KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 6)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥
Part 5
In morning swara n sanskar were sleepin in their respective rooms….(only they were sleeping) kavita abhay n pia were eating brealfast…abhay gets a call n he rush to swara
” swara get up”
Swara: what happend abhay?
Abhay : get up yr…dr. mehta called me n ask me to meet him in an hour
Swara wakesup n run outside
Abhay: oh god this girl….swara wait yr…
Swara: no abhay we should leve or else we miss the opportunity..
Abhay: ya we will bt before that u hv to eat breakfast u r still week …
Swara took a plate n serve food in it n ask abhay to leave…
Abhay: ur breakfast?

Swara: here it is now lets go.
Pia: swara n how will u return this plate rember u r at kavita’s house
Swara: oh ha i forgot…..(shouted) kavitaaa
Kavita: ya swara r u ok.?
Swara: kavita can i take this plate with me i will return it by night promise
Kavita:(shocked n surprised) ok u..before she can complete swara hold abhay’s hand n run…
Sanskar was seeing all this n simles..
Abhay n swara met the doctor n he said that swara can save him by donating her bone marrow to him.(guyz itz all finction i dont kno anything in this matter as i m a commerce student )
Swara was on cloud nine she happily went to her college…
In college
Ragini: (hug’s swara) shona i missed u so much
Swara: even i also missed u…n hwz himanshi’s dadi now
Ragini: she is better n her parents hv also came…
Pia: arrey guyz do u kno that today is a conference in our college n a big business man is the chief speaker
Swara: who ?

Pia: dont kno koi sanskar maheshwari h…

Then a car stopped infront on college gate a guy step down from car n all girls went crazy…
Girl 1 : oh god he is so hot
Girl 2 : yr he is so charming

Swara: guyz lets go ye ladkian to pagal ho gai …music room m chlte h….trio left

That guy was passing from coridoor n again listened that sweet voice which took away all his worries he was about to knock the door bt someone called him frm back” mr. Sanskar maheshwari this way please”
He left..
Swara didnt attend the confrence as she has no intrest yes she is a scholar bt without intrest… 😛

Swara got call on her phn ” swara jldi aa yudi fir se ragini ko tang kr ra h usne uspe paani daal dia h”
Swara: pia just teo min aaj ise esa maza chakhaungi k yaad rkhega…
At college ground
Ragini was cryng as yudi throws water on her which makes her clothes stick to her body she was too uncomfertable..
Yudi: jiya baby where is her body guard (laughs)

Jiya: baby may be darr gai ho tumse

Sanky saw this all n fumes in anger he strted moving towards her then suddenly soneone throw the bucket full of paint on yudi n jiya…ends up making them red yellow blue ( badicly colorful 😀 😀 )

Swara:(in angry attitude) i hv warned u not to mess with my sis …jitti jldi smjh jao utta achha hoga…(holds ragini’s hand) chal ragu…n left

Sanskar in mind oh so she is her sister oh god she is damn confident…then he rembers about about the girl he went there n found it to be empty…
………….2 days later……..

Business party it was a masked tgeme party
Kavita sanskar swaragini were in party…

Then an announcement is made “aaj ki shaam hamare beech ek bhut achhi singer h so can we please hv miss gadodia on stage”
Swara went on stage n sang…sanky recognised her voice n decides k aaj to mill k he rhunga…
SwaSan dance together…both were lost in each other’s eyes they couldn’t even notise that the song was over long back 😛
They came back to reality when everyone claped
Sanky took her out n say” u r beautiful”
Swara: what?
Sanky: voh u r singing..itz beautiful…
Swara: oh thnx..i thought u were flirting with me (winks)
Sanky: (laughs) ohh dont worry i will not flirt with u….achha may i ask ur name…
Swara: ummn no
Sanky: but why
Swara: whag if mere sunder se naam ko nazar lag gai toh(launghs)
Sanky: (laughs too) u r so funny
Swara: achha leave that my name is..(interpted by phn call)
Swara ” ji bhai”.

Adi: cmon yr come back itz too late
Swara: ok will be there in hlf n hour …(cuts call)
Swara: ok mister so hv to go bye…n leave in hurry..
Sanky: shit yr naam b ni pta uska..
The end
Precap : sanky back to mumbai n 2 monthes leap

Credit to: meher

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