KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 27) ( SanPia n RagLak engagement )


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Recap :SwaSan seperation



@ap’s room

Ap: beta r u sure that u want to do this?
San:definately ma m damn sure..
Suj: but beta i dont think u shld do this….
San:ma plz i want to do this engagement.. n thats it no more argue… come lets hv breakfast..

@dining table
Everyone was there except swara
As soon as swara enters everyone feels bad for her seeing her face… it has no charm..
San:(tauntingly) oh come miss gadodia hv a seat..
Swra came n sat
San: miss gadodia hv ur breakfast…n then we will go on shopping…
Swra:(shocked) shopping ??
San:ya today is my engagement n that too with ur best frnd..
Swra:(left table)vo ma i hv some work.. (n left cryng)

Swara rush to her room n strts cryng miserblely…
Shekhar saw her n enter her room..
Shek:(puts hand on her shoulder) beta
Swra turns around n hugged him tightly she forgot that she is angry with him she just keeps on cryng in her father’s embrace…
Shek:(worried) beta what happend why r u cryng… tell me beta i will do anything for u..
Swra: baba vo…(realises that she adressed him baba) “nothng mr gadodia itz my lyf u can leave my room n focus on ur business..
Shek: beta tell me….
Swra: plz mr gadodia leave me…
Dadi: swaraaaaa… swaraaaa where r u beta.. come here
Swra:(composes) coming daadiii….


Swra: ji dadi(fake smile)
Dadi: beta what r u doing in ur room ?
Swra: nthng dadi..
Dadi: then do something beta… today we hv two two engagements…
Swra: dadi dont worry m here na…
Dadi:(blesses her) khush rah …

Swra strts arranging thing for engagement … it is a private function so there are limited guests.. only MF GF kavita n pia ‘s n abhay’s family…

Abhay enters Dream villa

Abh: so everything is ready swara..
Swra:(shocked) abhay !! Tum
Abh: q mai nahi aa sakta apni ex ki engagement me…
Swra: abhay plz stop pia she is not in her senses..
Abh: i dont care about that obsessed girl..
Swa: u both luv each other yr..
Abh: no way it was just infatuatuion …
Swea: r u sure?
Abh: m damn sure but tell me how sanskar chooses her?
Swea: vo he..he lyks her
Abh:(laughs) oh god he is so stupid how can he lyk that girl…
SanPia enters
San:(hold pia’s hand) y i cant lyk her abhay?
Abh: sanskar this girl is obsessed she is over possesive.. she cant let u even talk with any girl..
San:(tauntingly) atleast she will stand by her words unlike others who cant even hold on their words for a day..
Abh: well whatever it is god bless u.. n thank god mai bach gaya..
San: actully ya thank god that i got her in my lyf..



Swra was doing all the preprations for engagement of her sister and “her love”…
Whenever she cant take sanskar’s cold behaviour towards her she rush to her room n strts cryng…

Ragini calls her swaraaaa !!!

Swara went to her room ” ha ragu bol”
Rag: yr my dress
Swra: what happned to ur dress ?
Rag: vo they r saying that we hv to pick that up they will not diliver that at home
Swra:dont worry i will pick that… kis shop se lani hai..
Rag: from rivaz
Swra: rivaz (she rembers some thing)

swasan were going to karma’s new office m swara saw a bridal dress
Swra:(shouts) sanskaarrr stopp
San:(puts break) swara just stop giving me heart attaks… u always do this..
Swra:(puppy face) m sry
San:(melts)achha tell me what were u saying..
Swra:(exited) sanskar look at that dress(points towards a bridal drees which was displayed in rivaz)
San:bridal dress … so ??!!
Swra: itz so beautiful na…
San: ya it is..
Swra: i want that..
San: for that u hv to find a groom first (winks)
Swra: aree i will buy this then will find a groom…
San: u r seriously a kiddo.. achha when u will get married na we will shop dresses for u frm here..
Swra: wowww itz osm.. thnku u


She came out of her thoughts hearing ragini’s voice…
Rag: swaraaa where u lost??
Swra; nthng just wait m bringing ur derss….


Swara was cryning in her room …shomi knocks the door…
Shomi: shona… shonaa..
Swra:(wipes tears) jee maa..
Opens the door..
Shomi:beta take this dress n wear this for engagement…sanskar himself bought this dress for his best frnd 🙂
Swra;(smiles but fake) thnku…ma
Shomi: beta be fast haan..
Swara nodded yes..

She bolt the door n throw that dress n lies on bed n strts cryng…
After some tym she Gets up… n took that drees n change…
She was doing make up to hide puffy eyes…

Swara (to herself) looking in mirror: so swara gadodia ready for ur luv’s engagement… why r u cryng haan… u took that decesion.. u choose this seperation for yourself … now just live what u choose.. sanskar will never forgive me… he was ryt i think for myself not for him.. i just hope that he n pia will be happy forever…


Engagement ceremony

First RagLak exchanged their rings..
Now itz tym for SanPia.

San: wait a min .
Ap: what happend beta?
San: ma dont u think that pia’s best frirnd should be here ..
Shomi: ha u r ryt.. shona go n stand with pia..
Swara nodded yes..
As soon as they strts exchanging rings.. swara closes her eyes.. she cant see her sanskar going away…
She opens her eyes hearing clapping …
Everyone was congrulating the two new couples…
Swara got shattered completly… n ran from there…


swara wake up n found herself in engagement dress…. she wanted to hug sanskar n seek forgiveness but she wasnt doing that…

Mehendi celeberation was going on..
Swara came…
San: are swara come hv mehndi na…(to mehndi wali) plz inke haatho pe bhi achhi si mehndi laga dijijye… today her two best frnds are getting married..
His words hurt swara alot but still she applies mehndi….
San: swara today is my wedding atlest give a performance(tauntingly)
Swra: ok i will(heark broken)
She dance… dance… n dance..
@4 pm
Swra cant see her luv Going away so she makes n excuse n left
Swra: ma vo i hv some urgent work so will come in smtym…
Shomi: bt be fast ha muhurat 7 bje ka hai..
Swra nodded yes..
@SR office
Swra was sitting in her cabin..bt still she was thinking about sanskar n her stupid random decision…
She recived a whatsapp msg… it was frm sanskar she quickly open that n strted cryng even harder..
Sanskar send her the pic of pia’s bridal dress it was the same dress which they saw at rivaz… then smone knocks the door… she wipes her tears n answer”come in”..
Swea: ravi u (ravi sanskar’s driver)
Ravi: yes mam … sanskar sir has sent this pack for u..
Swra: ok leave that..
He left the pack n left..
Swra opens that n found a dress(the dress which she wore on diwali in serial) with a letter..
” shona be ready in this dress i hv bought this sply frm ur fav. Rivaz .. kya hua jo tum apni shadi pe waha se shopping nahi kar pai.. u can enjoy in my wedding”

After reading that she strts curing herself.. she went into deep thoughts…she was repending for her decision
“Oh god what i hv done.. no no no… i cant loose him… i luv him.. but he will not forgivr me.. n now he is getting married.. that too with pia… he cant be happy with her pia”s nature is different… she cant handel him when he is angry… she cant handel him when he is depressed.. only i can… he is mine.. ya he is mine.. i .. i should say sry to him.. atleast give it a try swara… oh god itz 6 n muhurat 7 ka h i hv to leave now…M cmng sanskar m cmng…

She reached Dream villa n saw them taking blessings..
She was shocked…
Rag: are swra u r late vo muhurat 6 bje ka ho gya tha.. we tried to call u bt it was unreachable… u hv missed the wedding..
Pia: exactly swara u r so bad u didnt attend my wedding..

Swara was hell shocked to hear that…
Swra:mtlab now u both are married.
Pia: yup dear.. cant u see..

Swra looks at mangalsutra in pia’s neck n vermillion in her maang… n fire in hawan kund… she sat on floor with a thud… n strted cryng… “m sry”

Everyone looks at her in shock…

To be continued…

Precap: sry no precap…

Guyz wait for next part 😛 😉 😉

Credit to: meher

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