KUCH ISS TARAH ( From past to present) (Episode 3)

Hello guyz so here is the second part
Precap http://www.tellyupdates.com/kuch-iss-tarah-past-episode-2/

♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Ap sujata n shomi came back frm shopping n saw dp n shekhar fighting….they both were not in control…
Shekhar: how could u …just for a single project….
Dp: how could i!!! First look what u hv done..
Shekhar: i hv done nthng bt u hv done everythng to destroy my business my dream….i will never forgive u
Dp:oh really u hv dobe nthng u are the one …because of whom i suffered loss
Shekhar: do u hv any idea how could i survive now….my 95%wealth n property hs been sealed…bt y would u give a damn cz u hv ur another compny….
Dp: that was ur mistake u were the one who has done illegal things…u hv cheated me
Shekhar: oh n who has changed my tender quotes
Dp: i dont kno?

Shekhar : ya would u kno….u hv achived what u want u hv destroyed me completly….i will never forgive u…we are no more frnds now..
Dp: i hv destroyed u…u hv destroyed my compny my annapurna’s compny…n who whats ur forgivness…n y r u sayng this..i will never firgive u…n ya we are no more frnds…
Shekhar hold shomi’s hand n left…
***everyone was shocked after that day gadodia’s left kolkata n smhow manage to live in delhi…after 10 yrs they hv restablished their business …n they got a huge chance to handel that in belgium …so shomi n shekhar went their…n aditya(21) swara (17) n ragini(17) stayed on delhi…adi was handeling gadodia’s busibess in delhi…
They hv ahifted to mumbai n sanskar (21) has already established his own firm karma n Was handeling maheshwari n sons also along with adarsh dp n ap…..

5 years later
《Swaragini(22), sanskar(26),lakah(24), aditya(27)》
Karma n sons office
Employee:sir plz grant me leave i want to see my mum she is very ill…
Boss: no u will not get leave…now u may leave
Employee:(with teary eyes) ok sir thank you..
Boss:(to his pa)find out k kis city m h iski maa
Afrer a while
Pa:sir his mother is in jaipur n is very ill…she has no one to take care of her…
Boss: please call him
Employee: yes sir
Boss: we hv shifted u to our jaipur branch n make sure k waha sab kaam theek se ho…n take this(passes an envelope) this is ur bonous which was due last month….
Employe:(teary eyes) thnku sir thnku so much….
Pa: sir why u always done this..
Boss: what?
Pa: cm on sanskar u kno what m asking tum sbki help krte ho bt kbi jatate ni ho…
(Yes he is our hero sanskar maheshwRi)

Sanskar: kavita vo isliye cz i dont want to make relationships when they broke they hurt alot….n u r my best frnd thats y u kno my feelings…
Kavita: sanskar move on yr itz been years.(interpted by sanky)kavita plz fix my meeting with mr singh
Kavita understands that he is tryng to chngd topic so she says ok…
A girl is cryng n another girl was yelling at her”how could u ….y u allow ppl to hurt u….what happen just tell me n who was that”
Girl 1: vo that yudi n his gf jiya they tore my assignmnt in frnt of whole class n i got 0 in that..(strted cryng)
Girl2:(in mind) yudi u will see now what i will done to u n ur cutie pie jiya u both regret to mess with swara gadodia’s sister….
(Yeah this is our swara)
“I will be back in a min till then u take care of her pia”
Girl1: where are u going swara?
Swara:ragini m cmng na(yeah other girl is our ragini)

Swara went to yudi n jiya who were standing at parking…she came n tore sm pprs n throw thosepprs in yudi n jiya’s face…
Yudi: what the hell is this swara(angry)
Swar: u hv eyes n u both r literate so u can read ryt…
Jiya took ppr n strted cryng…” baby itz our exam pprs”
Yudi:(in a shock) what n how?
Swara: (in attitude) m warning u dont u ever dare to mess with my sis or else i wont let u go ….mark my words…yudishthir kharbanda!!!
N left yudi fumes in anger
“Swara gadodia hv to pay for this”
At karma’s office
Kavi: sanskar u hv been invited to a confrence in DELHI COLLEGE OF MBA as a cheif speaker…
Sanskar: so when it is??
Kavita: confrence is on next monday bt we hv to leave bt tmrw as u hv another business meetig there after 3 days…and tgen u hv to attend a business party there n …(sanskar interped)”wait wait m nt attending any party got this”

Kavita: sanskar thats a professional one u hv to
Sanskar:bt kavita…
Kavita: no ifs n buts…kb tk sbse foor rhoge…i wish tumhari lyf m koi esi ldki aaye to tumhe jeena sikhaye…n tumhe smjhaye saas lene m n jeene frk hota h..
Sanskar: (angryly)stop this nonsense kavita….m fed up of all this..
Kavita: achha m sry yr…m bit taken away…sry so shld i book the tickets(makes a cute face)
Sanskar:ok then book the tickets ….
Adi: shona can u n ragu plz attend that party i cant come as i hv an urgent meeting
Swara: anything for u bhai…
Adi: thats like my sis…
(Ragini standing at door keeping a pout) n what about me bhai…
Adi:ummm thats lyk my liltle sis ragu
All laughs…


PRECAP-swaSan first meet…

Hope u like it n if not then also please feel free to tell me 🙂 🙂

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