Hello guyz m back n this time with a ff

♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥

Dp maheshwari and shekhar gadodia were once best frnds but then smthng happened n the both families started hating eachother….
Maheshwari family
Adarsh n laksh (dp n ap’s sons)
Sanskar n uttra ( sujata n rp’s children)
Gadodia family
Shekar gadodia

Sharmishtha gadodia ( shekars wife)
Swara gadodia (shekhar’s n sharmishtha’s daughter)
Ragini gadodia ( shekhar n his second wife janki’s daughter)
Aditya gadodia ( shekhar n sharmishta’s elder son)(dead)
Janki gadodia ( shekhar’s second wife)(Dead)
Additional characters
Piya-swara’s class mate n her best friend
Abhay-he is 4 year elder to swara bt he is her best frnd n pia’s boyfrnd
Kavita-sanskar’s best frnd n his only female frnd
Yudishthir kharbanda(yudi)-a brat swara’s enemy he always bully ragini n swara always insults him for that…
Main characters
Swara- a bold ,confident n straight forward girl she ia MBA final year student n very famous in colg as she is alrounder…loves her family alot n always become a saviour for her sister ragini..she has changed alot after that incident(will tell you later).
Sanskar- a young businessman ,agressive but very kind from heart never shows his emotions to anyone….

**all the children of MF n GF doesnt rember anything about the haterate cz they were vry young when that happend
**shekhar n sharmishtha lives in abroad n handel business n swaragini lives in delhi nd MF will soon be shifting to delhi**
Now you must be thinking What Happend btwn both the families n why sharmistha n shekhar were seperated ? Why he marry janki? How janki n aditya died ?n why shekhar n sharmiatha are living together? All the suspense will be reveled in upcoming parts …
If you like my concept i will continue writing so please tell me should i continue or not….

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  1. Plzz continue and make swasan

    1. Dont worry dear its a swasan ff…they will be together;) 🙂

  2. Nice i like the plot waiting for next dear….

  3. Nice plot…do continue

  4. Check out itz teaser i will post first part tommorrow

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