KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 28) (SwaSan engagement)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap :SanPia n RagLak’s engagement… n wedding


Shomi:(worried ) what happend beta y r u cryng??
Swra:(cries) ma i hv lost himm.. kho dia maine use ..apne ek stupid decision le karan..
Shomi: beta what r u saying i cant understand..
The groom removes sehra n says” why r u feeling bad haan”
Swra: sanskar plz m sry…
Yes he was sanskar who has removed his sehra..
Then he removes that pink cloth whose end is tied in gathbandhan…
He moves towards swara… she ran n hugged him tightly….n cries” m sry sanskar m sry plz forgive me.. plz take me back in ur lyf… i… i.. promise i will never leave u… i swear … plz sanskar”
He makes her stand away n holds her shoulders” u were the one who choose this seperation na.. then y u r behaving lyk this now… u choose to sacrifise ur luv for ur sister… not me.. i cared about laksh but at the same tym i care about our relation.. i will find a way out… but u didnt trust me swara”

She fell on ground while cryng” m sry i kno i was wrong bt plz.. i cant live without u … that was a random decision .. m repending plz m sry”
San: now kuch nahi ho sakta me and pia are married now…(a tear skip his eyes for hurting swara)
He was going away..but swara held his leg tightly(imagine scene of tera chehra song frm sanam teri kasam)
Swra: no plz no.. i … i dont kno anything .. i kno u cant marry her.. u r mine..I kno i was stupid … bt please frogive me.. i promise i will act maturely.. i will not take any random decesion.. m repending for my decesion …. plz punish me.. beat me .. bt dont go away frm me.. m apologising sanskar plz forgive me… everyone deserves second chance … then y not me.. m seeking forgiveness na..plz sry.. just .. just one last chance please dont leave m(creies miseeably)

Sanskar tries to free his leg but swara’s grip was firm.. he some how manages to free his leg n kneel down in front on her… her condition was miserable.. he hugs her tightly… swara keeps on cryng … sanskar cares her hair n said”ssshhh shona stop cryng…. m with u always”
Swra:(sobbing) bt kya fayada u n pia are married now… n now i hv no right on u..
San: no m not married.. i cant marry anyone else except u..
Swra:(happily shocked) what !!!
San: ya pia n abhay got married.. not me n pia..

Swra:(confused) bt how
Abh: swea cz of u i hv to marry this obssesd girl (laughs)
San: it was all our plan..
Shomi: beta atleast ab to hume puri baat bta do..
San: ji aunty..
SanLak were passing frm shekhar’s room n they saw him cryng n talking with swara’s pic he was seeking srry.
San:yr lucky i feel bad for uncle..
Lak: bhai we cant do anything swara is stubborn
San: bt yr uncle is repending for 5yrs..y she is not realising his pain
Lak: bhai untill swara herself took a random decision n repend till then she actully cant feel
uncle’s pain…

San: actully ya u r ryt… we hv to Force her for any random decision..
Lak: how
San: dont kno.. bt will do smthbg soon


Uttra ap n sujata were talking..
Sujata: what r u saying !!! Swara n sanskar together?
Uttra: ya they were very close…
Ap: then we hv to do something fast…
** all lughs**

San enters
San: what u hv to do fast ma ?
Ap:(holds his ear) ur marriage….
San: aahhh !!!ma itz paing
Uttra: bhai when u were sleeping on swara di oops sry sry swara bhabhi’s shoulder tab dard nahi ho ra tha..

San: what ??
Suj: ya beta uttra saw u both.. n we will ask for her hand today itself..
Some idea knocks his mind
Dadi: no way m nt doing anything lyk this.
San:plz dadi … through this we can mend swara n uncles relation plz say yes .
Dadi:(gave up) ok i will but dont hurt my swara too much..
San: no way dadi..
He tells everything to PiAbhay n laksh
Piabhay: are u crazy
San: no m nt.. bt plz help me
Abh: sanskar when swara will come to kno the truth she will kill us..
Lak:ryt bhai vo kachha kha jyegi hume… n btw r u sure she will breakdown?
San: damn sure that she will break bt i dont kno when…
Pia: hmm i agree with u sanskar i will help u..
Abh: me too.. i hv to marry pia na then y not now(winks)
Lak:me too bt what i hv to do ?

San: contoling ragini.. these sisters can do anything for each other…
All shares a grp hug..
Some how they agrees abhay n pia’s family too… n they ask MF n GF not to react on whats happening… n promise them to tell everythng soon

Swra: but vo engagement n this marriage n tumhara vo sehra n all.
Lak: that i will explain u ..

Abhay was standing behind sanskar… n sanskar knows this that swara cant see him getting engaged n that happened she closes her eyes n abhay n pia got engaged..

swra: n that dress frm rivaz.. that too was a part of ur plan
San: ya n atlst we hv to include ragini …
Ragini saw her condition n wants to console her but lucky stops her
Lak:no ragini..not now
Rag: but laksh she needs me..
Lak: rags chlo..let her compose herself.. itz better to give her smtym.
Rag: y u stopped me … my sister needs me
Lak: cz itz our plan
Laksh explains everything
Rag:(angry) how u guyz can play with her emotions.. i will tell her everything
San:(enters) ok.. go n tell her everything… n then nothng will be fine btwn her n uncle she will never realise her mistake..
Rag: but she is cryng sanskar
San: rags she is my girl.. it hurts me more to hurt her… m hurting her so i will heal her..
Rags also agrees
Pia n abhay got married n they were waiting for swara …as soon as swara’s car enters the villa … abhay n sanskar took their plces n sanskar acts as groom

Swra:(cryng n strts hitting him on his chest) u r so bad… i was dyng … n u… i will kill u.. i hate u … i hate u..
Sanskar hugs her tightly”swara m sry bt it was important firstly u hv to understand uncle’s pain .. n Secondly u hv to ubderstand that everything is not meant to sacrifise”
Swra: (releases the hug n goes to shekhar) m sry ‘baba’
Shk: no beta m sry.. i was wrong…
Swra: so can we be lyk before 🙂
Shek: ha y nt bt at one condition..
Swra:(shocked) condition?
Shek:u hv to marry sanskar 😉
SwaSan blushes
Shek: thnku sanskar… i cant repy u..
San: uncle dont thank me.. just tell me what u guyz feed her in childhood.. jo itti dangerous bani ye
Swra: m dangerous.
San: any doubt.
Swra: u just wait mr sadu… today u r finished..

Swara throw everything on him which she get… atlast she got a newspaper she folds that n make a roll n bets sanskar with it

San: aah !! Swara !! Aah !!
Swra: no no plan against me..
Lucky was laughing
Swra: y r u laughing u were also with him na..u all five are finished now..

They play lyk this n all elders were laughing seeing them..

Ap: today swara is smiling n she makes all of us happy ..
Suj: ryt jiji

Shek: are beta u all can fight later on.. bt first exchange rings… swara sanskar come here…

SwaSan exchanged rings…
Everyone was dancing.. then kavita recives phn call

**on call***
Kav: hello whats news?
Prsn: news is confirmed mam
Kav:(shocked) ok bt make sure sanskar ko kuch pata na chale
Prsm;ok mam
Kavita cuts call n strts cryng…


@Some office

Boss:hmm so sanskar maheswari got engaged … good

Employe:now what sir

Boss: wait …untill they get married

Employe: bt sir y to wait till marriage?

Boss: no one will touch swara Untill their marriage or else i will kill u..
Empliye: ok sir
Boss: now just wait sanskar maheshwwari… atlast 3 saal ka intzar khtm hua…(laughs eviely)

Who is this new entry? How will he create trouble for SwaSan? Why was kavita crying? Why that person wants swaSan to marry first?? What was kavita hiding?

To be continued…

Precap:RagLak marriage

So guyz ur guess was ryt… do u lyk the new twist?

Credit to: meher

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