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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : swara struggling for lyf… sanskar shattered


Itz a new morning… birds are chriping… they were happy… everything turns golden with the dawn… the rays were refreshing.. it reflects hope… but in swara’s ward the condition was contradictry… the girl who use to make everyone laugh is the reason for tears in everyone’s eyes… there were two lyfless bodies in ward.. one swara lyng on bed still fighting to live for her sanskar… still fighting to save two lives… still fighting to save her n sanskar’s child… n other is sanskar… his tears too got dried… he was just sitting still holding swara’s hand… then something happens… he felt a soft hand on his shoulder he turns back n shocked to see swara…

San:(shockedd) swaraaa! U
Swra:(smiles)what is this sadu… kya haal bana rakha hai…
San:(breaks) then come or sudharo mera haal
Swra:(holds his hand tightly) m with u always… never loose hope… u hv faced many difficulties it nthng infont of them…
San:(cries) swara now i hv nt any power to fight alone… i want a cimpanion i want my soul mate… my better half.. i want you
Swra:(takes his hand n puts that on his chest) feel this.. u hv no right on ur heart on ur heart beats.. they belongs to me… m in ur heart…
San:(cries) but my heart rests with u… my existense is from u only… sanskar is incomplete without swra
Swra:(smiles) idiot when ur heart rests with me then y r u loosing hope… be strong.. ur faith in our luv will bring me back to u…n ya hv something or halat sudharo .. i will nt go back with a devdaas
Then he saw a boy of 4 running towards him n he hugs swara n said to sanskar” papa if u ever hv to loose me for mumma’s sake then dont hesitate… i will be back… i will play with u n mumma… bt for that itz important ke mumma theek ho..”
San:(kneel downs) beta u r so strong .. n i promise nothng will happen to u or to ur mumma.. i will take u both home…
He tries to hug that child but it disappers with swara…

He comes in senses n saw swara lyng lyfless on bed… n he was holding her hand tightly…

Yes that was a dream

He talks with swara” u will never change na… u r still motivating me… thats the reason i luv u princess”
Then he put his hand on her belly”our baby is strong just lyk u… beta nthng will happen to u… itz ur papa’s promise”

Aniruddh enters n saw sanskar crying with determination in his eyes… he puts his hand on sanskar’s shouldr
“Now u shld go n take sm rest then come back”

San: i will be back in an hour…
(To swea)princess be ready i will take u both home…

He come to hotel hv breakfast … betters his look as it was an order frm his swara… he was about to go out bt again a phn call changed everything.
“Aniruddh calling”

“Ya aniruddh m just cmng”

“Sanskar come fast.. she…. she is dieing..”

“What rubbish …”

“Come fast …”

“I am coming n i kno nothing will gonna hppen to her”

《 Aaj dil dukha hai
Tum yaad aaye
Anjane log hein
Apne kahan dhoond paaein
Jaagey hein soye nahi
Aisi hai meri ye bechaini
Din bhi wohi raatein wohi
Sanson mein sansein hain nahi》


Ap ragini n were cryng badly… n dp n aniruddh were talking with abhay…
Sanskar comes running .

San: what hapoend to swara
Rag:(cries) they… they r saying they cant treat her..
San:(shocked) what the hell… abhay what is this..
Abh: sanskar relax… her condition is detoriating cz she hasnt gain her senses till now thats y we hv to shift her to delhi…
San: do whatever u want to do …. dont care for anything i want my swara…
Abh:hmm m completing formalities… u go n see her


San: princess is this how u treat ur hubby … y r u doing all this get up na…. m missing ur calling me sadu… u .. u r my kiddo get up na … his teara were falling on lyfless hand of swara…

They hv taken her to delhi via air ambulance n 36hrs hv been already passed only 12hrs are left

Abh:sanskar sign this form…
San: whats this?
Abh: undertaking..
San: of what ?
Abh: in this u r allowing us to abort the child after12hrs if she doesnt gains senses n if sm…smthng happns to her hospital is not liable…
San was shocked with what abhay has said… he held his coller n said with choaking voice “do u even kno what u hv said… u r her bst frend how could u say anything lyk this..”
Abh:(removes his hand) do u even hv an idea how difficult it is for me… i kno her since 15yrs… she is lyk my lil sis… but m doctor n my profession doesnt allow me to be emotional…
San: plz save her… plz
Abh: sanskar… she has filled space of my dead sis in my lyf… hw could i let smthng happen to her.. m tryng my level best…. there only one hurdel
San: what ???
Abh: if she gains her senses everything will be fine… bt if nt then she may slip into coma or even die…(says with difficulty)
San:(shocked) what .!! Bt u hv said na she doesnt get hurt much… then y all this
Abh: she is not responding to treatment… otherwise her injuries are not life taking…

Abhay left Aniruddh sanskar n RagLak in shock…

He was numb… he was about to breakdown bt then he rembers his swara’s words his son’s words… n he wipes his tears n goes into ward… with determination in his teary eyes..

《 Shaamein ab dhalti nahi
Anchal jo tera simat jaaye
Aap yahan hamesha rahein
Duuri rahe na ho fasle
Jaagey hein soye nahi
Aisi hai meri ye bechaini
Din bhi wohi raatein wohi
Sanson mein sansein hain nahi》

Annirudh(in mind): swati if u r seeing this then plz sort it out… manvi always says that u r with me n u can solve any problem… if u r with me then plz swara ko theek kar do… plz m begging.. plz dont snach swara from sanskar…


He kissed her forehead n then sat besides her holding her hand tightly
“Shona my heart is with u .. n i kno u cant let that break U ask me to make myself presentable look .. m looking dashing … every girl was staring at me … what if any of them miss behaves with me… haan get up n save me… get up swara now itz enough”

(Shouts in cry) swaraaaaa!

He was cryng then he listen a feeble n weak voice calling him

He look up n was happy to see his swara calling him… he immediately calls abhay … he was examining swara… n sanskar was holding her hand tightly…
Abh:(happy) congratz sanskar… ur wife n baby is fine…(he cares swara’s head with brotherly affection) i kno my swara will overcome every hurdel
San: i knew this… my lill kiddo is strong…
Swara smiles weekly
Abh: but u shld be extreemly careful… she is very week…
San: dont worry i will…
Then he saw swara closing her eyes n again his hearts stopped beating
” abhay look… swara !!! Swara !!!”
Abh: relax… itz cz of weekness n medecines.. it will happen with her… now she is out of danger…

At last sanskar feels relife
But now he cant wait to talk with his swara… n in evening his swara again calls him n he was on cloud nine

It was lyk a sweet shot for his ears… a feeble but affection voice “sanskar”

《 Meri bechainiyon ko chain mill jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye
Mere deewanepan ko sabr mil jaaye
Tera chehra jab nazar aaye》

he hold her hand”princess u hv killed me literally… never ever dare to do this again”
Swra:(smiles )never..pakka..
Everyone wants to meet swara so dp ap shomi shekar Sujata n rp went in first…

Swara saw them n signals sanskar to help her in getting up..

He snake her left hand on his neck n holds her back n make her sit a lil…

Shomi: u hv killed us beta..
Swra: m fyn ma..
Shek: my shona is strong tum ese he roti rhti ho shomi
Suj: are stop this rona dhona.. m goona be dadi… bless u beta
Rp:(teases) sujata then u hv to accept that u r old… cz u r soon gonna be dadi..
Suj: aree nhi nhi.. m young dadi…
Rp: ya ya young 50 saal ki jawan
Suj: haww m nt 50 ji…
Everyone laughs…
Ap: swara beta i hv a good news for u both… pari has given birth to a boy
Swa:(exited) bt ma ??
Ap: ha beta they hv gone for checkup bt doctors advised them… to get admited.. there was some complixation bt now are fyn…
Swra: wow!! I want to meet themm…
San: kiddo relax…dont be over exited…

Ragini comes in” aree mujhe b baat krni hai swara se..”(pouts)
Swea: ha ha sure ragu…
San: no no not now ragu… swara is taking rest… u may talk to her later cz u sisters r unstopable …

Swaragini: huhh sadu

《 Jeevan yeh suro se sajati
Rishtey yeh suro se banati
Bajti hai to pyar ki dhun
Ek dhup[ chanchal hai
Ek chandani
Phir bhi hai ek duje ke liye bani
Dilo mein hai pyar bhara
Suro se saji hai swara
Rago se rachi hai ragini
Swaragini swaragini
Swaragini swaragini》

San: whatever..

To be continued…

Precap: swara back to home

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Credit to: meher

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