KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 29) (RagLak marriage)

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Recap : SwaSan engagement


A week later.


Swra: kaka what is this where are roses…i hv told u na i want only roses..
Kaka: beta m just bringing that..
Swra:then be fast na its my ragu’s wedding..

Swara has taken whole responsibility of ragini’s wedding solely on her… she is decorating GM n mandap n all… where as sanskar is taking care of decoration of Dream Villa …
swra: maa everything is set at GM
Shomi: beta thats ok bt come n take rest…
Swra: ma m fyn.. btw where is sanskar?
Suj: beta he has an important meeting
Swra: so my angry bird is bzy..
San:(entres) no.. ur angry bird is angry with u..
Swra; aree but y
San: cz u hv skipped ur meal
Swra:(fumbles) no.. no.. i.. i ..hv eaten..
San:(folds his arms againt chest)achha then tell me what u hv eaten?
Sqra: vo vo i orderd chinese…
San: stop lieng kiddo..
Swra:(confident) u r sayng as if u hd ur meal
San: ofcourse yes m nt careless lyk u..
Swra: mom.. ma is he saying truth??
Both nodded yes..
Swra:(in mind) ohh god i thought he too forget his meal n i will be safe but now… u r finished swara..bhagwan ji plz save me….
San:(drags) chlo ab..
He took swara to dining table n serve food to her… but swara is bzy in her office work she was talking with her PA n this irritates him alot atlast he snaches her phone n said Chhavi swara will call u later
Swra: areee i was talking na..then y(before she could say anything sanskar puts a bite in her mouth)
San:eat this first kiddo…

Ap shomi n sujta were seeing all this
Ap: they are so adorable na
Suj: jijji i wish they both will stay together forever lyk this…
Shomi:(teary eyes) tym passes so fast na.. tmrw my ragu will get married n then my shona…
Ap: sharmishtha ji.. we are so happy that, that lil swara is soon gonna be our bahu..
Shomi: ji bs sab kuch iss tarah achha he rahe…

*meanwhile SwaSan*
Swra: stop it na m full…
San:u hvnt eaten anything yet swara..
Swra: sanskar i hv eaten two rotis n rice n thats enough for me..
San: achha just one more..
Swra:(pouts) last only..
All were tired with the preprations swara came with tea …
Dp: ahh ! Thankyou swara beta we need ur tea badly..
Swra: thts y m here na uncle…
Dp: no thanx i dont want any tea… pari bahu plz bring tea for me…
Swra:(shocked) bt y … i hv made tea for u too.
Dp:(angry) first call me bade papa…
Swra:(pouts) itti si baat… m sry bade papa… vo i need tym to develop this habbit…
Dp:(smils ) ok bt nxt tym be carefull…
Rp: beta if u n sanskar also marry with RagLak then it would be great..
San: no way dad.. i luv my freedom..(takes tea cup)
Swra:(takes cup back) then ask ur freedom to make tea..
San:( takes back) aree areeee…u took it seriously… yr..
Swra:ya i hv taken it seriously…(takes cup but accidently tea falls on swar’s Hand
Swra: aaahhhh !!!
San:(worried) swara u sld be carefull na… come with me..
He took swara to kitchen n wash her hand with water..
Swra: aahhh !!! Sanskarr
San:uttra bring ointment…
Swra: its burning.. aaahhh!!!
Uttra gives ointment to him..
San: it will be fine … (blows air softly n applies ointment)
Swra:(keeps on cryng) ahhh !!! Itz burning badly !!
San:(angry) then who told u to play with hot tea haan …
Swra:(just lyk a kid) m hurt n u r scolding me..
San:(hugs)no shona bt u shld be careful….
They broke the hug hearing teasing of pari n uttrara..
Pari: ahem ahem sanskar.. i think u forgot that we all are here..
Uttta: are bhabhi let them romance na…
Pari: mne kab mana kia… bt if they does romance lyk this before marrige then what will they do after marriage…
Uttra: we cant imagine that bhabhi…
SwaSan were blushing
San: aree what are u guyz talking about haan swara was cryng thats it nthng else..
Pari:ha that we can see… that she stops cryng in ur arms…
Swra:(makes excuse) vo m just coming i rember smthng(n left)
San:(scraches head) vo ha i.. hv to.. go..
Adarsh stops him ” where sanskar”
San: are bhaiya vo.. i dont kno bt i hv to go…
N left…

All laughs seeing the two love birds..

Dp: they are so cute na..
Shek: apna tym bhool gye.. when u n bhabhji use to do this..
Dp:aree yr dont tell this i front of my children…
Dadi:swaraaaa swraaa come here beta
Swra:(exausted) ji dadi…
Dadi: come na beta look pari n uttra hv bought dresses

Swra:hmm ..

Pari: mammiji look itz for u..
Ap: nice…
Uttra: n this is for ragini bhabhi..
Rag: wow uttra.. osm loved it..
Pari n uttra shows dresses to everyone n everyone loved that..
Swra: are bt where is my dress ??
Uttra: ohh shit we forgot to bring dress for swara bhabhi…
Suj: are beta but how could u forget that
Uttra: sry ma.. i dont kno how bt i forget …sry bhabhi..
Swra:(smiles) itz ok uttra..
Pari: bt swara now what will u wear..?
Swra: bhabhi dont worry i hv many drersses..
Pari: y dont u go n buy a dress tmrw itself..
Swra: no bhabhi.. i cant itta kaam hai… i will manage dont worry…
Uttra: bhabhi if u dont go then i will feel bad… cz of me u cant wear new dress in ur own sister’s wedding (cries)
Swra: stop cryng uttra… i hv new dresses..
Pari: bt swara we will feel bad..
Uttra:exactly bhabhi.. in jaipur too ur dress got spoiled cz of me n now also..
Swra: clam down uttra.. i will go n buy that… bt if i get tym only then..
Pari: are sanskar y dont u take her to buy dress..
San: bt bhabhi… i hv lots of work how can i..
Adarsh: sanskar u n swara both go i can manage ur work n pari will mange swara’s work
SwaSan: but
Pari adarsh n utta: no ifs n buts.. u are goingn thats final…
SwaSan:(gave up) ok

SwaSan left

Ap: uttra pari its so bad how could u forget to bring swara’s dress she will feel bad na..
Shomi: are annapurna itz ok..
Suj: no sharmishtha itz not ok.. swara is also our family member
Uttta: atleast listen to me … we hv planned This so that bhai n bhabhi can spend tym together ..
Pari: ji papaji … itz been a week post their engagement n they are bzy in RagLak’s marriage..
Dp: itz good..
Sanskar was passing frm swara’s room n he saw that lyt are still on.
San: its 12 n she is still awake.. this girl na never takes care of herself..
He enters the room n saw swara sleeping on couch… surrounded by files..he smiles seeing her..
“Swara u r driving me crazy day by day … in such tender age u hv taken big responsibilies ”
He took her in arms n put her in bed covers her with blanket n kissed her on forehead resulting a sweet smile on swara’s face… he took her files with him..:” hmm i will complete this presentation.. vese bhi ye bhut thak gai hai..:)”

Next day @ show room..
Swara took a lehngha n went inside trial room before she could lock door sanskar too enters the trial room
Swra: sanskar.. whts this… get out..
San:(teases) no i will help u na..
Swra:(blushes) shut up u shameless creature… we are not yet married..
San: achha to when we get married then u will allow me to come in trial room with u (winks)
Swra: haww… u..
Meanwhile a coustomer knoks frm outside..”kitta tym lgega aapko”
Swra: (excuses) vo can u call any staff the door has been jammed.
As soon as coustmer left SwaSan ran frm there n take dress n come back..

Swara was getting ready in guest room she was standing infront of mirror n was applyng makeup… suddenly someone enters the room..
Swra:(shocked )tum bt kaise ?
San: door was open kiddo
Swra: no i hv bolted that
San:kiddo itz lock is loose… btw u r hott
Swra realises that she was still not wearing dupatta properly .. she truns frm shyness… sanskar goes closer to her n hugs her frm back… swara felt butterfiles with his touch.. he turns her towards mirror..n comes behind her back..
Swra: sanskar tum
San:ssshhh wait…
He took one end of dupatta n tuck that in her lehngha.. then makes pletes n placed that on her shoulder n pin that up …
San: u will never change na..
San: again deep back..
Swra: now u r my official fiance so i can wear that..
Their romance is disturbed by dadi
Dadi: swara vo..(turns face) come fast “oh god aj kal k bachhe kahi bhi shuru ho jate hai”
Swra:(composes)cmng dadi
Wedding was completed n sanskar has laksh’s juti(shoes) he was running n swara was running to cathch him.. they enterd a room..
San: catch me if u can..
Swra:(acting) aahhh!!! Sanskar!!
San:(worried) what happned
Swra kissed him he was nt expecting such sudden kiss frm her he was numb n swara took the juties n ran away..
Swra:luv u sadu (flyng kiss)
rags was cryng…
Swra: rags stop cryng u r behaving as if u r going to london.. u r going no where raguu
Rag:(cryng) when u will getarried na then i will see ..
Swra:oh plz m nt a kid lyk u.
San: yes yes she us nt a kid she is a kiddo…
Everyone laughs n swara stares him angrily…
@some bunglow
A girl of 4 yr is cryng n a man took her in his lap n wipes his tears”y my princess is cryng”
Girl: papa today Everyone had come with their mumma bt i dont hv mumma.. y i dont hv mumma..
Man was speachless he has no answer for his daughter

To be continued….

Precap: SwaSan happy moments..

Sry guyz for nt posting tmrw as i hv a test today.. n honestly law is irritating me.. those sections n subsections are too much… :/ >_<

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