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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : SwaSan n KavSan patchup…n swara reported dead


Sanskar was cryning hard… seeing him in such state his staff starts gossiping about him..

Emp 1: look sir’s fiancee died bhut bura hua…
Emp 2: i hv heard that his first fiancee had ditched him at mandap.. n now this ..
Emp1: i think sir ki lyf m pyar he nahi hai..
Emp 2: correct otherwise why his fiancee will meet sudden accident n died..

Kavita listened this n fumes in anger n shouts on them ” do u guyz hv any shame.. ur boss is in pain n u r commenting on his condition shame on u …”
San:(hopeless) kavita they are right…i dont hv love in my lyf… that’s y my swara left me
Kav: no sanskar no..

Then someone enterd maheshwari office wearing jeans n blue shirt…
Everyone was shocked to see that person.. that person goes n hugged sanskar tightly… sanskar breaks down seeing that person …

*bg song*

《Meri adhoori kahaani
Lo daastaan bann gayi
Ho Tune chhuaa aaj aise
Main kya se kya ban gaya

Sehme huey sapne mere haule-haule angdaiyaan le rahe
Thehre huey lamhe mere nayi-nayi gehraiyaan le rahe
Zindagi ne pehni hai muskaan
Karne lagi hai itna karam kyun na jaane

Karvat lene lage hai armaan phir bhi hai
Aankh num kyun naa jaane O Saiyyan…》

Kav:(shocked) swara you?
*yes this girl is swara she is still alive 😛 😉 *
Swra:(worrid) sanskar what happend why r u cryng…
Sankar tightens his hug…
Swara: sanskar stop cryng n tell me… what happened..y r u cryng…
Laksh: swara we got a call stating that u ..
Swra: what i ??
Dp: beta that u passed away in an accident..
Swra:(shocked) what.. !! Thats y he is cryng… oh god sanskar is cryng..
She holds sanskar n makes him stand n ask for water…
As soon as she makes him stand he again
Hugged swara tightly.. he weeps lyk a kid.. n swara tries to clam him down…
Swra: sanskar stop cryng… m alive .. m infront of u…
San: promise me u will never leave me swara…
Swra: i promise sanskar i will never ever leave u…
Laksh gave water to swara… n swara makes him drink that…
Everyone in staff was admiring as well as shocked to see this side of their boss the sanskar maheshwari…
Swra wipes his tears…
Sanskar to composes himself
N said ” bade papa i want to marry swara asap… i cant afford to loose her”
Dp:(happy) sure beta..
Adarsh:(teases) sanskar u r so shameless na apni shdi ki baat khud kr raha hai..
Lak: aree bhai he cant wait to marry my bhabhi.. thats y he himself asked for marriage date…(winks)
Swra: aree lucky vo bade papa has told us whenever we feel right we can ask him for marriage…
Lak: look bhai swRa is defending him before marriage… good job yr..
Swra: lucky i swear if u were nt ragini’s hubby then i would hv killed u right here…
san(changes topic)” where is ur phn swara”
Swra: in my pocket
San: give that to me…
She gave her phn to sanskar n he was shocked to see that there was no sim in phm
San: swra where is ur sim?
Swra: in phn na..
San: kiddo ur phn has no sim.. n ya where is that locket which i gave u…
Lak:(comments) ohhhooo he hs given an unofficial mangalsutra to bhabhi not bad..
Lak: sry papa ..
San: ha so wehere we were.. ya ur locket .. where is that?
Swra: (shows locket which is still in his neck)
San: it means itz a fake call but why n how ? N most importantly who will do such cheap prank??
Swra: ahh leave sanskar lets go home..
Adarsh: swara u were about to come tmrw na ?
Swra: ha bhai vo my conference got cancelled after one day so i thought to surprise u all… bt sanskar gave me a shock..
San: mera haal kya hua tha tum soch bhi nhi skti…
Swra: i dont want to think about that cz i will never leave u… now lets go.. my angry bird has cried alot.. so sadu lets go i will buy a kulfee for u (winks)
San: u kiddo…
Swra: bde papa .. dad m going home byeeee ( n she ran out of office n sanskar too ran behind her)
Dp:(laughs) i was scared after listening that news… god bless them… n rp call pandit jee…


Anahita:(laughs bdly) ohh god bhai … u shld see sanskar’s reaction…
Aniruddh: chhoti i can imagine that pain..it is so sootheing..
Ana: bhai i must say if he react lyk this on a trailer then what will happen when his lovely swara actully die…
Ani: my revenge will be completed anahita… it will give me immense happiness..
Bt i pity that poor girl swara… she is so good
Anahita: ya bhai bas ek glti hai uski… that she is sanskar’s love…
Aniruddh: hmm that i agree..
Manvi comes running.
” papa , bua lets go to meet mumma… m missing her… i want to talk to her ”
Aniruddh: anahita u go n take manvi with u…
Anahita: bhai y dont u go..
Aniruddh: no way anahita.
U go..

sanskar was still thinking about what happened…
Swra: cm’on yr forget about that call..
San: tell me exactly that did u hand over ur phn to any unknown?
Swra: umm ha…

@airpot banglore
Swara was waiting in waiting area .
A lady came n said
Lady: plz help me i hv lost my phn…
Swra:look i cant help u in this …u can go to customer care… they can help u..
Lady:(pleading) plz i just want to make a call..
Swea: u can call frm pco or frm anywhere i cant help u.. sry
Lady:(holds her legs) plz help me.. plz just one call plZ…
Swra:(tries to free herself) leave me… plz..
Ldy: no plz make me one call..
Swra:(irritated) ok fyn only one call..
She gave her phn to that lady… n then she saw a lady holding baby in arms n her hankey has fallen so she move a step ahed n pick that hankey n hand that over to lady
Then filght boarding annoucement has been done… n swara took her phn frm that lady m left

San: it means that lady took ur sim card out… so careless swara
Swra: sry(pouts)
San: ok so be ready we are going tmrw
San: rivaaz 😉
Swra: woww sachhi thnku thnku so muchh
Swra greets ragini
Sra: did u bring that ?
Rag; shut up swra.. do one thing now soon u r getting married na then u n sanskar bring a small swara or sanskar first vese bhi u guyz are elder to us 😉
Swra:shut up rags…
Ap calls them
Swra: cmng badi ma..
Ap: so swara get ready to be our bahu…
Shomi:next week ka muhurat hai shona…
Swra(blushes): vo m cmng ma…
Rags too go Behind her…
@Swara’s room

Ragini n swara were spending candid moments..then sanskar called swara rags saw that n put phn on speaker..

San: see me in 5 @ terrece
Swra: how can i yr..
San: on foot
Swra: no i cant
San: if u dont cm then i will tell all what u hd done to me in kolkata..
Swea: noooooooooo m cmng.. u cheater..
San: bye princess..

Swra:ufffc blackmailer kahi ka
Rag:(teases) what u hv done to him.
Swra:(nervous) vo n-nthng..
Rag: ok if u dont want to tell me then i will ask sanskar directly.(winks)
Swra:(tensed) no no m telling u.. bt promise me u will tel no one.. not even to lucky..promise.
Rag: promise
Swra: vo when we had been to kolkata then..

SwaSan were spyng on roy …they were sitted in a bar sanskar left to attend a call n swara by mistake drink alcohol shots.. she like that so much that she keeps on drinking that… when sanskar came back he saw swra full to talli… he smhow took her to hotel room…

San:swra come with me..
Swra: (talli)nooooo…wait (she notice sanskar wearing red shirt)this is myyy shirtt…
San:oh god she is full to out.. swara come with me…he took her in arms n take to bath room… n make her stand under shower n on that..
Swra:(shouts) itzz cold… stop it…
San:itz important..
When sanskar was bzy in holding her under shower swara unbuttons his shirt…
San: what r u doing swaraa…
Swra: itz my shirt m taking this back..
San: r u serious
Swra: yuppll
He take her out…n calls a female staff to change her clothes…
After changing…
San:drink this kiddo..
Swra: nooooo…
San:(holds her mouth n forecefull make her drink that lemon juice) good girl..
Now u sleep n m going to change…
As he was going swara holds his hand.. n took a sicessor n cutted his shirt…
” itz mine..remove this”
San: swra lag jyegi sicessor se…
But no .. swara has cutted his shirt.. n it also hurts sanskar..
San: ahhh swra…
He forcefully took secisor n makes her sleep
swra: ahh my head
San: u r wild swra
Swra: what ?!!???
San:(teases) ya look at these scraches
Shows scraces on his chest made by secissor
Swra:(worried) ye mne kia..
San: yup look at ur clothes too
She found herself in different clothes… n strted cryng
San:(cups her face) swra dont cry i was kidding… u hv done nthng…
Swra strts hitting him with pillow
Rag:(laughs)ohh god swara…
Swra:huh m going..

To be continued…

Precap : SwaSan marriage

Guyz i hope u lyk that twist in previous part… itz my work to make track intrrstng.. m tryng my level best bt still u hv any cmplaint then feel free to tell me
.. n ya if i seperate swasan then it would be of maximum 3 epis… 🙁

Credit to: meher

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