KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 45) (mysterious caller)


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Recap : swara back to home… SwaSan pov



sanskar wokeup n found swara sleeping peacefully… he being a caring hubby … gets up n placed her head on pillow n then he goes to bath… n then he was finally going downstairs to surprise or rather than shock to everyone by getting up too early bt before going he puts cushions on both the edges.. so that in any case she wont fall…


Sujata ap shomi n ragini were preparing breakfast…

Then sujata shouts ” he mahara raam ji… sanskar tu yaha kya kr ra hai… that too early”

Ap shomi n ragini were also shocked as itz only 7 n he never wakes up before 8…

Sanskar feels awkward..
“What ma.. cant i come here”
Ap: no no beta nthng lyk that.. tell me what u want
San:(fumbles) vo… ma.. vo .. brkfast… swara…
Rag:(teases) ma.. chachiji… lets go out.. n sanskar if u need anything u can call me..
San was speachless
Suj: are bt y ??
Ap: sujata u still didnt get it.. ur son wants to make breakfast for his wife…
Suj:(shouts) nnnaaahhhhiiiiii
Everyone was shocked
San:(nervous) what happend mom?
Suj: beta look my bahu has came back yesterday only frm hospital i dont want to send her there again…
Everyone laughs… n sanskar keeps pouts…

Then at last he prepare breakfast.. non oily non spicy … sply for swara with the help of ragini…

Sanskar enterd the room n found swara missing “swara !! Swara!!”
“M here sanskar”
A feeble bt audible voice came frm washroom … he goes to her… she was looking dull… he supports her n make her sit on bed n adjust the pillow behind her back…

San:(worried) r u fyn shona..?
Swra: hmm
San: chalo now hv breakfast…
Swra: hmm(sad cz she wants to go down)

He feeds her with his hands n then he took the utensiles n was going bt swara calls her”sanskar one min”

San: yes princess

She signals him to come closer… he goes closer to her.. n then she gives a peack on his cheak.
“Thanku for such tasty breakfast”
San:(shocked) hw u kno this !
Swra: rember i kno u better than u kno urself… i can feel ur luv in the food

Sanskar smiles n left… in afternoon swara stuck that she wants to go down..

Swra: noooooo i will go down m getting bore…
San: not now swara u r week.. u need rest
Swea: no m nt week … n m tired of this rest…
San: achha then take rest for our baby…
Swra: noooo nooo noooo our baby wants to go downstars n wants to spend tym with her/his family….
San:(strickly) no means no… n now no more arguments…
As soon as he said this… swara’s eyes filled with tears n she starts cryng..
Swra:(cryng) u r sooo bad… i hate u… i hate u…. i will never ever ever talk to u… katttaa…

San:(worried ) swara y r u cryng… stop it… na dont cry princess
He hugs her n she starts hitting her with her left hand As her ryt hand was injured..with bullet
San: aree baba stop it… achha i will take u down but tmrw pakka… n for todays compensation i will accept ur any punishment… ok?
Swra:(thinks) will u do whatever i will say?
San: any doubt princess
Swra:(happy n smiles naughtly) ummm … ok then close the door first
San: are swara u r already pregnent … dont need to do anything now (winks)
Swra:(throws a cushion on him) shut up… n do as i said..
Sanskar follows her order…
San: now ??
Swra:(points towards cupbord) open that n take out that brown packet…
Sanskar does what she said…
Swra:now wear whats in this…
San: ok princess
Swra:(in mind) i kno u will never do that so u hvvto take ne down…
He goes in washroom… then he comes n shouts “r u kidding me swara !!! U want me to wear this !!!”
Swra:(pouts) any problem.. u hv promissed me na(in mind)u hv to take me down now
San: are it doesnt mean that u litetally ask me to do anything princess..
Swra: (cries) then take me out na… m getting mad here.. either take me out or wear this..
San:(gave up) ok fyn…

He was going to wear that bt swara stops her”wait sanskar”
San: hmm princess
Swra: no need to wear that i was just kidding..(feels guilty)
San:I am ready to wear this SAREE for u princess
Swra:(with teary eyes n overwhelmed to see his luv) m sry.. u dont need to accept my non sense demands..
San: m ready to bear ur tourchers for comming months(winks)
Swra: m torchering u… wait mr maheshwari..

@ next day

Swra was stubbon she denied to hv anything untill he takes her down.

San: swra hv ur medecines…
Swra: no(angry)
San: y
Swra: m on strike… cant u see that

San: what.?
Swra shows a ppr or else an letter

**In letter**
Dear patidev

I n ur baby will be on hunger strike.. untill u take us down..

Ur wife n ur son/daughter

**letter ends**

Sanskar laughs loudly reading that… “ohh god swara u r soo sweet… achha promise i will take u down in evening”
Swra:pakka na papa ? Ur baby is asking…
San: ha pakka beta.. bt for that ur mumma hv to take med frst

She agrees n takes that

He makes her lye comfertably n goes down..
Aniruddh came to meet them

Ani: hey dude hwz swara now ?
San: she is fyn bt she has started tourchering me..
Ani:(laughs) all the best yr i hv faced all this now itz ur turn..
San: yr u wont belive she handded me an application to come downstairs..
Ani: sanskar u can even imagine hw swati use to tourcher me(his smile faded)
San: shld i suggest u smthng
Ani: obviously haan
San: y dont u think to re marry?
Ani: yr m afraid what if my wife will not give manvi motherly care.
San: i hv a girl in mind n u too kno her… n ya i can take her gaurantee too
Ani:(surprised)what ! Who ?
San: kavita..
Ani: wht r u saying(shokd)
San: dont be shocked we both knows this very well that she lyks u since school days..
Ani: ya bt.

San: just think about this once… she is best..for u n manvi too..
Aniruddh gets call from home as manvi wants to go with him smwhere
“Achha sanskar i shld leave my small princess has orded me to come”
San: sure n nxt tym bring her too…


Swara was sleeping peacefully … but her sleep is disturbed by a phn call…
Swra:(sleepy) hello..
Prsn: hello swara..
Swra:(scared) u… uu…
Prsn: what happend do u forgot me ?
Swra:(sweating badly) w-what y-y-you want ?
Prsn: u kno my answer… so all the best m cmng india… see u soon
Swra: hw.. u.. got my number ..
Prsn: just lyk i hv found u (laughs eviely)

Person cuts the call
N here swara was tensed…
Sanskar enters n see swara tensed”what happend princess”

Swea:(covers) nothng… lets go down …

He understands that she is hiding smthng.. so he decides to find abt it without bothering her”ya sure”
He supports her n take her down… atlast swara is happy… she is free… she dosnt need to live in a box as she was trapped in a room since 5 days…
Swra:itz cheating badi maaaa
Ap: what beta ?
Swra: u all r dinking tea n for me this yuckkk soup..

Rag: shona ask ur PA for this
Swra:huhh.. vo to hai he sadu…
San: n u hv to follw this sadu’s rule…
Swra:(sweetly with full on buttering mode) mom.. today u look so different
Suj: mtlb .. good or bad?
Swra: gorgeous..mom u dont even look lyk soon to be a dadi.. i wonder what if my baby calls u didi insted of
Suj:(exited) hain.. beta.. am i looking that young
Swra: any doubt
Suj: are na na..
Swra: mom.. now can i hv that cup please…
Suj:(passes cup of tea) ha ha sure..
Swra:(abt to take cup) thankyouu mom.. oops didi (winks)
Suj: ye swara b na..
As soon as she was abt to take the cup .. sanskar snches it “mom swara ne 2-4 meethi baaten kya ki… u hv passed tea to her… rember abhay said no tea or coffer for a week”
Suj: are m sry beta i totally forgot abt that.. u take care of her na ok..
San: yup frm today onwards… i will manage swara’s lunch breakfast dinner work clothes bathing chaning drinking everything

Swra widens her eyes n roll them on him…
Rag:(teases) sanskar.. ya u shld take care of her everything sply her bathing… vo bathroom is slipery na.. she may fall there so she will need u …
San: (takes that srsly )obviously i will make her even bath with me..

Everyone laughs where as swara pinches him for the whole blunder
“Ooouuchh ”
Swra:(slowly) u r out if ur mind… do u even kno what just said..
Sanskar: what did i..(recalls what he said) shittt
Swra: now cover this matter

San: ma m taking her to room she is feeling tired…
Ap: ha beta…


Swara was continously throwning cushions on him for that blunder “u idiot… u non sense creature.. dont u kno what to say n when to say… u always makes me embaraced…”
San: swra stop firing cushions on me u r still week…
Swra: m week n r an idiot
San: ok i accept my fault… i said that in flow..

Swara starts feeling dizzy as she was week… she was about to fall on bed bt sanskar holds her
San:(angry) i hv told u na.. u r week … bt u will never ever listen to me…
Swra:(puppy face) sorry..

Sanskar makes her lye on bed… she was taking support of his shoulder … sanskar can feel that the grip on his shoulder is tightening.. he look at swara with worried face…”swraaa”
She was sweating badly n cries” aaahhhh!!! Sanskaarrr!!”

To be continued…

Precap: mysterious caller

So who is this caller n y swara gets scared listening her/his voice… stay tuned to know more…

So guyz this ff is gonna over in max to max 10 episodes…. 😀 😀

Sry for late update bt site was showing error since morning .

Credit to: Meher

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