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Part 8

@night sanskar’s place

Sujata: swra beta go straight n 2nd room is ur ok…

Swara: ok aunty thnku…

She was going then suddenly sanky shouted “NOOOOO”
Dp: what happened beta..?
Sanky:vo bade papa swra cant stay in that room
Rp: bt why
Sanky:(in mind) how to tell u papa that i want swra to stay in the room next to my….so that i can see her…” vo..vo ….vo cz i hv putted my important files in that room”

Sujata: bt beta(ap interept)”ok then swra u go upstair n 3rd room on lft side is urs ok…


SwaRa left
Sanky Pretends to be on call ” ya ya mr mehta tell me..what i cant hear u i think ntwrk prblm h…wait” n he also went upstair

Ap: so finally he strts loving..
Sujata: jiji what do u mean?
Uttra: offo ma look bhai wants to spend more tym in seeing swara di thats y he wants k unhe upar wala room mile…n ha neeche k room m koi file ni h…
Ap: correct uttra n dekho swara k peeche peeche upar chla gya..othereise who will go inside home to serch netwrk…
Sanky was feeling restless he felt that something is wrong with swara ….
In sangeet after ap told everything to sanky how she met her …
Sujata: beta atleast introduce her…
Sanky: ok mum..come swra…(he literally drag her )
He introduced her with everyone now except adarsh….”so swara he is adarsh bhaiya badi ma’s elder son”
Swara came near him n ask him in sad voice with tears in eyes ” can i call u bhai?”
Asarsh smile n said”obviously swara …u r just lyk uttra to me…u r also my lil sis”
Swara hugged him n adarsh cares her hair …n she rembers the way aditya use to care her hair…
Sanskar put his hand on her shoulder n ask “swara u ok?”
Swra: wipes tears offo mr sadu…come na lets enjoy ..look neha is calling me will catch u later
Sanky sees adarsh’s coat being wet due to tears
****flashback end****

He took his phn n call kavita
Sanky:hello kavita where r u n what r u doing ?
Kav: sanky m on mt.everest n m just going to jump off the mountain..
Kav: idiot u called me at 2 n asking me where i m…obviously m at home n “was” sleeping..
Sanky: oh sry sry achha i wanna talk to u..
Kav:(irritated) u r talking with me yr…
Sanky: i want to talk with u abt swra
Kav:(gets up)swara? What??
*tell her that they r attending same marriage*
Sanky: there is smthng wrong yr…she is not that old bubbly swra…she is mature now
Kav:(unbelievable look) sanky if she is mature then itz good na..
Sanky: no no no ….she is bubbly
Kav: now u r confusing me yr first u decide wether
She is bubbly or mature then tell me..
Sanky(took a deep breath): she pretends to be bubbly..her eyes they are not sparkling…they hv sadness yr….she is making everyone happy but she is not happy i can feel that…
Kav: may be any family reason
Sanky:u kno what kavita today when i introduce her to adarsh bhai she behave weirdly(told everything)
Kav: may be they hv some…personal issues yr…dont worry she is osm she will mend her relation dont worry…now go n sleep….good nyt
Sanky: hmm..good nyt…

He also fall asleep while thinking abt her….

Next day morning…

Sanky wakes up hearing some sounds ….n find himself covered with blanket n thinks “ye kisne udha dia?”
Meanwhile swara was passing sry sry running in the cooridoor n saw sanky in confusion n smiles
3 am
Sanky is in sleep n he was feeling cold…on the other hand swara feels that smthing is happenning with sanky so she decide to see sanky ..she peeps into his room n see him shivring then she took the blanket n covers him ”
**flashback ends**

Swara again strted running listening uttra’s voice”swara di m gonna win u just wait”
Swara again strted running…

Sanky came downstairs n see swara n uttra running…
Sanky: bhabhi what this.?
Pari: sanky they are fighting over u..(winks)
Sanky:(widens his eyes :O ) over me bt why?.
Adarsh: swara says that u r angry bird n uttra says that u r not angry bird..
Sanky:(proudly) i kno my sis she will stand with me…
Dp: beta first listen to him Completly…
Sanky looks at adarsh confusingly…
Adarsh: ya so uttra says that u r not angry bird u r “karela”(bitter groud) n laughs…
Ap: so they are racing to choose that whose name will win…(laughs too)

Swara:(jumping happly) yeyyy i won i won …..look utttra he is angry bird i told u na…
Sanky:swara u r finished today…just wait( runs behind swara)
Swara:(while running) sanky please na …i just race with uttra n now u…do u guyz hv wheels insted of legs ….
Both went into a room while running…n sanky catches her but they both fell on ground…sanky was above swara…both have a eyelock…
Sanky without breaking eyelock strted tickling swara..
Swara:(laugjing)please stop it sanky…achha i wont call u angry bird…plz leave…
Sanky:(leaves her) so rember u wont call me angry bird ..
Swra nodded yes..
Then he make her stand….
Swara:i wont call u angry bird but will call u sadu….(laughs n run outside)
Sanky is still smiling…

***Evening on the way to neha’s mehndi***
Sanky n swara were sitting in the front seat dp ap n sujata were on rear seat…
Sujata was continously asking about swara’s like n dislikes..
Sujata: achha chhori je bata k thara to koi boy frnd voy frnd na h na..
Ap:(wispers in sujata’s ear)sujata what r u saying
Sujata: na jijji m to bs puch ri hoon..
Swara:(smiles) itz ok aunty .u can ask anything to me…n ha sujata aunty i dont hv any boyfrnd…
Ap: achha swara tell me about ur family..
Swara: dada n dadi lives in bikaner …dida ma n baba lives

In belgium…me n my sis lives in delhi
Sujata: omg ur family is scatterd..bt y
Swara: actully somethng happens with my family when i was young…i dont kno that bt only cz of that we hv to live apart…
Ap: beta dont u hv any brother
Swara:(tear skips her eyes) no aunty..
Ap in mind “if she hasnt any brother then she is not shomi’s daughter…”
Sanky in mind” y she is lieng
Yr…now m sure k she is hinding something…but what i must find out….kavita said k this can be her personal matter bt no…she is lieng that she has no brother bt why..i will find that”
Swara:(in mind)sry bhai…i dont kno y u took that promise from me..bt i will keep that till my last breath.


Swara uttra n other girls have applied mehndi on their hands…sanky also applied mehndi n write “ss” on his hand….swara-s phn rang…she has kept her phn with kamla
Kamla: are sanskar
Sanky:ji aunty
Kamla:swara’s phone is ringing please give it to her…i hv lots of work…
Sanky: for sure..
He searchs for swra n found her on terrece..
She was in deep thoughts…
Sanky handed pick her phn n places it betwn her shoulder n ear…
Wind was blowing n her hair coveres her face n sanky keeps on staring her lovingly…
He tuck the strans behind her ear n hokd her phn in his hand…after cutting the call.
Swara waves her hand infrnt of him “sanskaarrrr”
Sanky: u r beautiful
Swara: i kno mr sadu now lets go
Sanky: swara why r u lieng?
Swara:(fumbles) what lieng no…
Sanky:ya lieng about ur brother
Swara: vo annapurna aunty is calling me m going..
Sanky:swara wait…
But she left…
“I will ask u n u hv to tell eveything”

***after mehndi at sanskar’s place***

Sanky decides to confrnt swara she opens the door n was shocked to see the scene…swara was lyng unconcious on floor…he ran n pick her in arms n put her in bed…n called doctor..
He can clearly see the tear marks on his face…
Doctor after examining her
“She is fine n fever is due to stress”
*sanky rembers the time in delhi when she fell unconcious n was having fever*

Sanky in mind
“Oh god it means that whenever she has excessive stress she fall ill bt whats the reason…i rember after that day in delhi she strted laughing whole heartedly bt this tym itz different”
Eveyone left except sanky he sit beside swara holding her hand…he soon fall asleep holding her hand….

The end

Precap: more SwaSan scenes…RagLak first meet…swara going mumbai with sanskar..

Credit to: Meher

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