KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 50) (shocking)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : sanskar n aniruddh meets vivek… vivek takes swara forcibly with him… while sanskar got injured badly


Sanskar opens his eyes n found himself on bed surrounded by everyone…

San:(panicks) swara…. I- i hv to save her…
Ani: relax … i hv called police n they r searching her
San:(restless) hw could i… she is with that jerk…
Kav: sanskar bt we… we dont hv any clue..
San:(thinks) no we hv… uttra bring my laptop..

Uttra brings lapy n sanskar does something…

Lak:what r u doing bhai?
San: lucky i hv inserted a GPS chip in her locket… cz i kno she may fall in danger…
Ani: itz great…
After half n hour
San: i found her.. she is somewhere in industrial area
Ani: lets go
Kav: wait guyz.. sanskar i think u shld take abhay too cz who knows swara needs medical help…
San: ya u r right..

He calls abhay…n abhay sanskar aniruddh kavita n laksh left …. sanskar n aniruddh in one car n the trio in other car behind them


Vivek took swara to an old factory… where he killed aditya…. she was pleading to leave her…

Swra:(cryng) leave me… if … if sanskar comes to know about this… he will kill u..
Viv:(still dragging her) he wont be able to find neither me nor you swara baby..

Swra bites his hand n ran away …. n she bumped into some one… her world turn 360 to see him..”ar..arnav ”
He slaps her hard … her lip started bleeding…

Arnav: yeah arnav… swara baby!. (he goes near her n holds her hair tightly) u hv saved my wife n who will save u ..
Swra:(cryng in pain) ahhh !! Leave me…
Arnav: no way baby… u r perfct for our business…
Viv: u two brother sister hv a very bad habit of putting nose in other’s matter now lets see who will save u…
Arnav: vivek make sure she gets proper rest… n ya if she delivers a girl then sell her at good price… afterall she will be daughter of swara n sanskar…
Swra: shut up …u both.. hw dare u(before she can complete another tight slap by arnav)
Arnav: never ever try to higher ur pitch infront of me… (shouts) got it

Then they both tie her hands n legs n lock her in room… there she recalls aditya’s death


Swara was waiting for aditya to pick her up from mall… she was waiting bt then a car came n pulled her in.. aditya was just behind that car so he follows that… they take her to same factory…

N starts beating her lyk hell.. then arnav pulls swara n tries to force her n this makes aditya furious…

Adi: (shouts) dont u dare to touch her or else i will kill u…
Swra saw him n realese herself n hugs adi..”bhai..”
Viv: ohh aditya gadodia…
Arnav: u kno him??
Viv: ya he is the one who has found the proves against our drug business..
Arnav: ah then no wonder y his sister has putted her nose in our matter
Adi: look m warning u stay away frm my sister(angry)
Viv: no way mr gadodia.. she is so hot we will get a big amt for her…
Arnav: correct.. n she had ruined our deal now we will sale her..
Swra: hw could u sell her she was ur wife..
Arnav: the way i will sell u..swaraa..
Arnav n aditya engaged in verbal argument n aditya ask swara to hide herself … n she hide behind some boxes… n “bang” vivek hitted aditya with rod..

Swra was numb..

Then arnav took out a gun n shot a bullet in his chest…

They both thought that swara has ran away so they ran out to find her
Viv: we hv to find her at any cost.. bt what abt him?
Arnav: lets go i will ask my ppl to settle his body..

They left
Swra:(cries ) bhhhaaaaiiiiiiiii
Ran towards aditya
Swra: bhai i hv called ambulance everything willbe fine…
Adi: (saying with difficulty n pain) sho..shoo..shona…. proo.mise me…
Swra: bhai plz relax ( cries miserably)
Adi: no i wannt a prromise now..
Swra: i promise everything bhai each n everything what u said Bt please phle aap thik ho jao
Adi: shoo.shonna after my death…oo..open that secret locker …. i. It has a… file..read .. th..that.. u…wi..will under..stnd evrythng…

Swra: (still cryng) no u r not going any where… nithng will happen to you… u cant leave ur shona ha…
Adi: u hv to me…mend rela…tion..s… btwn both familes n..n.. don..dont.. let ..anyone about me… ne.. never tell … any..anyone that … u.. u r my sis… (puts his hand on swara’s head)
Go..god.. bl…bless uu sh..sho..shonaaa….(his hand slips off her head… n he left her) Swra: bbhhaaiiii nooo u cant do this to me….u hv to wake up… bhai i promise i will never ever tease u.. i will manage all my things …. i will forgive mr gadodia too… bhai plz… utho na…. u r my shield … now who will protect me haan… i can protect ragu bt who will protect me… m sry for everything plz come back pleasee…(cries till her tears got dried)

Aitya knows cz he has many business rivals n for them swara n ragini will be easy targets… so he asked swara to hide their identities…

Vivek n arnav’s goons putted his body in car n showcase it as accident with help of a courrept police officer


sanskar came in n shouts ” swaraaaa !!! Swaraaa”

Swra from her room shouts”sanskarrrr ”

They heard her voice n aniruddh breaks the window pane n sanskar gets in…
He unties swara n she hugged him cryng hard.
San:(caring her hair) m here swara nothing will happen to u… m with u.. cm’on lets go..
Swra:(cries n scared) sanskar… u go.. they will harm u…
San:shut up kiddo n come
Swara tries to stand up bt due to stress n tourcher she feels pain…”aaaahhhh!!”
San:(worried) r u fyn?
Swea:(in pain) sanskar our baby… ahh!!
Ani: sanskar i dont think she can walk itz better u pick her up… itz risky to stay here..
San: u r ryt…..

He took swara in his arm n goes towards car.. by the tym laksh n other too reach there.. abhay n kavita goes with sanskar n laksh n aniruddh behind them..

Abhay treats her …
Everything seems to be fyn…
But no so soon
Sanskar suddenly applies breaks..
Abh:wht happend?
Then he saw arnav n vivek standing infront of their car pointing a gun towards them…

“Do u think we can leave u that much easily… that was our trap.. n poor sanskar fell in that” arnav gives evil look

Sanskar came out of car n “dhishkiyaaoon” a gun shot

Arnav has shotted sanskar … he fell on ground in btwn pool of blood…
Swra:(shouts) sanskaaaarrrrrrrr…
Abhay tries alot to stop her bt all in vain she step out of car n run towards him… “sanskar wake up… plz .. uthoo..u cant leave us… plz uthooo…. i luv u we hv taken vows to live together u cant ditch me in between… uthoo.. look u hv saved me.. u always ask for a chance to save me today u does that… plz plz utho”

Arnav: wanna go to him swara then wait…
Bt this tym it was police they hv fired at arnav.. n arrest both of them for murder, human trafficking, fraud in business, attempt to rape n many more… n sent sanskar to hospital

Itz been 5 hrs bt still his operation was continuing..
Everyone was present there everyone was cryng except swara… her tears got dried… everyone was trying to make her cry bt all in vain.. doc came out n says
Doc:(sad) m… m sry mrs. Maheshwari…. we can’t save him…

Swara sat on chair with a thud…after listening to his sry…lyk a lyfless body

To be continued….

Precap: 5years leap…

So guyz here is the third last episode..dont kill me 😛 n ya plz read the intoduction of characters of my new ff “SwaSan Revenge: A smile that has stolen my heart”

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  1. Plz dont kill sanky plz yaar make it a happy ending

    1. I can assure u ending will be happy

  2. Meher, Sanskar is alive right??!?? Plz give it a happy ending without Sanskar dying…..

    1. Dear trust me ending will be happy

  3. i seriously wanted to kill u after reading last lines bt hope for the best in nxt epi. fingers crossed

    1. Lol… n ya enfing will be happy

  4. Ooooo. ….Nooooo…..is sanky dead???….can’t belive…or is he went to coma…??? Pla update next part soon…5 yrs leap???…omg this is a great suspens….keep writing..

    1. Suspense will be revield in nxt part

  5. Meher…! How can u? U just made my sanky die…plz don’t do it…i am literally begging…plz don’t make d kid grow widout a dad…(imagine a girl crying wid saying all these…#LOL) BUT I REALLY MEAN IT!!!

    1. That kid would hv a father for sure…

  6. But awesome episode dear…..Swara’s kidnapping n rescue, Aditya’s murder n finally the climax… Everything has been very well planned….its just too good dear

  7. Superb but plz don’t kill sanskar

  8. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Meyer di it was very good superb fantastic excellent etc etc no words to express your writing luv u di ?:-)

    1. Luv u too dear… n thnkuu

  9. Sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )


  10. nice.. but is it real sanskar died or he comes back.. please dont show like this tragetic way in ending.. show swasan together.. please unite them… and dont seperate themm nice ff.. dont want this tragetic in ending of this ff…. please unite swasan

    1. Ending will be happy in any way 😉

  11. superb.don’t separate swasan

    1. Thnku… n lets see 😀

  12. meher ji aap Sat ko hi kyun aise episodes post karte ho sad wale…. pls don’t seprate swasan remember ur trp..!

    1. Aree ab to episode he 2 hai 😛

  13. i think may be he is in coma… suspense

    1. Lets see 😀 😉 😛

  14. Plz…… Dnt kill Sanky……??

  15. Plz don’t kill sanky.

    1. Congratulations on half century.

    2. Thnku dear 😀

  16. Ayendrila Saha

    Hey I am a silent reader of your ff…. Pls Pls don’t do this….pls save sanky don’t kill him pls???

    1. Dear ending will be happy … i can assure u

  17. Emotional yaar…..pls….pls…..pls…..dont kill sanky……..sanky’s death in sabhas ff was tooo much 4 me….ik she rewrote and the ff had a happy end……..but i’m still stuck to the part sanskar dies…….sooooo…..pls….pls…pls….pls….dont kill sanskar….pls

    1. Dear i will give u a happy ending thats all i can say

  18. its not fair yar plz bring or sanskaar back

    1. Dear lets see what happens

  19. plz yaar saskar ko mat marna….

  20. all show go on same point view one swara or sankar die.plz change this topic pa.don’t kill sankara.

  21. Meherrr.. I hate u..??????? u made my sanky die..????????? lol..just kidding..??? plzzz don’t do this..??plzzz make it a happy ending..,??????? suspense..???? Upload soon..☺????

    1. Ending will be happy… gauranteed 😀

  22. Hi meherdi I’m a silent reader
    I’m asking pls dont end tis ff soon as it s my fav one..i will daily eagerly wait for ur ff…
    Or at least make a season 2 off t!!!
    It’s my kind request…I’m from tamilnadu

    1. Aww dear thnku soo much…. luv u loads… bt ya… i hv already 2 ffs in quee… bt i will definately think of season 2 … n m glad that i hv readers all over india 😉 😀 😀

  23. plz yrr update today only . I can’t wait ………awesome ff

    1. Thnx… m writing that… so lets see 😀

  24. plz plz plz plz don’t kill sankara keep on sankara in coma

    1. I can just assure u for a happy ending.. i cant reviel the suspense ryt now na 😉

  25. very nice…..I think sanky will b n coma

  26. Plzzzzz don’t add rebirth formula . Swara give birth to child and died.
    Still the fact remain same that they can’t be one.

    1. Ahh no way… i will not copy anyone

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