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Recap: Holi special SwaSan confession



SwaSan were sleeping peacefully holding hands…
《Someone saw them 》
Suddenly swara wakes up n shouts “bhaii”

Sanskar too wake up hearing her voice..
San:(concerned) what happend swara … y r u sweating… ??
Swra: vo .. nthng just a bad dream…
San:(side hug her) bad dream or any past incident?
Swra:(releases hug) what u wanna say?
San: swra i will never force you to tell me truth i will wait for the day when u will tell me that..now get up n be ready.. (smiles)

He gets up n was going but swara held his hand..

Swra: bhai has been murdered…. he didnt die in an accident… it was a conspiracy against him… he died just infront of my eyes.. i cant help him… (tears of helplessness n regret strted falling off)

San:(kneels down n cups her face) what !!?? Who murdered him?? Shona tell me i will not leave him… y r u hiding this ??

Swra:(scared) no no plz dont tell this to anyone… n i.. i will not tell u his name… he is very damgerous… sanskar swear on me that u wont tell this to anyone..

Sam: swara ….

Swra: (takes his hand n put that on her head) u hv now sweared not to tell this to anyone…
San: ok ok clam down i will not tell this to anyone…


Person 1: what r u saying !!! Swara n sanskar together?
Person 2: ya they were very close…

Person 3: then we hv to do something fast…
** all lughs**

Everyone was sitting together n were talking..

Dadi: ragini do this…
Rag: nooooo dadi plzz
Dadi: u hv to..(angry)
Rag: dadi i kno how to do this but i will not..
Dadi: no way u hv to..
Rag: daadiii plz na u kno na that i kno everything..

Swara enters..

Swra: what happend.. y u both are arguing?
San: over an onion
Swra:(shocked) what onion…
Shomi: ha beta ma wants ragini to chop onions… but she is not ready to chop that.. she is saying she wants to chop tomato..
Swra: dadi give me onions i will cut that… i dont want to see tears in my ragu’s eyes..
Rag: look dadi she luvs me alot
*swaragini shares a hug n swaragini tune in back ground*

After chopping onions swra came in hall m this tym evrryone was talking smthng n ragini was blushing..

Swra: ab kya hua ?
Shomi: we were talking about ragini’s marriage..
Swra: cool so when we hv to kick her out (winks)
Rag:(fake anger) hawwww swara how mean..
Swra: shhh rags …(in rags ear) ur in laws are sitting here n u r shouting…(winks)
Rag:(blushes) ya u r ryt yr.. what they will think about me…(nervous)
Swra:(teases) what if they rejected u..
Rag:(super nervous) oh god swara now what..
Shomi: swara ragini kya baat kr rahe ho??
Swra: nthng ma..

Dp: so kakisa we want to talk with u all …
Dadi: beta tell me then …dont hesitate..
Ap: je kakisa we want ur swara n ragini for our sanskar and laksh..

SwaSan n RagLak were on cloud nine..
It was lyk there dream come true… but soon their happines vanishes hearing dadi’s decision

Dadi: annapurna beta itz not possible
Ap: why kakisa?
Dadi: u can get eithor RagLak or SwaSan married…. i will not send my both grand daughters in one family…
Shek: bt ma sanskar n laksh are cousions they r not real brothers..
Dadi: but they are first cousions..so my decision is final..
Swra:(without thinking) ha so what’s the problem in this.. u guyz can go with RagLak’s marriage.. as they luv each other…
Rag: swra but u n sanskar …(swara interepts) ” ha ha ragu me n sanskar r best frnds so no issue”

everyone was sad as they knew that SwaSan luvs each other n they badly wants swara as their bahu…but swara has taken decision
Dp: so … shekhar we want ur both daughters bt … itz ok.. we are happy for RagLak..(sad for swasan happy for raglak)
Ap: ha bhaisa.. (she took a box n give that to ragini)” beta take this shagun… frm today onwards u r our”
Dadi: are anyone bring sweets too… my lado’s marriage get fixed today..
Swra:(happy for rags but heartbroken for self) just a min m bringing sweets..

She bring rasgulla n feeds rags first..
Sanskar was very furious over her this act n left frm there.. swara notice him n went behind her…


Swara saw sanskar he was standing near railing… tears were falling off his eyes as if his worst nightmare come true.. swara puts a hand on his shoulder”sanskar”
He jerked her hand
San:(hurted) what u want now..
Swra:(hurted too) sanskar i hv no option left.. dadi has clearly said her decision
San: n u choose u sacrifise ur love haan..we ciuld hv talked with everyone
Swra:(cries) i hv no other option … i cant snach Ragini’s happiness frm her..she luvs lucky …
San:(hurted) n we dont luv each other ryt…
Swara:(speechless)she cant live without lucky….
San:(holds her frm shoulder tigtly) n we can live without each other haan..(tightens his grip on her shoulders n shouts) answer me dammit…
Swra:(cries) aahh!!! Sanskar .. itz hurting..
San:(heartbroken) exactly swara it hurts (points towards his heart) here… it hurts alot… you were the one who said to me yesterday that u will never leave me n today u took the decesion without even thinking…
Swra; m sorry sanskar.(fall on knees while cryng)..m sry
San: swara u are just lyk swati u both think about urselves none of u gave a damn to me… so swara gadodia… do what ever u want to do… i dont care n ya dont u dare to talk with me again..

He left n swara ran behind him… she was about to enter his room…but sanskar shouts” dont u dare to enter my room just get lost”
Swra:(cryng badly) listen to me once..
San:(angry) go to hell swara … i dont wanna listen to u… now get lost(he bang the door on her face)

Ragini saw her condition n wants to console her but lucky stops her
Lak:no ragini..not now
Rag: but laksh she needs me..
Lal: rags chlo..let her compose herself.. itz better to give her smtym.

Swra keeps on cryng whole day…..



Pia Ragalak n sanskar were sitting together n swara came…

Swara has became dull n pale… her eyes were puffy due to continous cryng…

Swra:(acts normal) hello pia hwz u..
Pia: ver bad.
Swra: why
RagLak: she broke up with abhay..

Swra:(shocked) what!!! Why !!!! When!!!
Pia:(angry) today.. cz he thinks that m over possesive… yr any girl will feel bad when his bf acts friendly with other girl… bt he said m snaching his freedom.. so i broke up with him..
Swra: u shld nt pia… u shld act maturely.. u can talk with him..
San:(sarcasticly) ya the most mature person is suggesting u pia..
Rag: tell her what u said to him ..
Swra: what ?
Pia: i said to him that i will marry someone in a week…
Swra:pia r u in nuts marriage n relationships r not game or time bound projects…
San: (tauntingly) ya they are not tym bound can last frm a day to yrs.. q swara..
Pia: whatever bt i will definately mrry smone n show him… that i dont need him in my lyf..
San: pia will u marry me?
Pia:(shocked) what !! No !! U n swara..(sanskar interepted) ha i kno that swara n me are “best frnds” so no issues(again tauntingly which hurts swara more)
By the tym shomi came n said “aree wah beta… sanskar u could hv told us that u lyk pia..”
san:aunty vo i dont know wether her parents accept me or not..
shomi: that u leave on me..
**shomi doesnt listen whole convo only sanskar proposing pia**

She talks with all fmily members about this.. n they said yes..but they are still confused that y he ask pia to marry when he luvs swara

San:(hurted) ma mom i want to marry her in two days…
Ap n suj:(shocked) what in 2 days bt how?? N why ??
San:(tauntingly) vo i cant afford to wait what if she changes her mind lyk someone …

Sanskar’s each word is breaking swara’s heart into millions of pieces…she was just listening to his harsh words…

Dp: then we can hv ur n RagLak’s enggagement tmrw..(unwillingly n sad)

Everyone nodded yes…

To be continued…..

Precap: SanPia n RagLak’s engagement…

I kno that u guyz actully want to kill me (he he )

Achha guyx tell me ur fav film or tv serial…

Credit to: meher

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    1. Plz dont kill me nahi to twist kon pura likhega (lol) 😛

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    1. Dear i can assure u just wait …. only gor 2-3 episodes..

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  15. Shalmali Kamble

    Meher dii.. Twist is nice but plz make swasan unite soon.. And plz make sure that sanky should repent for his mistake.. How can he always compare swara with swati? It’s disgusting! Do Swara’s accident and make him realise that no one can love him as much as our swara.. I dont know is it right or wrong to suggest u but U should do Swara’s big accident and let sanky suffer some days.. He should be restless.. He should know the real meaning of love.. M sry if m wrong..

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