KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 35) (SwaSan marriage)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : SwaSan marriage fixed n kolkata trip secret 😛


Same nyt

Sanskar was waiting for swara…
Swara comes in anger with a wooden measuring scale(ruler of 12inch) she came n starts beating sanskar with that…
San:(shocked ) aahh!! Aah!! Swara… stop it ouchh!!
Swra:(keeps beating) u idiot u dont kno what to say n when to say… i will kill u today…
San:(running) what happned atleast tell me…
Swra:(running behind him) u blackmailer… cz of u i hv to tell ragini about kolkata trip..
San:(stops n holds her hand n pulls towards himself) so what now we are getting married..
Swra:(hits on chest) youuu….
San:(tightens his grip on her waist n this makes swara numb n blush) ya m what..
Swra:(blushes) vo you… you… (releases herself) i dont kno…
San:(holds her hand) but i kno
Swra: what..
San: what u r going to be mine forever…

SwaSan hugged each other tightly… a long n passionate hug..
RagLak n uttra saw them hugging n teases..
Uttra: bhaiii bhabhi…
SwaSan:(releases) haan
Uttra:no no u guyz carry on ur romance i was saying to ragini bhabhi n laksh bhai to leave so that u both can hugggggg each other..
Lak: ha ha lets go uttra dont disturb them:P
Laksh uttra n ragini left making swaSan embaraced..
Then ragini poped her head frm door n say “swara wait for a week”
Swra: for what ???
Rag: for making ur kolkata trip’s moment real
Swea:(shy ) raginiiii
Rags left..
San:ohh god yr u both sisters are xerox copy of each other…
Swra: achhaa ji… but lucky is better than u…
San:wait till marriage i will show u my another side…
Swra: vo… ma is calling me.. bye…
She went n sanskr turns face.. then she came running n kissed him on cheak making him shocked n blush…
San:”pagal kahi ki”


(usually sangeet n mehndi is sheduled at same day.. as far as i rember in all my family weddings this happens)
Swara has applied mehndi on her hands… n they danced alot
After party all were sitting in living room n were opening gifts…
Uttra: wow bhai musical crystal… itz so beautiful..
San fumes in anger seeing that gift… “who send this?”
Uttra: dont kno it doesnt hv any name.. bt y u throw that ?
Kav: sanskar clam down itz just a co incidence…
San: i will not let that girl destroy my lyf now..
Swra: what happend sanskar?
Kav: swara same crystal ball sanskar has gifted swati on their engagement..
San: i will not let her do anythng now?
Kav: she cant do anythng yr ..
San: n why so ?
Swra:(controls situation)sanskar plz aaj k din uska naam le k sab khrab mat karo…
San:(realises) ok m sry..
Swra: itz ok sadu… 🙂


@Wedding day
Swara was sitting infront of mirror…n was getting ready ragini was helping her… then she left as shomi called her
Swra:(nervous) ragini..
Rag: hmm(keeps on making her bun)
Swra: sunn na..
Rag: swara speak mai kaano se sunti hoon..

Swra:(irritated) dont listen then
Rag: achha bol…
Swra:(holds her hand) did u feel nervous before marrige…
Rag:(smiles)itz normal shona.. bt y r u nervous u hv kno sanskar’s family since long…
Swra:(more nervous ) what if i wont be able to be a good bahu… how will i mange all things i dont kno..
Rag:dont worry u will be best bahu..
Shomi:(calls rags) raginiii come here plz..
Rag: cmng ma..
N she left…
Swara was wearing her earings bt her hands shiver due to nervousness… then someone hold her hands n swara was shocked

“Sanskar tum”
San: princess dont worry u r best… (kissed her fore head) i luv u..
Swra:i luv u too
She holds his hand bt he disappeard…
Then her phn rang n she picked that..
Swa: hello
San: dont be nervous kiddo..
Swra: how u kno this?
San: i kno u better… dont worry u will manage all things… n i will be with u na so no worry..
Swra:(relieved) thanku… u hv solved my problem…
San: luv u princess
Swra: luv u too

Sanskar was feeling restless as past flashes were going through his mind but as soon as he saw swra he gets awwstruck… she was looking lyk a royal princess in that red bridal attire..
Lak:(taps his shoulder)bhai close ur mouth makkhi chli jyegi..
Ragini makes her sit with sanskar..
Swara can easily understnd sanskar’s condition… she holds his hand tightly…assuring him that everything will be fine as this tym she is with him…
Sanskar also holds her hand tightly showing his trust on her…

All rituals got completed… n at last pandit ji asked him to made her wear the mangalsutra n fill her mang with vermillion…

Now swara gadodia has becomes swara sanskar maheshwari…



Swara was standing near window n gazing the nature’s beautiful creation.. the sky is black but nature has decorated it with trillions of stars n a moon…

Sanskar enters the room n lock that.. he goes towards swara n hugs her sideways..
Swra:(still gazing sky) u kno sanskar what changing shape of moon signifies?
San:(hugs her tightly) what ?
Swra:(places her head on his chest) it shows that every bad tym will turn into a good… things will change..u kno when we were young ma use to say us that chhoti ma is seeing us frm there n now bhai is also there(tear skips off her eye)
San:shona aditya will be very happy seeing u …
Swra: m missing him alot…sply today..
San:(kissed her) he is with u in ur hear.. in form of memories n now wipes these tears n get ready(winks naughtyly)
Swra:(blushes bt hide) ready for what ?
San:for becoming mine forever… for becoming complete woman….. but if u dont want to then itz ok..

He was going bt swara says “mne kb mana kia”
San:(smiles seeing her) so u r ready
Swra:(realises what she said..n bites her tongue)
San:(takes small steps towards her) tell me that r u ready?
Swra can’t face him due to shyness n turns her face..
“M ur sanskar”

Sanskar hugs her from back.. n slowly removes her kamar bandh…swara keeps on blushing..

《 Heere moti main na chaahoo
Main toh chaahoo samgam tera
Main toh teri saiyyan
Tu hai mera, saiyyan, saiyyan》

He slides his hand under her dupatta toughing her bare belly.. she can clearly feel his touch n butterflies with his touch … she grips her lehngha tightly.. he slowly turns her… n make her face him.. then he pulls her closer n kissed her…then removes her dupatta..

《 Tu jo chhoo le pyaar se
Aaraam se mar jaaoo
Aaja chanda bahoo mein
Tujh mein hi gum ho jaaoo
Main tere naam mein kho jaaoo
Saiyyan, saiyyan》

He slides his hand under her hair n makes them free…n slowly removes her jewllry…n throw them on floor…then goes towards her ear n says romanticly ” u r sure na ?”
She hides herself in his chest due to shyness..

《 Mere din khushi se jhoome gaaye raate
Pal pal mujhe dubaaye jaate jaate
Tujhe jeet jeet haaroo yeh praan praan varoo
Hay aise main nihaaroo teri aartee utaaroo
Tere naam se jude hai saare naate, saiyyan, saiyyan》

He touches her deep bare back makes her hold him tightly…n opens the dori of her top.. she was dyng out of shyness she frees herself n moves forward…but he holds her hand n pulls her towards him…

《 Banke maala prem ki
Tere tan pe jhar jhar jaaoo
Baithoo naiya preet ki
Sansaar se thar jaaoo
Tere pyaar se tar jaaoo
Saiyyan, saiyyan》

Puts her hair on shoulder n hugs her frm back…her bare back was touching his bare chest..they were so close that even air cant pass..
He kissed her bare back… as soon as she felt his warm Breath on her back.. she clossed her eyes even tightly..

《 Yeh naram naram nasha hai, badhtajaaye
Koi pyaar se ghungatiya deta udaaye
Ab baawra hua mann jag ho gaya hai roshan
Yeh nayee nayee suhaagan ho gayee hai teri jogan》

Then he kissed her nape..n slowly puts her hair back…n comes infront of her..n lift his face with his hand… which is red n down due to shyness.. n then kissed her fore head..n lifts her his arms
《 Koi prem ki pujaarun mandir sajaaye
Saiyyan, saiyyan
Heere moti main na chaahoo
Main toh chaahoo samgam tera》
Placed her on bed… n comes on her… n slides her top from shoulders n kissed them too.. she digs her nails in his body…then slowly wispers in her ear”i want a daughter just lyk u”
Listening this..she hides herself in his chest…then slowly says”but i want a son lyk u”
Both adjusted each other with each other’s body comfetably n becomes one forever..the clouds takes moon in itz embrace giving the newly wed love birds privacy… for spending the very first night of their new lyf…
《 Main na jaanu, tu hi jaane
Main toh teri, tu hai mera

Main na jaanu, tu hi jaane
Main toh teri, tu hai mera
Main toh teri, tu hai mera》



Swara woke up n found herself in sanskar’s tight n warm embrace..
Swra:(sleepy)sanskar leave me.. let me go
San:(tightens grip)no.. plz.. sleep for 5 mins more..
Swra: ok.only 5
Soon both again doze off forgetting about tym..


Their sleep is disturbed by knock on door.
San: whoz this don’t distub yr Dont u kno itz a sin to disturb newly wed couple..
Prsn: m sry beta i dont kno that itz a sin…bt itz quite late
SwaSan:(gets up hearing ap’s voice n gets embraced)
San: ha vo ma..comng i thought itz laksh..
Swra signals him to go n handel matter..
San: ma just a min m cmng..
He took swara’s clothes in hurry then swara trows a pillow on him to make him realise what he is doing… then he took his clothes n wears that… swara covers herself n rush into washroom..
Sanskar opend the door..
“Ya ma vo actully”
Ap:(smiles) dont give any excuse … n take this dress n ask swara to wear this…
As soon as ap left he come inside n was about to lock the room bt RagLak stps him n forcefully enters the room..san was embaraced..as their clothes were lying on floor swara’s jewellry were on floor n whoke room was messed up completely..
Lak: bhai atleast take these clothes from floor(took the sherwani which he was wearing last nyt n hnd that over to him)
San: lucky.. i will kill u n get lost.. did i enter in ur room after ur first night… no na.. then.. get out.
His strainght n bold statement makes ragLak embraced n shy.. n they left.
Swara came out in bathrobe..

San: u r hot swara
Swra:n u r idiot..what did u say to badi ma.. n over that u took my lehngha.. u were going to wear lehgha .. i mean seriously !!
San:(hugges her frm back n kissed her nape) sry na… n plz dont go na..
Swra: (releases n pushed him in bath room )u go n take bath..
San: come with me na we will bath together 😉
Swra: :O no thnx i hv bathed u go..
San went in bathroom saying”huhh unromantic”

To be continued…

Precap: SwaSan romance post marriage..n swara cryng after pehli rasoi

Credit to: meher

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