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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : sanskar tourcherd by swara 😛 caller gain calls swara..


SwaSan were working in study then kavRuddh(kavita+aniruddh) came to meet them..
Kav:(teases) aree u gyz r working that too without romancing…(winks)
San:(throws a file on her) shut up kavita…
Ani:(catches that file) ohh ho sanskar maheshwari in firing mode… 😉
Swra: n aniruddh mehta in defending mode…

Everyone laughs…

Uttra came n gave a packet to swra”bhabhi this courier is for u”
Swra:(takes that packet) thnku uttra..

Uttra left n swara opens that packet… n found a CD
Swra: who has sent this cd ??
San: play this kiddo
Sanskar opens lapy n swara inserts that cd n plays that….
After it get stared swara paused that n ask kavita to bolt the door” kavita plz bolt the door”
Then she plays the CD everyone was shocked to see the CD n swara starts crying badly…
San:swra dont cry…i will not leave them..
Ani:(angry) hw can anyone be so cruel… how could they .. record this thing…
Kav:(angry too) they shldnt be adressed as human… swara u dont worry we all r with u…
san: swara exactly this happend ryt ??
swra: ya.. bt.. he… he has edited this..
san: what ?
swra: ya i rember when bhai reached there he.. himself hitted him with a rod bt.
kav: bt here only hlaf thing is shown. may be he wants to scare u
Then her phn rang….
She picks that n put that on speaker…
Swra:(sobbing) hello
Prsn: swraaaa dont cry… i dont want to hurt to… bt ur husband is putting his nose in this matter…
Swra:(pleads) i.. i promise he will stay away plz..
Prsn: it will be good then otherwise what I hv done with aditya i wont hesitate in repeating that with sanskar… got it…

N he cuts the call…

Swra:(scared n cryng) plz .. plz u.. u stay away from me sanskar.. i.. i sld leave.. ha i will nt come near u…
Saying this she head towards her room n sanskar follows her “swra wait.. swraa”

She comes in room n takes her clothes out…
San: what r u doing swara
Swra:(still taking clothes out) m going.. ya i m going…
San:what!!..where… !!
Swra: dont kno m going away … away frm u.. frm family.. frm everyone.. m sry i .. i shldnt luv u.. i hv no ryt to luv… m .. m going..
San:(holds her hand) u are going no where… n nothing will happen to u or to me..
Swra: u.. u dont kno them.. they will kill u too… i cant risk ur lyf..
San:(shouts) swaraaa…. hosh mein aao…
He holds her n she fainted in his arms…


Swara was still unconcious…

san: i will kill him how dare he sent that CD to her… now i wonder how difficult that situation for her
kav: seeing a murder itself is horrible n seeing that again is just..cruel..
san:hw could he send that murder recording to her.. she is already not well n this.. damn..
Ani:sanskar i think swara can help us after seeing that CD which u got…
San: yeah.. i hv forgotten abt that !!!
Kav: first let her be clam then we will show that cd to her..
San: swara’s condition was miserable.. i cant see her lyk this…
Ani: dont worry..yr…


Sanskar told swara abt that CD which he got two months back… n swara was happy to see that…
Swra: sanskarr u kno this cd can prove him guilty… these … these proofs were found by bhai… ohh god thnkuuuuu
San: bt it will prove him fraud only… nt a murder we hv to do smthng…
Swra: what ??
San:(holds her hand tightly) do u
Trust me?
Swra:(smiles) more than anything….
Sanskar told her about his plan… n she agrees to that..

Sanskar recalls the way he make swara confess truth…

2 months back…

After recieving the call swara starts taking stress n her health is affected cz of that.. so he makes a plan along with kavita n aniruddh to make her confess everything…

Swra recieves a call saying”if u want to see ur husband alive then come at ur alipur(a place in delhi) farmhouse”

Swara panics n rush there in her car… aniruddh was following her so that if in any case she needs help aniruddh can help her


Swra:(shouts) sanskarrr…. sanskarrr

No response

Swra: sanskar look itz nt funny where are u… tell me…..sanskaarrr
San: m here swara…
Swra:(hugs him) u took my breath away… y u did this..

He makes her stand away n puts a gun on his head

Swra”what the hell r u doing”
San: sucide..
Swea: (shocked) r u insane!! Stop all this nonsense now..

She tried to stop him but two ppl in black clothes holds her…
Swra:(strughling) leave mee… sanskr whats this…
San:m useless swara.. i cant save u… n u r not telling me the reason behin ur tension.. so itz better to die then to lead a useless lyf..
Swra:(pleads) no no no.. u r nt useless… n i kno that u.. u just teasing me.. ryt..
San:(serious) swara u kno me better ryt?? Do u think m kidding

She saw his eyes n was shocked to see determinTion.. she knows sanskar can do anything…
Swea: i cant tell u plz…
San: then i cant do anything…

He goes near her n break her mangalsutra..
“U dont need this now.. ”

Swara was shocked cz she knows he is damn serious this tym.. he isnt joking…

N dhishhkiyaaoonnn..

Swra:(shouts) sanskaaarrr

N sanskar fall on ground with a thud..n his head was bleeding..then the two ppl leave her… she goes towards him.. n strats cryng badly..
“Plz wake up.. i .. i will tll u everything.. plz wke up… dont leave me… plz.. i cant live without u… i need u.. plz wake up..”

Prsn 1: now whats the benefit of cryng when he was asking u u didnt tell himm… now y r these fke tears…
Prsn 2: correct… now live as a widow..

Swea: (lost her senses) i will tell u everything sanskr each n everything.. plz wake up… i.. i need u.. our baby needs u…

Sanskar saw that her condition is getting worse so he ended his plan n wake up”will you tell me or not”

Swra:(shocked) it means it.. it was a trap..
San: ya.. now tell me..
Swra:(angry) go to hell.. m nt gonna tell u anything..
San:(angryly) m nt going anywhere neigher u untill u tell me everything…this tym it was a trap bt i will make it real… u hv seen aditya dieng infront of ur eyes.. now do u wanna see me dyng infron of u..

At last she gave up n tell him aniruddh n kavita everything

Those ppl in black were aniruddh n kavita..


itz been two days post call n each passing day gives more tension to swara…

sanskar makes her sleep n was tensed at since two nights she hasnt asked anything from him in night…

Swra:(sleepy) sannskarrr
San:(sleepy too bt gets happy to listen her voice) ya princess
Swra: ice creamm..
San: no swara m sanskar
Swra:(throws a pillow on him) idiot i want ice cream..
San:(turns his face n sleeps) hmm.. tmrw pakka..

after some time

Swra gets up n wakes him too” utho na.. lets go on drive”(exited).
San:shona plz let me sleep…itz already 2
Swra:(shouts) aaahhh !! aaahh!! sanskar!! aahh!!
San:(woried n wakes up) what happend.. wait let me call alia .
Swra: aahh!!! Take me out i will be fyn…
San:(undestands) u r such a drama.. i wonder my baby wont be a drama lyk u .. Chlo… m taking u..
Swra:(happy) sachhi.. thnkuu. Luv u (gives a peack on lips)

He took her to a long drive..


Swara:(shouts) sanskarr stop…
San:(applies break) hw many tyms i hv to tell u not to shout lyk this…
Swra:(puppy face) sorry…
San:(melts) achha tell me what happen.?
Swra:(with watery mouth) kulfee..
San:(stricks) no way… itz unhygenic..
Swra:everything is unhygenic for u.. huhh.. i want that…
San: no means no…
Swra: yes means yes..
San: (strictly) NO
Swra:(cries) u r so bad.. i will complain to badi ma n mom…
San:achha what will u tell them..
Swra: that.. that u make me pregnent n now u r tourchering me (cries loudly)
San:(unveluevable look) o hello m nt tourchering u…. u r tourchering me..
Swra: (cries) badi maa…..
San:(hits his head with hand) uff ok ok.. stop cryng.. bt only this tym
Swra: ok…

He went n bought a kulfee for her n adores her beauty..

To be continued…

Precap: Family comes to kno abt aditya being murderd..

Ice cream n long drive credits to jwala n reethi

Credit to: Meher

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