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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap : RagLak left for honeymoon…


@anahita’s room
Man: what (angry)
Ana: yes bhai
Man: call him ryt now(fuming in anger)

A man of 45 enters..

Man:(angry n slaps him hard) how dare u to touch swara… verma u r working for me dont forget that..
(Yes that man of 45 is none other that verma)

Verma: sir m sry i cant stop myself after seeing that girl..
Man: when i hv clearly told u that no one will touch swara untill her n sanskar’s marriage then y u try to hit her…..mark my words i will not repeat this..
Vrma: sir y to wait till her marriage.. y u want them to get married first?

Mam tooks out a revolver n points that towards verma”dont u dare to question me again”
Anahita clams him down”bhai relax”
Man: i hope u understand
Vrma: yes sir… n he left
Man hits his fist in anger on wall…” damm it… nothng should happen to swara”
Ana: bhai dont worry i will check her condition n update u..
Man: ok n make sure about her safety… i dont trust roy n sply verma…
Ana: ha bhai… i will make sure that no one will even touch her..
Man: btw r u fyn?? I mean do u get hurt ?
Ana: m fyn bhai dont worry 😉


@ kavita’s place

She was talking with someone on phone…

Kav: itz been 10 days n still u cant find any clue about them
Prsn: mam i am tryng my level best bt they are dissappeared…
Kav:(angry) zameen kha gai ya asmaan nigal gaya…. i dont care how u find them bt i just want to kno where they are… got it…
Prsn: ok mam…

**call ends**

Kavita cuts the call n opens a room… she sat on bed n cries
“Sweety look ur room is as it is.. they way u left it… the way u like to keep it… everything is same but u r not here… n u will never be with me again… y u did that.. i thought u did ur first mistake cz u r blind in… (stops in btwn) sry i cant use such pure word for u… sweety bt dont u think before taking such drastic step… atleast u could hv talked with me…i will help u.. bt u choose to run… u always escapes from situation…”


@Dream villa

Everyone was in their rooms except sujata n ap they were doing some household work…

Then they heard a car horn it was sanskar’s…. uttra was in balcony n she saw SwaSan comming… she ran downstairs n calls everyone

Uttra: maa papa bde papa bhai plz come fast..look what happened with swara bhabhi…
Everyone comes out of their rooms n ask what happend
Dp: y r u shouting uttra?

In the mean tym SwaSan enters the dream villa n everyone gets worried seeing swara…
Sanskar was holding swara frm shoulder to support her n his another hand is holding swara’s hand… she cant even walk properly…
Shomi : shona what happned to u..
Swra: nthng ma just a sprain..
San:(angry) ya ma just sprain one in ankel n one in wrist..
He makes her sit…
Ap: bt how this happened?
San: ma ur dear bahu was about to get hitted by a car… bt thankgod a girl came n save her …

guy starts car n moves towards swara and…
San:(shouts) swarrrraaaaa !!!!!!

Sanskar was hell shocked to see that….many thoughts go through his mind.. in a span of less than a min…
But luckily in the nick of moment a girl pulled swara from there both fall with the sudden jerk….
Sanskar ran towards her…
San:(worried) swara u r fyn na.. r u injured? Come lets go to doctor…
Swra: relax sanskar m fyn… (to girl) thanku so much… if u doesnt save me then i could hv died their…
San: shut up swara! (Angry) ” n ya thanku for saving her she is my lyf.. thanku (offers handshake)sanskar… sanskar maheshwari”
Girl:(shakes hand) anahita… anahita arora…
(This is the same anahita… that man’s sister she saw verma driving towards swara bt she saved her)
Ana: achha now i should leave..
SwaSan: thnku again..
N she left..
San: (stands up ) now we should leave…
He holds swara’s hand n tries to make her stand
San:(worried) what happened?
Swra: (in pain) my hand is paining…
San: i think its a sprain… lets go to doctor..
He makes her stand
Swra: aaahhh!!
San: now what??(again worried)
Swra:(puppy face) my anckle…
San: (worried n angry) yr hadd hai.. mtlab how could u..
Swara sees him with a cute face.. he melts n picks her up… n drove to doctor..

Ap: sanskar take her to room…
Dadi: let me bring milk for her..
Swra: noooo dadi..
All together: shut up
Uttra finds this moment to tease SwaSan
Uttra: bhai do one thing pick bhabhi in ur arms… n take her to room… now u hv a reason to romance..(winks)
San:(holds her ear) zada bolne lge hai

Ap: sanskar she is ryt na.. swara may find it difficult to walk.(winks)
Swara keeps on blushing
San: kya maa…
Suj: ha beta we will not see anything u go… chalo chalo sab chalo…
Everyone left n sanskar being a obedient son did as his mothers said n picks her up…
@Swara’s room
Dadi: beta drink this..
Swra:(makes face) noo dadi…
Dadi: beta itz good
Swra: noooooo nooooooo
San: dadi u go i will make her drink this…(to swara) drink this….
Swra: (covers her face with hand) noooo
San: if u dont then i will tell everyone what happened when we were in kolkata..
Swra: nooooooo sanskar thats not a thing to tell…
San: then drink this..
Swra: no way what u will tell them..haan
San: what u did (winks)
Swra: that was by mistake… i didnt want to…
San: then cool m telling everyone about this n u tell them that was a mistake…(winks)
He moves towards gate..
Swra: achha stop i will drink this..u r such a sadu…
San:whatever baby…(smiles)
Swra: huhhhh
She drank that…
San: now i should go n u take rest..
Sanskar called kavita
San: kavita i wanna meet u m coming
Kav: ok bt at this tym..
San: itz important …

@Kavita’s Place
Kav: is everything fyn?
San: kavita today someone tries to hit swara..(tells everything)
Kav: oh god …. but r u sure he has done that intentionally..?
San: m sure do u kno which car that was?
Kav: which car?
San: swati’s car… her favourite car…
Kav: (shocked) what !! Bt that could be anyone else’s car na that couldnt Be swati’s car… hv u seen its number plate???
San: kavita … that car had no number plate bt m sure that was her car..
Kav: how can u be so sure?
San: do u rember she use to put a musical toy on dash board?
Kav: ya that musical crystal ball
San: that car had the same same…
Kav: u hv mistaken that cant be swati’s car…
San:(angry) how can i be mistaken i hd gifted that to her n y r u defending swati… kahi tumhe..(kavita interepts)” shut up sanskar… just shut up m nt defending her… m just telling u the possibilites… how could u think this about me… i always stood by you…i left my…ahhh leave i dont wanna talk to u ”
San:(realises) m sry yr… vo swara ko kuch hota hai to i just lost my senses
Kav: itz ok bt never say that again.. i was n i will stand by u n now with swara too..
San: sure n sry again..
Kav: now go itz already too late we will do smthng tmrw..ok.
San: ok… bye…

Kavita:(in mind)i wish i culd tell u truth sanskar but … i will not tell u anything…

To be continued….

Precap: swara leaving for conference…

**why that man wants swara to be safe… who is sweety ? What is sweety’s n kavita’s relation? Whom kavita wants to find ? What sanskar was about to say to her which makes her angry?… is kavita really tries to defend swati or she was actully telling possibilities…??? Which truth she was hiding from sanskar nd why??what happened in kolkata that sanskar is blackmailing her ??**

Stay tuned to know more.. 😛

Guyz m so happy my test was osm 😀 😀 😀 thankyou for ur wishes n for supporting my ff…. feel free to tell me if at any point of tym u think that plot is boaring.. 🙂 😀

I hv a plot in mind bt still ..if u hv any idea then tell me

Credit to: Meher

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