KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 37) ( muh dikhai )


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : SwaSan first day post marriage…



A beautiful morning… sun wishes everyone good morng by sending itz sun light … sanskar got up n saw an angel sleeping besides him…
He tightens his grip on her waist making her smile even in sleep…
San”luv u swara u hv changed me competly… i promise i will be with u no matter whatever the situation will be… tum take jane wali har pareshani ko mujhse hokar guzarna pdega”
He kissed her forehead n covers her properly with comferter n left..
When he came swara was already awake ..
San:gud mrng princess
Swra:gud mrng…
Ragini knocks the door..
“Swraa swraaa”
Swra get up n covers herself n rush to washroom.. where as sanskar opens the door..
San: ya ragini
Rag: where is swra?
San: baat to btao..
Rag: ma has sent me here to make her ready for muh dikhai..
San: so early
Rag: good morning sanskar itz already 11
San: whattt !!!
Rag: yup..
San: achha listen give these clothes n jwlry to me i will ready her..
Rag:(teases) ohh hooo…
San:(blushes) kya yr…. plz na..
Rag:hmmm ok… bt my sis shld look lyk a princess
San:(slowly)she is my princess ragini
Rag: did u say smthng?
San: vo noo…
Swara comes out wearing bathrobe… n strtd dryng her hair…
San hugs her from back n slowly opens the belt of bathrobe
Swra:(shocked) what r u doing??
San:(smiles naughtyly) removing ur bathrobe.
Swra:(widens her eyes n moves side) what !!! U r so shameless…
San:(puts his hand on her sholders) are y r u feeling shy from me… m doing what ma says to me..
Swea:(removes his hand) ma ask u to remove my bathtore …
San: hmmmm
Swra: what!!!
San: no i mean she ask me to make u wear this lehngha for muh dikhai…
Swea:now m getting it.. ma would hv asked ragini to help me in getting ready n u r modifyng her words according to u.. ryt..
San:(scrachrs his head) aree yr…
She took lehngha frm bed n goes in bathroom to change…
San: wait let me come in with u… u will face difficulty in tieing dori..
Swra: no thnx… n if i will then i can take ur help afterwards ok..
She comes after wearing lehngha…
She took dupatta from bed.. but as usual sanskar takes that frm her hand n tucks it one end in lehngha

《 Chokh puraavo
Maati rangaavo
Aaj mere piya ghar aavengey
Khabar sunaaun jo
Khushi reh bataaun jo
Aaj mere piya ghar aavengey》

Then makes plets n placed that on her ryt shoulder n pins that .. she feels butterflies with his touch.. n leans her back towards his chest…

《 Heri sakhi mangal gaao ree
Dharti ambar sajaao ree
Utregi aaj mere pee ki sawaari
Har koi kaajal laau ree
Mohey kaala teeka lagaao ree
Unki chhab se dikhu main to pyaari
Lachhmi ji vaaro
Nazar utaaro
Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge》

He wraps her waist with his hand n tuck the loose end in lehngha… n makes her sit in front of mirror… n puts her hair on side…

《 Rangon se rang miley
Naye naye dhang khiley
Khushi aaj dwaar mere daaley hai dera》

Then makes her wear necklace n earings…. mangalsutra… n puts a manng teeka on her fore head…

《Peehu peehu papiha ratey
Kuhu kuhu koyal japey
Aangan aagan hai pariyon ne ghera
Anhad naad bajaao sab mil
Aaj mere piya ghar aavenge》

At last a pinch of vermillion n a small bindi…
Then took another dupatta n covers her face under a veil..


Muh dikhai rasam was done with the blessings of all family members… n the guests kavita came with some pprs… as swara n sanskar has decided to merge SR industries n karma

Kavita was waiting infront of a school..then she saw manvi coming out she was going to her but someone holds her hand n took her frm there..

Kav:(angry) leave me aniruddh
Ani:(angry)what the hell u r doing here kavita..
Kav: i came here to meet manvi…
Ani: dont u dare to take her name frm ur mouth… u left ur sister for that man so now y u hv came back..
Kav: i left her cz she was wrong… n i hv come back to meet manvi… bt y u came back.. y u r creating problems for sanskar…
Ani: u r no one to meet my daughter… got it…
Kav: no i dont get u… i will meet manvi.. n thats final…
Ani:(pins her to car) m telling u… stay away from my manvi…
Kav:(jerks him) i will not… she is my neice… she is my swati’s daughter…
Ani:n m her father n i will not let u meet her….
Kav: u kno me very well aniruddh… i does what i want to do…

Manvi comes running…
“Papa lets go”

Kavita kneels down n hugs herr n strts cryng…

Manvi:aunty y r u cryng plz dont cry… mumma says good girls dont …(n wipes kavita’s tears with her small hands)
Her act brings tears in aniruddh’s eyes…
Kav: dear m not ur aunty… m ur maasi… ur mumma’s sister (kissed her forehead)
Manvi:(innocently n happy) sachhi papa she is my maasi..?
Ani:(cant control himself n says yes) ya beta..
Manvi:(teary voice) then can i call u maa..
Ani:(shocked )manvi she is ur masi not ma..
Manvi:(innocently) vo.. rinki calls her maasi… as maa so that’s y i asked … sry
Kav: beta dont be sry u can call me whatever u want ok.
Manvi:(happpy) yeyyy ma maa …yeyyy
Ani:manvi now lets go… mumma will be waiting for u na..
Kav:(see him shockingly)
Manvi:pl can i go with ma plZ
Ani: not today on sunday.. pkka…
Manvi: promise
Ani: promise..
Manvi kisses kavita n sat in car with a bright smile…
Aniruddh was going… bt kavita calls him..
Kav: aniruddh… revenge will not give u anything back.. instead it will snach ur futre from u…
Ani: dont think that i will allow u to meet her again… stay away…

On call
Swea: what now ?
Chhavi:(her pa) yes mam they want to meet u both now…regarding that merger…
Sanskar hugs her from back…
Swra: hmm ok we r cmng..
Hung the call

Swra: get ready sanskar. .
San: n for what
Swra: we hv to go to office… bord of directors wants to meet us regrding merger..
San: aree yr everyone is enemy of Our romance..
Swra: tum to hadd ho.. be fast we hv to leave..


Only SwaSan n mr gupta n mrs singh are in meeting hall till now
mr gupta: so it seems that miss gadodia.. sry sry mrs maheshwari can’t handel SR industries … she needs mr maheshwari everywhere..(says tauntingly )
Swra: mr gupta.. i think we are here to talk about the merger.. not about my personal lyf…
Gupta: u hv made ur lyf public mrs maheshwari…
Swra:(angry) let me make this very clear… m nt gonna tolerate any unprofessional behaviour here … y u strts cmmenting about my lyf…
Gupta:(eviely) wht will u do mrs maheshwari… if i behave unprofessionally..
San:(cant tolerate) i dont kno about her..but i can tell u what i can do… i think u rember about mr sengupta(he musbehaves with swara in mumbai confrence) … i hv power to shut ur firm down… mr gupta.. cz no one will antagonize with sanskr maheshwari…

By the tym all members enters..

They discussed about everything n at last.. meeting gets over..

SwaSan were about to leave when chhavi stops them
“Mam.. sir plz 1 min”

Swra: ya chhavi..
Chh: mam there are some files which needs to be signed today only…
San: ya ok.. bring that file…
Swra: bt sanskar where i will sit… my cabin is still under construction..
San: in my cabin dear wifey (to chhavi) bring those files in my cabin..


Chhavi enters with some 10-15 files…

Swara:(shocked) r u kidding me chhavi..so mny files y dont u snd them home..??

Chhavi: sry mam vo sanskar sir asked me not to distub u.. during marrige functions…
Swra: ok u may go now.

As soon as chhavi left.. sanskar hugged swara frm back n kissed her nape… where as swara releases herself n gives him “u r dead” look…

San: sry na princess.. now lets finish these files..
Swra: sanskar… we hv to read these files first… are u getting me…
San:(keeps plyng with her hair) ya m getting u…
Swra:(pushed him) no u r not…
But as she took a step towards him… her leg twisted n she fall on sanskar… he can’t handel the sudden force n fall on floor with swra on top…
N hv an intense eye lock… her hair were disturbing him in seeing her eyes so he tuck that irritating stran behind her ear…

《 Kaise bataaun tujhe ki dil mera kya keh raha
Rahe naa faasle ye jo hai apne darmiyaan
Tere qareeb main ho sakoon
De de tu apni razaa
Paas bithaaun ye zulf sanwaroon
Aur baahon mein le loon tujhe main
Hai dil ki ye khwaahish
Ki sun le guzaarish
Aur de de tu khud ko mujhe》

Listen their falling sound chhavi enters the cabin she does knock door bt both were lost in each other they dont listen that… so chhavi opens the door n gets embaraced seeing them in that position…
” swara mam kya hua…(saw them) sry mam sry sir.. i really sry”
Her words get them to reality…
Swra: ya vo chhavi..(but she left)

Swra tried to get up but her locket gets stuck in his shirt’s button..
N again she fall on him…
San:princess no one wants k tum mujhse door jao..
Swra:(frees her locket) ya n m nt going anywhere cz we hv to sign these files…

They sat on sofa n starts reading files… after completing sm files swara unknowingly sleep on sanskar’s shoulder… sanskar adjusted her shoulder so that she can sleep peacefully..
Only one file left n he completed that too… n ask his princess to get up

San: shonaa get up hv to go home..
Swra: hmm
San: shonaa utho itz 9
Swra: what 9 n files
San: i hv completed that.. so lets go..
Swra:(guilty) m sry i dont kno when i fall asleep
San: itz ok.. now come ..

They left for Dream villa..

To be continued…

Precap: swati’s mystry revieled… n sanskar find swara’s diary and aditya’s letter …swara meets manvi n aniruddh gets mesmerised with swara…

SO Guyz soon all things will get cleared…aniruddh’s track will be end in maximum 5-6 epi..
After that only mystry left will be of aditya’s murder… so plz tell me wether u lyk this ff or not rate its till now track out of 10… silent readers u may rate this

Credit to: meher

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