KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 30) (Accident ???)

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Recap : RagLak marriage

Girl: papa tell me na y i dont hv mumma…
A lady enters ….
Lady: who says u dont hv mumma..
Girl: bua my mumma is not with me na..
Lady took her in lap “beta ur mumma is in ur heart she is seeing u n she doesnt lyk u cryng”
Girl: sachhi bua.. then i will not cry..
Lady: promise…
Girl: sachhi promisee…
Lady: achha now go n play ur frnds are waiting…

Lady:(puts hand on man’s shoulder)bhaii..
Man: choti i feel so helpless…
Lady: bhai dont worry…
Man: i will not leave him… i swear.. he has to pay for his deeds.. he will suffer.. more than i suffer..
Lady: bhai we will make him suffer… sanskar maheshwari will suffer… bhai i hv talked with roy n verma they agree to help us…
Man:(smiles eviely) now lets wait till his marriage… what’s latest update..
Lady: bhai ragini n laksh got married yesterday…
Man: hmm..mean swara n sanskar will also marry soon…
Lady: haan bhai.. (smriks)
Man: anahita i promise i wont let him go..
Ana: bhai m with u… bt now i shld go to manvi… she was very sad…
Man: hmmm go..

*so guyz anahita is that man’s sister n manvi is his daughter… that man could be anyone may be aniruddh may be any new entry…*


ragini’s grahpravesh has been done.. n post marriage rituals are going on..

Swra: m tired sanskar…
San: hmm…what can i do for my princess then
Swra:(puts head on his shoulder) nothng yr… i wanna sleep..
San:(teases)then lets go..
San: in bed room u wanna sleep na (winks)
Swra:(hits him on chest) ur shamelessness is increasing day by day…
San: are i will take u to room what u think… me n u together that too before marriage… na na na paap lgega swara..
Swra: oh hello ye drame krne ka deptt mera hai..
San:(holds her frm waist n pulls closer) n tumhe pyr krne ka deptt mera hai..
Swra:i luv u.(teary eyes).
San: i luv u too bt y r u cryng
Swra: nthng bhai ki yaad aa gai thi bas …U kno what bhai always use to tease us ..

swara n ragini were seeing a bidai scene n tears were flowing countinously frm their eyes.. aditya enters the room n saw them cryng n then saw that bidai scene… he goes behind swaragini… n peeps in between n said “so u guyz are cryng just seeing a bidai sceen”
Rag: bhai its so difficult for a girl to leave her family..
Swra: ryt bhai … i agree with ragu..
Aditya hugs both of them: shona ragu bt u both also hv to marry one day n hv to leave me ma baba dida n everyone..
Swra:(hugs tightly) i will never ever ever leave u… i cant live without u n ragu..
Rag: ha bhai how can we live without each other… we will not marry .. ryt swara
Swra: ryt ragu..
Adi: bt i want u both to marry as soon as possible..(winks)
Swrag:(shocked) what !!! Why !!!
Adi: ahh after that i can hv custord , fruit cream n ya rasgulle yumm… all by my self i dont need to share that with u both(laughs)

Swaragini : esa hoga he nahi kyu ki hum aapko chhor ke kahi nahi jynge..(in unasion )
Adi: no way if u dont go then i will kick u both out…
Swara: then we will take u along with us..q ragu
Rag; ryt swara
Adi:(strts tickling both) achha ji so u both are tryng to create a conspiracy against me…
Swaragini:(laughs ) bhai stop it
Swara winks ragini n they both stand up from their places n strts tickling aditya together
Adi: stop it shona ragu..
Swragini: no way bhai… hv fun na…
At last the trio sat on floor laughing

San: today adi will be happy to see u n ragini happy..
Swra: hmm.


Next Day

@ Maheshwari office

Adarsh: as u all kno that my brother laksh maheshwsri recently got married so i want to invite u all at my house for a lunch..itz a small get together … n u all will meet our new partner mr shekhar gadodia there..

sanskar has also invited staff of karma for lunch
@living room

Ap: ragini beta what u hv made for us today…
Rag: ma i hv made rasgulle…
Suj: thats great…
After eating
Dp: rags beta rasgulle were very tasty…
San: ha rags damn tasty i wish ur sis could make rasgulle lyk this..
Rag: san swara(interepted by sanskar) ” ha ha i kno swara doesnt kno how to cook”
Swra had a jug of water in her hand… she goes closer to him..” ya i dont kno how to make rasgulle ryt”
Shek: sanskar beta all the best
San:(confused) bt y baba ?
Rag: cz we dont kno what will happen with u next (laughs)
Before sanskar could say anything swara pours the whole water on sanskar..
San: what the hell were u waiteress in last birth… jab dekho tab jug se paani daal deti ho..

Swra: whatever i was atleast i wasnt sadu lyk u…
San: today u hv to pay for calling me sadu..
Swra: ohh m scared ha ha ha.. sadu sadu sadu..
San: kiddooo u…
Swara ran frm there n sanskar too ran behind her

All laughs
Dadi:(tensed) dp beta m sry for swara’s childish behaviour… she will soon get married bt she has no sense how to behave with her soon to be hubby…
Dp: are kakisa… thats our swara we love her the way she is.. so no need to say sry.
Ap: ji kakisa.. swara has a pure heart.. she has made our sanskar human again.. we cant repay her..
Suj:(emotional) ha otherwise i hv left the hope to see him happy again..
Shomi: but now everything is fyn na.. so no more emotional talks..
Uttra: ryt aunty
Swra:(laughing n running) sanskar stopp it na…
San:(laughs n enjoying) u are gone today swaraa.
Swra: no way swara gadodia never give up
San: but u r soon to be mrs maheshwari….

Swara saw a water tap which is connected with water pipe… she picks that pipe n strts the tap.. she points the pipe nosel towards sanskar which makes him completly drenched
San: swaraa stop itt !!
Swra: nopes angry bird…(laughs)
Sanskar ran n hold her from back n twrill her round… in the mean tym staff of karma’s n maheshwari’s office reached Dream Villa… they were shocked to see sanskar n swara spending candid moments together…
SwaSan were lost they didnt even notice their presence….

Swra: (keeps laughing )now leave me..
San: no way… aaj nahi…
He picks her up in His arms… swara was still struggling to release herself…

Swra: leave me or i..
San: i what haan..
They both hv an eye lock..He keeps on walking without breaking the eye lock..
They reached at the gate of living room bt still sanskar was holding swara in his arms.. where as everyone was staring at the two love birds…
Uttra:(teases) bhai bhabhi atleast hv some shame na.. ur whole staff is sitting here n u both are bzy in romancing…

Both realises their position n composes themselves n leaves in embracement…

After sometym all the staff members leaves …


Swra: rags hv packed ur bags…
Rag: yup.. achha tell me what u want? Keyring,bracelet or earing?
Swra: this tym i want smthng else(smiles naughtyly)
Rag:(bzy in packing) what
Swra: a small ragu to play with me…
Rag:(widens her eyes) swara.. !!!
Swea: what ? U r going on honey moon na so u can bring that gift for me (winks)
Rag: (blushes) just get married swara then i will settle my score..
Swra: ya ya ya we will see that
San: so lucky all set to go..
Lak: yup bhai
San: i guess uttra has already given u her list (laughs)
Lak:(laughs) ryt bhai.. achha do u want smthng for urself or my bhabhi (winks)
San:(teases) achha if u insist then bring a niece or nephew for us..
Lak: kya bhai …
San:(smiles) are dont shy lucky.. i hv ryt to tease u..
Lak: bhai u r too much.. achha m leaving..
All blesses RagLak n SwaSan went with them to drop at airport..
After dropping them SwaSan stops at a Chat corner to eat gol gappa’s…


Lak: ye bhai bhi na..
Rag:what ?
Lak: u kno what he ask me to bring?
Rag: what?
Lak : niece or nephew
Rag: ohh god these are made for each other…
Lak: what ?
Rag: swara has demanded same frm me..
Both laughs..
Lak:(teases) vese we can complete their wish(winks)
Rag:(blushes) Lakshh u r so naughty….


Sanskar was waiting for swara near his car swara was on other side of road…

San:(shouts) swara be fast yr…
Swra: ha ha coming…

There someone was seeing swara from his car with a wicked smile on his face….
As soon as swara starts crossing road that guy starts car n moves towards swara and…

San:(shouts) swarrrraaaaa !!!!!!

To be continued….

Precap: no precap 😛

thankyou guyz for ur wishes my test got postponed for today 😛 😀 😀 bt i will pass that with flyng colors…

n ya if u want to suggest or criticise anything regarding ff then plz feel free to say.. 🙂 🙂 😉 😀

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