: dont u miss ur mum shona
Swra:(hugs her) no ma nthng lyk that..
She goes towards shekhar n touches his feet n then directly go to kitchen
Shekhar:(sad) swra beta wait
Shomi: dont worry shekhar…

Pia came to visit them abhay n swaragini were already present they were enjoying on terrece
Pia: hello guyz(sad)
Rag: pia y r u sounding low??
Pia ran n hug three of them n strts cryng
Abh: pia what happend ??
Pia : i hv to go to mumbai for 2 months
All together: thats y u r cryng
Pia nodded yes
Everyone: laughs

Pia: i hate u guyz u r laughing
Swra: yr itz good na that u r going to mumbai…
Abhay side hugs pia n say ” swra pia’s bf lives in delhi tumhari trh mumbai m ni h ”
Rag: what?? How??when?? SHONAAAAA
Swra:(bluses) shut up abhay nthng lyk that n ragu he is just a frnd…..
Trio together: just a frnd haan (winks)
Swra: shut up guyz m going to sleep…
Swra’s phn rang A smile appered on her face
She lifts the call n says”hello mr sadu(happyly)
San: hello my kiddo
Swra: what r u doing now
San: thinking about u.
Swra:(blushes) reallyy..
San: ya kiddo now there is no one to trouble me
Swra:(fake anger)huhh i will not talk to u..bye
San: are are sry kiddo…plz sing a song for me…

Swra: no
San: if u dont then i will tell everyone that u asked me to tie ur dori..
Swra: so what
San: soch lo..
Swra:(after thinking) achhaa ok i will sing bt u hv to wish me good mrng first
San: ok done

Swara sang song n soon both fall asleep….with a bright smile on their face…

To be continued…..

Precap: 15 days leap , sanskar’s accident, laksh to meet ragini in delhi

Sry guyz if u think that track is a bit fast in this episode… cz i dont want to drag these things…n ya u guyz will witness raglak romantic scene in the next..

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