KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 5)


Recap Episode 4
♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥
Part 4
Gadodia mension

Swara’s sleep is disturbrd by a phn call it was frm ragini…
Swara: ha ragini bol
Ragini: swara i cant come college today
Swara: bt why
Ragini: vo himanshi’s dadi sufferred a heart attak n thetr is no one at her place so i hv to be with her
Swara: ok u take care n if anything required call me n i will send ur clother to himanshi’s place
Ragini: swara is eberything alryt?
Swara: ya bt y r u asking this.
Ragini: u r sounding low..that bubbliness is missing frm ur voice
Swara:(understoods that she is caught red handed) vo ragini i was sleeping na thats y….n u go byeee(n cuts the call)
Ragini(in mind) there is smthbg fishy…
Kavita’s mension

She knock the door n found sanskar no where….then she saw balcony’s open door she wrnt there n saw sanskar sleeping there peacefully with a smile on his face…
Kavita in mind” y he is sleeping here ?? N this smile i hv seen smile on his face after years i dont the reason behind that bt i wish he keeps on smiling lyk this….”
Kavita”sanskar get up itz 8 n y were u sleeping here?”

Sanskar: (In sleepy bt happy voice) her voice is so pacyfing yr…

Kavita; what??

Sanskar: umm nthng vo good morng

Kavita: sanskar dont lie just tell me..

Sanakar: vo do u rember i hv yold u about a girl singing aarti…?

Kavita: ya i do rember bt y r u asking this?

Sanskar: i hv heard the same voice a girl was singing in the neighbouring mension…bt i wonder y she sang at 3

Kavita: what at 3??

Sanskar: yup…well leave all this n get ready we hv to leave…
Swara called abhay n asked him wether he get any solution or not…abhay said that he has fixed his appointment with a specialist n he will meet him tommorrow…
She left vo pia’s home..
Sanky n kavita were at shopping mall as uttara demanded for a hand bag n that too frm a particular mall….he was waiting outside n kavita was buying that for her…some girls saw him n gatherd around him they were hugging him..he went out of control when a girl kissed him…he fumes in anger n left kavita to saw that n rum behind him..”hey sanskar wait yr”

While going towards the parking he bumps into a girl…. that girl was feeling dizzy….(that girl is none othde than swara)

Sanky hold her n then make her stand n burst out on her
“What the hell is ur problrm? Y u girls always try to come close to me?”
Swara: look m sorry i hvnt done that intensionally itz just that i was fdeling dizzy..

Sanskar: n y u girls always feels dizzy when m around

Swara: what(surprised)?

Sanskar: ya y r u so surrised ha …oh actully itz nt ur fault its uf upbringing…itz ur parents mistake u kno ur brother may love such cheap tricks bt m nt lyk that…got it..

Swara was now fuming in anger n she said while crying”u cant be lyk my brother he is special n ya rahi baat upbringing ki to mujhe kisi or ka gussa kisi or pe utarna nhi sikhaya gaya hai n ya m sorry”

Swara while going fell unconcious on ground kavita saw that n run towards her…she asked sanky to hell her bt he denied…
“Mr maheshwari it enough u cant just bust out at her she is literally burning in fever n ya frm when u hv become that whom u hate most?”

Sanky was numb he was feeling guilty..

He took swara in his arms n drive to his place…
They called doctor n after examination he ask them to take care of her as she is very week…
After that he took her phn n called last dialed number….it was abhay’s
Abhay: ha swara bol
Sanky:(in mind) swara wow beautiful name
Abhay: shona are u there
Sanky:(shona he must be her guy) hello m sanskar..
Abhay:(shocked) who are u n swara ka phn tumhare pass.
Sanky explaind everything n he came to their place with pia…
Pia called adi that swarA will be staying at her place..
Abhay n pia were given rooms as swara was still unconcious…
At night 2 pm
Swara got up she strted cryng she was so upset that she could not even think where she is….sanky while passing by saw her cryng n enters her room…she was shocked to see her sanky apologises for his sayng n they chatted a while…
Sanky while going out ask her:may i ask u smthng
Sanky: y were u cryng
Swara: vo nthng
Sanky: if u want to talk to me u can (smile)
Swara: ok i will
He turns to go oug bt swRa called him” listen mister”
Sabky: yes
Swara: try to be happy…u never kno at what point life snaches everything from u..
Sanky rembers sm past moments n smiles n says “ok now u take rest”
The end

Precap: sanskar’s meet with that girl

Credit to: meher

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