KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 49) (In danger)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : SwaSan n KaviRuddh gets shocked to see another CD


San:swara r u ready ?
Swra: for what ?
San: (stares) u hv appointment today
Swra:are yr.. i dont want to go there that smell of hospital irritates me alot…
San: NO excuses… get ready
Swra: huhh … kk


Sanskar was pacing to n fro as alia has taken swara with her… for some tests…

After coming back.. he looks at swara she was looking dull he got tensed.. n run towards her
“What happend to her alia?”
Alia:swara come n take rest here ok..

She made her sit n ask sanskar to come with her…

San:(worried)is everything alryt ?
Alia:(angry) i think u dont luv ur wife or baby
San:(shocked)what !!! no … why r u saying this??
Alia: look at her condition.. itz getting worse… i dont kno what is bothering her bt itz nt at all good for her health… n i hv told this many tyms…
San: i will take care of her …i promise

Then he takes her home


He got a call


“Meet me fast… itz urgent”

“M coming just let me drop swara home”



After droping her at home he goes to meet aniruddh… as he got his call..

San:ya tell me..
Ani:he has already landed in India..
San:(shocked) what.. bt he was about to come after 3 days..
Ani: ya bt he has came early n he has found aditi..
San:(more shocked) oh god !! It .. it means swara is nt safe… if he has reached to aditi he can harm Swra too
Ani:correct.. i hv shown that CD to police n they are ready to help us..

Sanskar again got a call bt frm an unknown number

San: hello … whoz this.
Prsn: didnt u recognise me
San:(funes) hw dare u
Prsn: hw dare i… ahh.. let it be… lets make a deal…
San: what u want..
Prsn: meet me at 1 … at my place
San: done



Sanskar n aniruddh visit the place

Prsn: welcom mr maheshwari and mr mehta…
San:(angry) shut up n come to the point..
Prsn: ohhh.. aap gussa ho gaye..
Ani: dont beat about the bush vivek jaiswal…
Viv: ok so listen that too straight..give me swara n ask anything in return..
San:(hold his coller) dont u dare to take her name frm ur mouth…
Aniruddh clams him down.
Viv: (angry) am telling this to u for ur benefit… cz i will take her… ahh her brown eyes… long hair…. sleek body… i must say she is “hot”

And he recieves a “hot” slap on his face by sanskar”dont u… got it… she is my wife”

Viv: ur wife has destroyed my business.. n she hv to pay for this…
San: u cheap jerk stay away… u never kno what sanskar maheshwari can do..
Viv: u wait mr maheshwari… i will take ur swara with me just infront of ur eyes…
Ani: do u think u’ll be able to do that…
Viv: i hv taken aditi back… now itz tym for swara n.. ur unborn mr sanskar maheshwari…
San: youuu…
Viv: guards throw them out… now!!

The guards forcebly throw aniruddh n sanskar out…

San: damnnn..
Ani: dont worry nthg will happen to her…
San: i will kill him…


swara too came to kno that vivek jaiswal has came back n kidnapped aditi too…
She was scared n was rembering what happens with her


swara opens the door n met a girl she was in a bad condition… her clothers were torn.. she has injuries on her body… itz clear that someone has raped her…

Swra: ohh godd !!
Girl: save me plz… plz..
Swra: come … come in.
She offered water to her…
Swra:(gives some clothes) wear these clothes.. n r u fyn..
She nodded yes n came back after changing…
Swra: who r u ?? N y r u hiding ? N ur condition ?
Girl:(sobbing) m aditi… those ppl hv bought me frm my husband…
Swra:(shocked) what !!
Aditi: ya.. (cries hardly)

Swara consoles her…
Swara ask her to complaint abt her husband… n atlast with the help of an NGO she loged complaint…

N from there swara make two new enemies… one the husband of the girl n second the buyer of girl…


swara listend some noises from down stairs n she went there…

She was shocked to see the scenerio… some masked ppl hv made the family members hostages…

Then someone came from back n put a cloth on her mouth… n she gets unconshious…


Sanskar enters the villa n everything was dark he calls “swaraaa !! Mom!!! Where r u”

A voice came… “i hv told u na.. i will take ur swara with me… n look what m doing… “(laughs evily)

Lights on

Sanskar was shocked to see everyone tied…
He ran towards swara who was scared lyk hell… but he stops seeing vivek putting a gun on her head…

Viv: stop ryt there or else u will loose ur wife…
San: ok m nt doing anything… just tell me what u want..
Viv:(goes near swara-s face n says) swaraa… (holds her face n make her look at him) i want her…
San:(fumes bt controls) look leave her…
Viv:no way mr maheshwari… she is nt a thing to leave ..
Ap:(pleads) plz atleast look at her she is expecting… plz…
Viv:(laughs) dont worry aunty… i will take care of her properly… n ya if she delivers a boy.. i will give him to u ..bt if a girl.. then.. no no no.. in our business girls are important… ryt swara ?
Swra:i would luv to die rather than to go with u…
Viv:(holds her hand tightly n she yells in pain) i will complete ur wish too bt after selling u to someone… u hv saved aditi now lets se who will save u … ur brother died unnecessaryly cz of u…
Swra: ahhhh!!! Leavee me…
San: leave her (someone hits him) aaahhh!!
Swra: sanskaarrr….
Then the goons started beating him blue n black… n vivek take swara forcibly with him…

To be continued….

Precap: flashback n viveks chapter end… n sanskar got. attacked….

Who is vivek aditi’s husband or buyer ??So do u think sanskar will save swara this tym… or will he loose either swara or his lyf forever ???…

N from here countdown begins this is 4th last epi… after that only 3 left…

Credit to: Meher

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    1. I will try …to post today as i hv kanya poojan at home… so bit bzy.. bt i will try

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    1. I will try n thnkyou

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      2. Na na i will comeplete it

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  12. sanskriti ( die hard fan of swasan )

    Meher di it is very good but who is vivek ? di Pls pls don’t do anything with our kiddo luv u di ?

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