KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 47) (swara’s tourcher)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : swra scared of mysterious caller…. aniruddh n sanskar shocked to see CD


Two monthes later…

Swara is now in her fouth month… n sanskar almost solved the mystery of that caller n swara too started going office..n most importantly SwaSan are together solving this problem


SwaSan were sleeping

Swra:(sleepy) sanskarrr
San:(sleepy too) hmm princess
Swra: plz slower the ac
San:shona remote is at ur side..
Swra: dont kno anything.. u just do that…
He gets irritated n wakes up n slowers the ac while murmering”ufff ye swara bhi na”
After an hour..
Swra: sanskarrr..
San: hmmm
Swra: m hungry…
San: shonaa itz 3am..
Swra: so…(pouts)
San: ok..what u want
Swra: ummm kheer
San:(shocked) r u kidding me !!
Swra:(puppy face)cant u do this for us…
San:(in mind)ohh god i wish i got pregnent atlest that tym i dont hv to bear her tourchers… god bless me.. i hv to bear all this for 5 more months..”just wait mai yun gya or yoon aaya”

He prepares kheer n came back after half n hour..
San:(irritated n exausted) princess lo hv kheer
Swra:(sleepy) u eat that i dont want to eat this now
San:(shocked) what !!! Why !!
Swra: bas nhi hai mann.. m sleeping good nyt…
Sanskar was fuming in anger .. cz she has woke him up at 3 n now she is dening to hv this bt he understands her condition.. so he gulp his anger… n lye down n sleeps…


SwaSan were getting ready to go to meeting he came n saw swra sitting on bed with a sad face…
San: what happend princess
Swra:(sad) m fat sanskar
San:what !! No …
Swra: yes… i.. m look i cant wear this shirt..(pouts)
San:(confused cz he dont kno what to say as itz true she cant wear that shirt cz of that small baby bump) shonaaa itz not good i dont lyk this shirt… u wait for sometym…
He left n calls someone …after half n hour he came back n handed a packet to her “wear this princess”
Swra:(confused) whats this ??
San:(smiles) wear this na.. then tell me…

Swra opens the packet n gets happy seeing a new shirt..”sanskar thnkuu” she hugged him..
San “aram se princess… i can do anything for u”
Swra: bt how.. no shop is open at this tym then this …
San: itz a secret shona..
Sanskar came bacl home n saw swara taking her clothes out.. n saw her sad as she cant wear that shirt… so he called kavita n ask her to buy shrit from anywhere… so at last she got a shop opend at 10 n bought shirt for her


swara was working in her cabin n she got a call.. she picks that up
Prsn: did u forget me swaraaa
Swra:(scared) dont call me plz
Prsn: m coming nxt week swara be ready u three…
Swra:(sweating) w-what.. n-nooo
Prsn: m coming to take u.. (laughs evily)

He cuts the call n swara strts cryng … sanskar enterd her cabin as he also listend to their talks … he has order receptionist to join sanskar on parallel lyn whenever she gets call..

He saw her Cryng hardly…n consoles her
“Swara.. no one will take u.. m with u na.. that jerk couldnt do anything… trust me”
Swra: sanskar plz stay away from this matter u dont kno them… what what if they harm u..
San:(determined) no.. swara they dont kno me…
He kissed her forehead n puts her hand on her belly”if u will scare lyk this then who will give strenth to our baby.. haan.. u r swara… swra maheshwari… sanskar maheshwari’s wife n aditya gadodia’s sister.. u cant get scared of anyone”

She too get some confidence from him.. “u r ryt sanskar”

She agin starts working n sanskar thinks of smthng naughty… to distract her…
He goes behind her chair n puts his chin on her shoulder…
Swra: (blushes) wht r u doing…
San:(rubs his plam on her hands n slowly slides them down from shoulder till wrist) m doing my job princess…
San:(numb ) it.. itz office sanskar
San:(kisses her neck) ha to.. u r my wife na…
Swra:(becomes cherry red) what if anyone sees us..
San:(keeps kissing her romanticly) that we will see then…

When they were bzy in romancing aniruddh n kavita enters.. they does knock bt our luv birds were lost…

Aniruddh n kavita enters n saw them n gets embaraced n found this moment perfect to tease them

Kav: ahem ahemm u r so shamelss na
SwaSan gets back in senses n gets embareced seeing both of them
Ani; are kavita… they actully forgot that they r in office na..hai na sanskaarrr
Kav: btw sanskar only u kissed her or she too give it a try(winks)
Ani: kavitaaa u r soo shameless na.. let them romance na..
Kav: ha we will come back soon u carry on…

SwaSan were damn red…

Swra: are ruko na … where r u going tell us what u want to say…
Aniruddh n kavita : no no u carry on
San: are yr stop it.. n tell us
Kav: r u sure na.?
Sanskar stares her angryly..
Ani:(laughs) achha achha ok we will tell u
San: ya
Ani: we hv taken a decision..
Swra: what ??
Kav : we… we r getting married…
Swra:(exited ) wow!!! (She gets up frm chair in exitement n suddenly feels pain) “aaahhh!!”
San:(angry n worried) u r kiddo… whats the need of getting over exited.. dard hua na… now sit here…

He makes her sit n fetch water for her… kavita n aniruddh keeps on adoring sanskar’s care for swara…

San:(worried) now r u feeling better ??
Swra noddes a cute yes…

Swra: now when is ur marriagee(exitedd)
Kav: hey hold on sanskar’s princess… we will get married after ur delivery only… but ya engagement will be scheduled soon..
Swra:(pouts) why sooo lateee
Ani:swara cz u cant dance in this condition n over that kavita n i wants some tym to reduce awkradness ..i hope u understand…
San: obviously dude i can.. n firstly we hv to solve that matter..
**Kavita ,aniruddh,sanskar n swara knows about that caller… what he wants n who is he**
Swra:(tensed) he… he.. he is coming back nxt week..
San:(holds her hand tightly) dont worry i will teach him a good lesson..
Kav: ya swara i will make sure he will get strict punishment
Ani: guyz stop these talks n go to home… look at swara she is Looking so pale…
San:(notise that too) ya u r ryt…(to swra) come swra lets go…

He takes swara home … she changed into comfertable clothes n sanskar helps her in sitting properly on bed..

he came in after finishing his office work.. n saw swara sleeping peacefully
San(in mind) i will teach that bastard a good lesson he hv to pay for killing aditya.. n keeping an evil eye on u.. i will make sure that he will sentenced stricktly… ”

He too came n sleep besides her…

Swara slowly slowly shifts towards sanskar’s side n he was shifting towards edge…

San:(habitual of this kind of calls) hmmm…
Swra:(sleepy) dont come on my side… ur bed is small.. shift a bit..
San:(sleepy ) shona m on edge already…
Swra: hatto na ur bed is small
San:(with unbelieveable look) shona itz a king size bed !! If u sleep straight then it would be more than enough…
Swara ignors…
San:(shakes her lil) shona plz sleep straight u r sleeping “diagonally”…
Swra gets irritated n pushed him.. as he was just at edge he fall off the bed with sudden attack..
“Aaahhh swaraaaa”
But princess is sleeping peacefully… he gets irritated bt when he saw her face.. he smiles n takes pillow n sleep on couch…


Swra:(wokes up) sanskar !!! Y r u sleeping on couch ???
San:(sleepy) u throw me out of bed baby…
Sera:(shocked) what !! Me !!??
San:(with glare) yes…
(Explains everything).
Swaraa listening to this burst into laughter….
San:(stares) shonaaaa
Swra:(controls) achha.. sry… sryy… btw u r lookingg soooo cute with these expressions…
San(in mind) ” i will make sure that ur laugh will remain same lyk this”

To be continued….

Precap: another CD shockes everyone….

So what u guyz think…what will be in that cd..
Guyz m on cloud nine too see that u r lyking m ff so much.. but dont worry i will be back with a new ff

“SwaSan Reveng: a smile that has stolen my heart”

Credit to: Meher

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