KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 4)


♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥
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Part 3
Swara enterd her mension n went to her room…she was unable to sleep after that incident


Swara forgot her phn so she came back home while entrring she listend aditya talking with some one…on phn..
Adi”ya ya doctor i am coming n ya please dont tell about this to my family as they cant bear it all…n ya m ready for next week’s therapy as my both sis will not be at home for whole day”
Swara found somthng suspecious….she went to abhya’s house (as he is her neighbour) he was leaving for hospital..swara camr running”abhay”
Abhay: ya swara what happnd y r u running?
Swara: do u hv tym ?
Abhay: ya i do hv bt for what?
Swara: i want to follow bhai….
Abhay: what!!?? Why!!??
Swara: if u hv tym them come with me or else i will ho by myself…
Abhay: ok calm down..get in
…after half an hour….

They reached at a hospital…swara’s heart was beeting lyk amything many thoughts were running in her mind…” bhaii yaha q aye honge?? N vo kaha ja re h ?? Kya hi ra h i cant understand””

Adi went to a doctor’s chamber n talk with him swara peeps through door …she can see adi in tension…meanwhile abhay has met his frnd he is the doctor in this hoapital n being a doctor abhay knows everyone…
Soon adi left…
Swara ask abhy to get in n ask about the matter…abhay goes in bt he didnt tell him anything…
Swara n abhay follows him back to home he put a file in locker n left….swara being detective minded 😛 smhow opens that n fiund a file it was some reports of adi….
She rush to meet abhay at his hospital..

Swara: abhya i get these reports…what are these??
Abhay was shocked to see this….
Swara:(tensdly) speak up damm it…ur silence is killing me…
Abhay: swara adi is suffering from cancer…
Swara broke down in tears n fell on ground abhay smhow consoles her….she went to home then to room
**flashback ends***
Sanskar n kavita has landed in delhi n they are on their way to kavita’s house…
Sanskar in mind”so m back delhi whenevef i hv been to here u gave m memories now lets see what u hv for me this time….i still rember that sweet voice which took all my worries away i wish i could hear that voice once again”
Sanskar came to delgi 2 years back he was going to meet his relative n they asked him yo meet at a temple..he waited outside then he heard a voice a girl was singibg aarti he was loat in the beauty of her voice n forgetted about all the worries
***flaahback ends***
Swara was pacing to n fro in her room she is alond in room as ragini stayed at a frnds place ..
She took her guitar n weny to balcony n started singing it was 3 ag nighf…suddendly sanakar heard someone singing hewent out from his room n saw a girl in neighbouring mesion singing with guitar he cant saw her face but can hear her…..her voice is so pacyfing that sanskad slept in balcony only….on the othef hand swara keeps on singing till 5 n thgen she dozzed off only in her balcony….

《Both were sleeping in their respective balconies but the difference is that aftrr a long time sanskr sleeps peacefully after a very long time….n here swara wad sleeping with all the worries n tesion》

Now u guyz kno that adi was suffering from cancer but does he die due to illness or aomething else???? Well wait and watch

Precap : swara met an accident

Credit to: meher

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