KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 33) (past relation)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : SwaSan n KavSan hot argument… kavita slaps sanskar..


Same night.
@ swara’s room
Kav: y u behave lyk this with him swara
Swra: i dont want to talk with him…
Kav: dont repeat that mistake which swati does… he luvs u
Swra:(teary eyes) i too luv him… he is my lyf…
Kav: pl swara cz of me dont ruin urs n sanskar’s relation plz….
Swra: itz late kavita i think i shld sleep now…. good nyt
Kav: gud nyt…

****NEXT DAY****
Shomi: when will u cm back shona
Swra: itz a 3 day conference ma..
Shomi:is it imp to go…
Swra: haa maa
Ap: beta cant u cancel ur conference…
Swra: badi ma y u all r worring abt me… m fyn
Shomi: dont kno beta … i feel that smthng will happen to u if u go…
Swra:maa nthng will happn to me n now m leaving….
Swara searches for sanskar but he is still in his room…
Sujata notices that…
Suj: beta atleast wave sanskar bye… he is in his room…
Swra nodded yes n goes..

@ room
Sanskar was pacing to n fro he was also feeling restless… he himself dont kno y…
” y i feel lyk smthng will happen with shona.. no no sanskar be positivte..”

San: come in
Swra:(teary voice)bye sanskar.. m going…
Sanskar’s heart skips a beat listening to her bye…
San: hmmm
Swra:(sad) ek baar mud kar bye bhi nahi bologe…
Sanskar”s heart was breaking with swara’s each sentence… he wants to stop her but he was not stopping Her.. his ego stops him in doing so…
San:(sad) bye sho… swara..

《 Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho
Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho
Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho》

Swara left for airport n sanskar breaks down in tears ..


@karma’s office

San enterd his cabin n fumes in anger … he shouts “kavitaaaaa”

He shout so loudly that everyone gets frightened listening his voice…

Kav: why r u shouting sanskar ?
San: what the hell u hv done in my cabin
Kav:(cinfused) what hv i done?
San:(angry) oh u dont kno then … wait let me show u..

He goes inside n took a bouquet n throw that..
” what’s this”

Kav:(normally) bouquet
San: u r doing all this delebrately ..ryt..
Kav: i hv done nothng… i hvnt bought these flowers…
San: really then who else knows that swTi loves these flowers…
Kav: y u link all things with swati..may be koi or laya ho… bt no u only rember swati…
San: achha i link all things to her n who defends her all tym… who supports her deeds..
Kav: sanskar that u too kno very well that i hv always Supported truth.. irrespective of person…
San: stop lieng now i kno u n swati hv planned smthng against swara…
Kav: swati swati swati… m pissed off … swara was ryt u r obsessed with swati..
San: n u r obsessed with hiding her truth.. u always supports her
Kav: dont forget sanskar when she left u in mandap i was the one who stood for u… i left my sister cz of u… swati was wrong so i supported u… n till date m paying for my sister’s deeds… i didnt left u… i hv cutted all my ties with my sister… with my swati n u(cries)

A girl came n picks that bouquet…
Girl: m sry sir.. if u feel bad i hv bought these flowers…
San:(shocked n guilty) kavita m sry…
Bt she left…
Girl: i think i shld leave too…
San: no… amm anahita wait … bolo kya kaam tha…
Ana: i just came here to seek a job… bt i saw this bouquet so i purchased it…
San: come in my cabin.

After a while…

San: i hv a vaccannt job at maheshwari office would u like to join that ..?
Ana: yes sir
San: join frm tmrw…


On call

Ana: bhai works is done
Man: good now prepare fir next part.
Ana: sure bhai…


On call

Swara : kav if u dont tell me what you r hiding then i will break my engagement with sanskar..

Kav:(worried) nooo plz r u in ur senses..
Swra: yes i am..

After so much efforts kavita told swara everything n swara was hell shocked to kno all…


Swara was restless after listening truth..

” i hv to do smthng jisse sanskar ko sach pta bhi na chale n vo kavita ko doubt b na kre… bt before that i shld apologise to him… swara u r an idiot u kno he lost his senses in anger… n u too lost ur senses… bt what shuld i say himm…”

@Drram villa

Sanskar was not getting sleep the flashes from his past were going through his mind… his n swati’s marriage… her betrayal… swara’s cmng in his lyf… their kolkata trip… their confession.. engagement… swara’s accident… to swara’s sad face while going.. suddenly his phone rang… he saw tym itz nearly 3

“Kahi swara ko kuch… no no no”

He saw ‘shona’ flashing on phn… a smile appread on his face only by seeing her name….

He picks call

San: hello swara(sad)
Swea: m sry (cryng)
San:(worried) y r u cryng… is everythng fine… wait m cmng banglore..
Swra: dont worry m fyn… i hv hurted u alot na..
San: no i hv hurted u..
Swra: m sry yr… i luv u… i shld nt jump in ur n kavita’s matter…
San: m sry too… u were ryt i shld hv asked her… she stood by me always… n ya i luv u too…
Swra: so u hv forgiven me?
San: obviously kiddo n u?
Swra: as always sadu..
San:(teases) if u dont stop calling me sadu then i will tell everyone what u did with me in kolkata..
Swra: noooooo noooo yr plz no… i hv told u na that was mistake…
San: u were about to rape me shona(teases)
Swra:(poker face) rape !! R u kidding me !! Esa kuch ni kia tha mne…

San: achha then what u hv done trll me 😛
Swra: i just remove ur shh(stops in btwn n shouts) u r such a cheater u kno what i hd done…
San:(laughs) swRa i just luv ur innocence…
Swra: n i luv ur care…

They keeps on talking whole nyt both fall asleep while talking..(think about phn’s balance guyz 😛 😉 )


Sanskar comes downstair to hv break fast.. he saw Ap arranging plates.. he goes n hugged her tightly…

Ap: are sanskar … u look so happy today what happened ..
Suj: jijji raat bhar swara se baat ki hai ..
San:(blushe n shocked) how u kno this ma?
Suj: m ur mother beta..
Sujata enters his room n saw him sleeping peacefully with a bright smile… she saw his phn which is still connected… she took that n saw “shona” duration 3 hrs … she cutted that call… n kept the phn on table…

san: achha m going office…

@Maheshwari office..

San: kavita m sry … i kno i was very wrong…
Kav: itz ok ..
San: yr i was mad… m sry sry sry…
Kav: aree yr stop it.. i will forgive u bt at one condition..
San: what ??
Kav: u shld take care of swara always… she shld be happy.. if she cry na then i will kill u..(smiles)
San:(hugs her) obviously yr… (smiles)

Whole day sanskar was happy cz now everything has sorted btwn him n swara n him n his best frnd kavita…
He thought to plan a surpriese for swara as she will be cmng tmrw…. sanskar saw tym itz 5 pm
” oh god be fast sanskar u hv to plan for swara’s come back..
“Laksh enters: bhai bhabhi k bare m soch re ho..
San: shut up lucky..(blushes)
Lak: ohh hoo the sanskar maheshwari is blushing…
San:(punches him playingly) acha now i shld go..
He came out of cabin n recieves a call a smile appeared on his face he sees “shona calling” he happily picked the call..

San: hello princess… missing ur prince
( he was shocked to listening a man’s voice frm phn)
Prsn: m i talking to sanskar ?
San:(tensed) ya bt hw u get this phn,?
Prsn: do u kno the person whose phn is this?
San:(worried) ya itz my fiance’s phn.. what happend n who r u ?
Prsn: m senior inspector K. Iyer from banglore police… there a car has met an accident… n we found this phn with girl.. i hv dialed emergeny number …
San:(cryng) she is fyn na..??
Inspectr: m sry sir ur fiance is dead..
San:(shockedd) noo she cant be my swara .. how can i believe u…?
Inspt: we found a ss locket in her hand..
Sanskar was shocked
@RagLak’s marriage
After dadi left frm swara’s room
Swra:lets go
San: aree wait yr..
Swra:(confused)y ??
San: i hv smthng for u…
He took out a ‘SS’ locket.. n makes her wear..
” do u like it?”
Swra: loved it.. i will never seperate this locket frm myself…

San:(fall on knees while cryng)
Lak: what happned bhai..
San:(shouts in pain) swaraaaa
Laksh took phn frm his hand n talks with inspector.. he was numb …
Dp , Rp adarsh n kavita comes out of their cabin listening sanskar’s screem..
Kav:(worried) what happened sanskar..
Lak: swara is no more kavita(said while cryng)
Everyone was shocked
Dp: what r u saying laksh…
San:(cryng) again a girl diched me.. she left me…. she left me …. i shld hv stopped her.. i knew it… bt i hvnt stopped her frm going… itz my mistake(cries miserably)
Kav: nahi sanskar esa nhi hoga…smbhalo khud ko(consoles while cryng)


Anahita: (laughs) bhai we hv done it..
Man: hahahaa aniruddh jo chahta hai vo kar k rehta h (laughs eveily)
(Yes this man is aniruddh)

To be continued….

Precap: again no precap 😛

Credit to: meher

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