KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 32) (SwaSan WANTS seperation??)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap :swara injured… kavSan small argument


Next day

Kavita comes to meet swara..
Kav: hello aunty
Ap: hello beta..
Kav: aunty is swara awake ?
Shomi: ha beta.. she is in her room …
Kav: ok aunty..
Suj: wait beta take breakfast too… for urself n sanskar swara..
Kav: jee aunty..


@swara’s room

Kav: swara hwz u…
Swra: m good … to sadu has told u..
Kav:(fake smile) yaa..
San:(tries to talk ) achha kavita tell me about that pune project..
Kav:(ignors) swara what doc say nothng serious na..
Swra: na i will be fyn in 3-4 days 🙂
Kav: good then..

Whole tym kavita ignors sanskar n sanskar too doesnt try to talk much… swRa notices this… then abhay n pia too comes to see swra..

Abhay: hwz u swara… how this happend?
Swra: vo i want to check wether m strong or that car..
Swra:(giggles) idiot that was an accident..
*KavSan too rembers their friendship n kavita’s answers to sanskr’s silly questions n feels sad*

Pia: offoo abhay let me talk with her..
Abhay: achha sanskar show me her x-rays n other prescription..
Swapia:(laughs) ho gya doctor ka kaam shuru…

Abhay n sanskar left… after a while pia recieves a call n she too left..

Kav: so swara i think i should leave now..
Swra: kavita
Kav: haan
Swra: hv u guyx fought..
Kav: (fumbles) vo no swara nthng lyk that…
Swra:(holds her hand) kavita i hv seen urs n sanskar’s Friendship u guyz are each other’s strenght… u stood by him in his thick n thins.. i dont kno what happend btwn u guyz.. bt kavita i apologise on sanskar’s behalf…
Kav: no no swara.. dont do that…
Swra: then hv u forgive him(pouts)
Kav:(pulls cheeks) how cant i … after seeing ur innocent face . 🙂

On call
Kav: whats updatw?
Prsn: mam they hd a child..
Kav: that i too kno…
Prsn: mam may be they hv shifted to delhi..
Kav:(angry) may be what!! I want assured info..
Prsn: mam i will tell u everything… just give me a week.
Kav:(sarcasticly) as if u hv told me lots of things till now… m warning u i want exact info…
Prsn: sure mam..
**call ends**

San: kavita..
Kav:(nervous) ha ha sanskar
San: which info u want?
Kav:(fumbles) vo.. vo sanskar.. vo that udaipur project..
San: hmm ok.. should i drop u ?
Kav: no i will manage..
San: ok … take care..
Kav: u too..

San(in mind): what r u hiding kavita… u shld lie properly atleast.we dont hv any project in udaipur… what r ur intensions.. i hv to find that…


San:(on call) ya check her each movement… kaha jati hai kisse milti hai sab kuch… n ha make sure that kavita doesnt come to know that u r spying on her
Call ends
Swra was seeing n listening all this n was hell shocked..
Swra: what the hell r u upto sanskar… u r spyng on kavita.. u r doubting ur best friend… how could u ?
San: swara itz my personal matter..
Swra: ya personal m sry if i hurt u.. cz now u hv to hide things frm me
San: swra itz imp .. kavita is hiding somethng..
Swra: then ask her dammit… whats the need of spyning ..
San: as if she will tell me..
Swra:sanskar everything has a reason..i hv hided reality about bhai’s death n his illness frm whole family… she must hv some reason..
San:swra u kno what.. yesterday i told her about ur accident(explains his chat with kavita)
Swra:(angry) how could u doubt her… she stood with u sanskar… u kno whats ur problem.. u trust wrong people.. n doubt right people.
San: esa kuch nahi hai swara…
Swea: achha that day in mumbai too u slaped me before knowing truth..
San:(guilty) i kno that was mistake…bt
Swra: since when u kno kavita?
San: 10yrs..
Swra: u r doubting a prson whom u kno since 10 yrs(shocked)
San: (angry)i kno that swati too since childhood…bt what she does.. she diched me..
Swra:(angry too)u kno whar ur problem is u still cant get over swati…. u r obsessed with her…
San:(fumes)swaraaaa !!
Swra:(fumes too) what sanskar chillane se sach badal nahi jyega… it means ke kal tumhe koi mere bare me kuch bolega to u will spy on me too..
San: swra you r nt trustng me na.. then itz ok… i think we should think once more for our relation ryt..!
Swra: exactly when u cant trust any correct person then how can we take this relation further..

Both were so angry that they dont even kno what they said
Swara was going in anger she forgot that she had sprain in anckle… she was about to fall but sanskar hold her from falling n they hv An eye lock.. it was of mixed feelings.. angry, sad, heart broken.. it was so intense that tears escapes from their eyes for hurting their love… as if that tear is an apology…

*bg song*

In Faaslo Ka Ye Faisla Kyun Dil Ne Mere Kar Liya…
Khud Hi Na Jaane Kaise Jeeyega Hoke Ye Tumse Juda…
Main Waari Jaawan Main Waari Jaawan
Saath Ho Ke Ho Ya Ve Kasoor Re
Naadaan Se Dil Ki Har Khwahish Roothi Sapne Huye Hai Saare Choor…
Piya O Re Piya
Piya Re Piya Re Piya》

soon they broke eye lock n swara left with much difficulty… sanskar saw that n feels guilty as well as angry.. he throw his phone on bed in anger…
” dammit.. how can she say that m not over swati… y dont she believe me… she believes kavita more than me”


Dp: shekhar i think we should fix SwaSan’s marriage date…
Shek: ha i agree.. tnrwo RagLak will come back then we will call pandit ji
Dp: ok so we will fix their marriage asap..
SwaSan : no
Dp: what hapend beta?
San: we need tym bade papa..
Shek: bt beta..
Swea: baba i agree we need tym …
Dp: ok then when u want to marry tell us we will fix ur marriage date…

Same day @ night..
Dp: annapurna did u notise that?
Ap: about swara nsanskar.?
Dp: ya i think something happened btwn them..
Ap: ya they both didnt talk with each other since two days… sanskar doesnt even bother about swara now…
Dp: dont kno what happened bten them i just hope everything will be fyn soon..
Ap: ji.. pata nahi kis ki nazar lag gai mere bchho ko… if SwaSan are upset then happiness of house too went away…
Dp: lets hope for the best..

kavita comes to meet sanskar for some office purpose..
Kav: aunty where is sanskar
Shomi: beta i think he is in his study.

Kav:(enters) sanskar check these files n sign them
San: ohh so now what u want only sign ya koi kami rah gai thi mere or swara k rishte ko todne me…
Kav:(shocked n hurted) what rubbish u r saying ..
San: truth..(tells her how swara supported her)
Kav: shut up sanskar…. i hv told u that i hv no such intension n whatever happend btwn u n swara thats cz of u… n u r blaming me … just to support u i didnt marry till date
San: ohhh so u r doing this … cz u want to marry me ryt..
Kav:(angry) sanskar m warning u dont test my patience…
San: ohh really!!! Now i think that car was planned by u to harm swra…
Kav:(slaps him hard) sanskar be in ur limits… i hv warned u not to test my patience… u r blaming me for breaking ur n swara’s relation … dont forget i was the one who has supported u i choose u instead of swati… n ya swara is ryt u trust wrong ppl…
Swra was listenig all this..
Swra: kavita leave him.. come with me..
San: u guyz are so much of good frnds na.. (taunts)
Kav: shut ur mouth sanskar
Swra: kvita let it be.. chlo n ya sanskar m going to banglore tmrw for a conference n i tell u this cz ma asked me to do so…
San: go wherever u want to go…. i dont care..
Swra:(sarcasticly) ya why would u care. …

*bg song*

《Pal bhar thahar jaao
Dil ye sambhal jaaye
Kaise tumhe roka karun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum saath ho..
Agar tum saath ho

Behti rehti..
Nahar nadiya si teri duniya mein
Meri duniya hai teri chaahaton mein
Main dhal jaati hoon teri aadaton mein
‘gar tum saath ho

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai
Agar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Palkein jhapakte hi din ye nikal jaaye
Bethi bethi bhaagi phirun
Meri taraf aata har gham phisal jaaye
Aankhon mein tum ko bharun
Bin bole baatein tumse karun
‘gar tum saath ho
Agar tum saath ho

Teri nazron mein hai tere sapne
Tere sapno mein hai naraazi
Mujhe lagta hai ke baatein dil ki
Hoti lafzon ki dhokebaazi
Tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai
Bedard thi zindagi bedard hai》

Swra(in mind) i luv u more than anything bt u r hurting m sanskar… i luv u n only u

San(in mind) u r my lyf swara… i cant see u in pain.. bt u r nt listening to me… i luv u… only u

Kavita(in mind) i hv do do smthng … Swara n sanskar’s relation should not be break… if they will be seperated then i cant forgive myself…

To be continued….

Precap : Shocking revalation… about kavita n swati

Guyz i want ur suggestion regarding my ff… i hv two optns
1. I will end this in 50 episodes.
2. Take proper tym to end it.. bt ya it will definately cross 50-60 epis

So tell me what u want cz i dont want to drag anything… so plz suggest me what u guyz want 🙂

Credit to: Meher

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