KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 36) ( first day Post marriage)


Guyz i hope u liked that marriage part.. as m nt at all good in writing romantic potions n ya u guyz won’t find any hot scene in my ff… as i prefer beauty over hotness… i hope u understand my view..

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : SwaSan marriage n consumation


Swara wore a saree as she doesnt kno about ap’s giving a dress for her to sanskar…
Here sanskar’s naughty mind poped another trick to romance with his swara…
He slowly unlock the bathroom’s door n shouts
“Aahhhh !!! Swara aahhhh!! My eye !!! Itz burning ahhhh!!!

Listening his voice swara ran towards bathroom “what happned?”
San:(acting) aahhh!! Aankh me sabun chala gaya…
Swra:(worried) she makes him wash his eye with cold water n then blow air”is it still hurting?”
San:(slowly turned his back towards gate)hmmm… it will be fine if u give a lil kiss to me…
Swra:(understands) wait u r still in ur tracks it mean …(shouts) itz a drama… huhhh
She tried to go out but he hold her…n moves near her… she also goes back… n by mistake on the shower

《 Tu hai ab jo baahon mein, Qarar hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Saanson mein hai nasha, Khumar hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Tu hi ab mera deen hai, imaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Mera kalma hai tu, Azaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Rab Ka… …Shukrana》

She was breathing heavyly As he comes closer… she tried to escape bt he blocks her way making her cherry red..

《 Tu hi ab duniya meri, Jahaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Khabon ki khayalon ki udaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Tu hi ab mera deen hai, imaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Mera kalma hai tu, Azaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana》

He then started kissing her… first shoulder n then slowly upwards n stops just before lips… n look in her deep brown eyes… she too looked in his eyes n hv an intense eyelock

《 Sab se ho jaaun pare jo ishara tu kare
Abb toh rehna hai tujhi mein
Gumshuda hoon main
Sab se ho jaaun pare jo ishara tu kare
Abb toh rehna hai tujhi mein
Gumshuda hoon main
Ho teri baahon mein….》

He slides his hand under saree touching her bare waist… n pulled her towards him

《Jazbo ka toh naya bayaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Naya rutba nayi shaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana》

N at last puts his rough lips on her soft lips….he was holding her waist tightly n she strts roaming her fingers in his wet hair…

《 Tu hi ab mera deen hai, imaan hai
Rab Ka Shukrana
Mera kalma hai tu, Azaan hai tu
Rab Ka Shukrana
Rab Ka…shukrana》

They broke the kiss n she ran out…
San:(blushes)areee yr whats happeng to me… why i cant control myself seeing her…


Sanskar came out n saw swara struggling with anarkali’s dori… he goes closer to her n she too saw him through mirror…she becomes numb.. he puts her hair on side n tie the dori…then kissed her nape..
Swra:(blush) stop it yr… m getting late…
San:(takes her mangalsutra n makes her wear that n then earing)hmm so when did i stop u…
Then he took a pinch of vermillion n fills her maang… then placed his chin on his shoulder ” now u r looking beautiful”
Swra hugged him”i luv u . Soooo much”
San smiles: i too love u princess..
Then she saw tym n panicked” ohh god itz 11 m dead now… plz help me god… how can i be so late”
San (holds her shoulder): relax nthng will happen…
Dont worry..


She took everyones blessings n goes to kitchen n make besan ke laddu…
Where as dadi keeps on giving swara an angry glare..

@ 1 pm
Swara went in kitchen n was shocked to see the ladoo missing.. she strts panicking… then sanskar comes
San: what happned ?
Swra:(on verge of cryng) sanskar ladoo nahi mill rahe..
San: swra they will be here only…
Swea: i hv serched everywhere n now what…(tears strtrd flowing)
San:(wipes her tears)umm..princess then prepare suji halwa… it is also sweet n will take less tym..
Swra:(happy) ohh ya.. thnku thnku thnku …
Sa:now be fast.
San(in mind): where did those laddo went.. who can took that..


Swra puts halwa on tabel… sanskar have itz bite(without gets notised by anyone) n realises that swara mistakenly putted salt in it instead of sugar..

Swara was about to serve it to dp bt he shouts ” noooooo swaraaa”
Ap ; what happend sanskae?
San;(fumbels) vo ma i want to eat halwa only…
Swra: ha to i will serve it to u too..
San;(takes bowl) no… no one will hv this except this..
Swra:sanskar whats this ill mannered behaviour…
Dadi:(angry) swaraa!! Is this how u talk with ur hubby
Swra:(sad) m sry dadi..
Lak:(forcefully took bowl) aree bhai give it to me na..
He tased the halwa..
Lak:(teases) swara in our family no one eats salty halwa…
Sanskar hits his head with hand n gives laksh u r dead look…
Swra:(confused) salted?
Lak: ya hv it
Swra tasted it n actully itz salty…
Swra:(nervous) mom..badi ma m sry i think by mistake i hv putted salt instead of sugar…
Ap: itz ok beta it happens
Laksh winks sujata
Sujata: (teases) hwz it ok jijji.. first u wake up late swara… 11 baje tum neeche aai ho.. n the ritual which should be done in morning is now performed in afternoon… itz ok.. bt then salty halwa.. will u manage ur home lyk this…
Swra: m sry mom
Dadi took sujata’s words seriously whereas everyone knows that she is just teasing her…
Dadi:(very angry) swara sujata is ryt… will u manage lyk thiz… cant u get a simple difference btwn salt n sugar… n a good bahu wakes early n u woke up in afternoon..
Shomi:(tries to clam )maa
Dadi: shut up shomi.. it Happens only cz of u… u n aditya has given too much freedom to swara n ragini… i hv controlled ragini but this girl is out of control… she doesnt even kno who to behave… she use to pour wTer on her hubby infront of her in laws..
San: dadi plz stop it…
Dadi: no beta.. y u all are defending her.. swara u can be a good business woman but u cant be a good bahu… as first aditya use to cover ur mistakes n now ur husband is doing so…

Dadi keepz on scolding her n all tried to stop her bt all in vain.. at last when swara cant take that she left cryng
” m sry dadi”

San:(concerned) swara wait …

Rag:(angry) dadi y u scolded her she was soo tensed since tmrw… atleast listen to us… chachiji was teasing swara… n ya swra had made ladoos bt lucky n uttra stole that… dadi if swara will fall ill na i will nt talk to u.
Ap: bt y will she fall ill ragini?
Rag: ma whenever she is excessively tensed she had high fever…n it happend quite frequent with her after bhai’s death..
Dadi:u shld hv told me na lado about this..


Swra locks herself in room n cries miserably…sanskar keeps knocking the door swara plz open the door everyone was teasing u… sanskr plz go…
Sanskar somehow manage to enter the room through window.. n takes swara in his embraces ..
San: stop cryng kiddo… ma was ragging u…
Swra: but dadi said correct na.. m nt a good bahu..
San:(cups her face)who says this.. m with u na.. stop cryng.. look at ur face…
He wipes her tears with his hankey N take her downstairs…

Dadi: m sry beta i should not scorld u lyk this..
Suj: ha chhori firgive me too.. i didnt want to hurt u..
Laksh n uttra:(holds ear) m sry swara/bhabhi… we didnt want to hurt u..
Ap:(hugs swara) look what u guyz done to my daughter… never tease her again..
Adarsh: swara now tell that news to everyone..
San:(happy) it means bhai..
Swra:(happy) omg omg wowww congrtazz bhai… congratzz bhabhi..
San:congrtaz bha n bhabhi

Everyone looks at them confusingly…

Rag:(confused) will u both tell us what happened…
Swra: ya m telling u vo..
San: no way i will u..
Swra: me..
SwaSan:(in unasion)we are soon gonna be chacha n chachi…
Ap:(happy) it means pari u r..
Swea: ha badi ma bhabhi is 3 months pregnent..
Everyone shocked..
Suj: 3mnths n u r tell this to us now..
Adarsh: chachi there was some complications … itz risky so doctor has advisrd us to wait till 3 months..
Ap:(worried) complications?
Swra: bdi ma now everything is fyn..
Ap: but how u both kno this..
San: badi ma.. we hv seen bhai talking to doc… then we too agreed to hide this news..
Pari: ma swara n sanskar has taken alot care… of mine..
Suj: i kno it.. my bahu is best…


Aniruddh:(happy)yeahhh he got married.. yesss
Anahita: ya bhai … now shld we move towards our second step…
Aniruddh: hmm… we will strt out plan soon..
So sanskar maheshwari get ready to suffer… i will snach ur life… ur swara .hahahaha (laughs eviely)
A lady of ap’s age enters
Lady: beta revenge will not give u anything back ..
Aniruddh: but it will give me happiness… happiness to snach everything from that man…
Lady: beta atleast think about manvi..
Aniruddh: i dont want to talk any further… m going n anahita… make sure that kavita diesnt cm to kno abt manvi
Anahita: bhai i thnk…
Aniruddh: anahitaa… no


Kav: what u kno..
Prsn: mam they r in delhi… n ya they hv a 4yr old daughter manvi…
Prsn: his sister anahita is helping him in his deeds… basicly she is his ryt hand…
Kav: but u they came back n sister?? Aniruddh has no sister he is only child of mr mehta.. .
Prsn: mam i dont kno about that… but ya they hv came for revenge… bt frm whom i dont kno… bt will tell u soon..

To be continued….

Precap: Swara’s muh dikhai… n romance @ office…

So guyz here clears another mystry… kavita was tryng to kno about aniruddh… but is manvi swati’s daughter?
N if he is only child then who is anahita? Why he wants to take revenge frm sanskar??
N most importantly is swati alive or dead.. if she is dead then how n … whom she adressed mumma…

Credit to: meher

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