KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 25) (SwaSan confession…holi spl)


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Happy holi guyz… so here is holi special or u can say confession special

♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap: Swara’s past revieled



everyone was sitting in living room n was talking about tommorrow’s plan…

Dp: so shekhar do u hv any plan for tmrw?
Shek: no yr.. do u hv??
Lak: are yr tmrw is holi.. n we hv no plan..(sad)
Dadi:after so many years both the families will celeberate holi together itx enough for us..q beta?
Shek:ha ma itz enough..
Suj: na na bhai sa je na ho sake…
Rp: why?
Suj: i want to celeberate holi..
Ap: we all enjoy whole day together itz enough for us…
Suj: u all are so boaring..(makes face)
Rag: sujata aunty u n me will play holi tmrw…

SwaSan said: we hv a plan

Everyones faces lights up..

Shomi: what plan do u hv..?
Swra: we hv planned a holi party… only for our families kavita … pia n abhay…
Dp: when u hv planned that..
San: bde papa i thought k
(Swra hits his head )
Swra: uncle WE thought to plan that…
Dada: then tell us what u hv planned?
Swra: not today itz a surprise … n ya plz hv brkfast tmrw by 8

Next Day
Everyone was sitting on dining table n were having breakfast…
San: swra dont eat much or else u wont be able to run today..
Swra: n y would i need to run
San: cz i kno u wont give up easily …
Swra: ha ha ha mr sadu no one daraes to color swra gadodia..
Lak:Laa swra bt no one can escape frm bhai….
Rag: laksh no one can color my sis..
Lak: bt my bhai can
Rag: not even ur bhai
Lak: challenge ?(attitude)

Kavita enters

Kav: swaraaaaa !!!
Swra: kavitaa!!!
(Both hugs)
San:(fake anger) o hello m here also..
Kav:(hugs him) aww …. u feel jelous when swara hugs someone else(in low voice that only he can listen)
San: vo vo.. come na kavita…

After breakfast

Rp: beta now tell us that what u both hv prepraed..

San: come dad..

They took all to garden.. n everyone was happy to see the arrangements… the garden was decorated with flowers n gulaal was there in plate.. there were big tubs full of colored water… n last but not the least there were pichkari of all typs.. frm simple to tank…

Dp: beta u both refreshed our old memories…q shekhar
Shek: ryt when we were kids we use to play lyk this..
dp:bt how u kno this that we use to ply holi lyk this?
swra: i hv seen some pics of u n mr gadodia… so..
everyone feels sad hearing mr gadodia insted of baba..
Ap: thanku beta.. (change topic)
SwaSan: no need of thanku..
Swra: now lets strt…
Suj: swara sanskar u both strt..
Swra took gulal n put that on feet of all elders (actully itz a way of respecting elders…)n took blessings..
Sanskar does the same..

Rag: (exited) now can we strt
Shomi: hmm.
Rag: yeyyyyy (she fill pichkari with water n use that on laksh)
Lak:(drenched) i will not leave u… raginiiii
N he ran behind her to catch her…

Soon everyon strted to play n enjoy..
San: wow swra we made eveyone happy…
No reply
San; swra
Still no reply
He look at his left n found swara is nt there
San;(in mimd) where hv u gone… so wanna play hide n seek.. itz ok shona today i will tell u everything..(smiles)

suddenly he saw a girl dancing on balam pichkari… he got lost in her innoccence…. san(in mind) ” my swara is do beautiful yr”
he joined her… everyone dance alot then swara recieved a call n she left

He serched for swara nearly for hlf hr Bt still he was unable to fibd her…
RagLak: saw him..
Lak: no bhai no u cant loose
Rag:idiot u r still thinking about challenge
Lak: thn what r u thinkng about?
Rag: duffer i want sanakar n swara to spend tym with each other thats y i gave u challenge..
Lak: bt cz of ur stupid challenge swara is hiding frm bhai
Rag: i kno my sister..


San: pia hv u seen swra??
Pia: hmm she is in her room
San;(shocked) what?? Why??
Pia: SR indusyries ka koi kaam kar rahi hai..urgent …she has just recieved that call
San; is she alryt.. she is working today!!
Pia: she is ur responsibility so u check her..


He went to her room n saw her surrounded by files..

San:(in mind) oh god this girl.. jbse theek hui h tabse kaam he kar rhi h..

He took a vase n throw that swara notice that voice n ask”whoz there??”

No reply then she again strts working..

This tym sanskar passes grm her door n this makes swra lil scared
:”whoz there..”(in mind) if verma or roy hue then…no no no… i must check..

She comes out of her room n strts checking place..
She was passing by study room n someone hold her hand n pull her in… she was about to shout bt he puts a hand on her mouth… then slowly removes her

Swra: sanskar u here ?

San: yes i want to color u..
Swea: what no…
San: i will dear..
She tried to leave but sanskar put his hands on either sides…blocking her way..
Swra:(avoids eye contant… she was breathing heavyly…. n at the same tym.she was blushing lyk hell) what r u doing..

San:(put his finger on her rosy lips) sshhhhh! Today i want to tell u smthng..

Swra’s heart was beating faster…

Sanskar goes closer to her…they were so close that swara can feel his warm breath on her soft face… then sanskar moves towads her ear n say in romantic voice””i love u swara will u be mine forever””

Swara’s heart skips a beat hearing his confession…
Swra wants to reply him.. but she was damn shy to say anythng.. so she just nodded yes..

Sanskar:(removes his hand)
Swra was going but he hold her hand n pull her back..
He hugged her frm back..putting her hair on one side n resting his chin on other side… this acts make swara cherry red… he tightens his grip on her bare vaist.as she was wearing lehngha.. swara was not reacting to his act she was just blushing
San:i want to listen answer frm ur mouth..
Swra:(cant say anythng cz of shyness)
Sanskar entangled his fingers into hers… “”tell me swara””
Swra:(in low voice) i luv u too..
Sanskar: what u said i cant hear u..
Swra:(frees her n was going bt sanskar has entangeled her fingers in his) i hv said na then please leave me…
San:(leavs hand) i will never leav u shona…
Swara was going bt she sliped n fall along with sanskar… sanskar has a plate of red gulal in his hand which he bought to color swara….n with that fall the whole gulal fell on swara’s face…
Swara was on sanskar…
He hold her tightly
Swara:(struggling) leave me yr…u r too much.
San:(teases)no way now u r mine.. i hv ryt on u..
They herd some sound from outside
Swea:(nervous) plz leave me i think all hv came in….

San: nopes..

She some how releases herself…she clean her face n was about to go but she felt a hand holding hers n a drop of tear on that…
She truns around n saw sanskar cryng..
Swra(worried): y r u cryng sanskar…??
San: promise me u will not leave me lyk swati…i would die this tym
Swra:(puts finger on his lips) ssshhh .. never say lyk that… i will be with u forever..
Sanskar hugged swara tightly…this was a long n passionate hug.. full of luv n affection n care …this hug heals all the wounds of sanskar…. his heart which had been broken by a girl 5 yrs ago… is now healed by a girl…..

Swra releases the hug n signals sanskar to bend
San: why??
Swra: offoo… sanskar.. plz na. Bend a lil…
Sanskar bends little.. swara cups his face n kisses his teary eyes n says”my lilttle angry bird doesnt look good while cryng”

Sanskar stands straight
” achha ji mera dialogue mujhe pr.. nyc haan.. n by the way.. little !! Really ?”
Swara nodded a super cute yes

Sanskar took a step ahead n swara moves back…
But he catches her n hold her tightly…
“M little !!”
Swra:(blushes) vo … vo … mai..
San: tell me na..
Swra: vo. .. haan… nahi… vo.. ma is calling bye .

She manages to leave…

Swara came running to hall n sanskar came behind her..

Rag:swara u got married..
Swra: whatt !!!! No !!! R u in ur senses ragu !! i think u are drunk !!
Lak: no swara m telling u she has lost her senses …
Rag: shut up…. laksh

San: this tym i agree with laksh
Rag: oh god sanskar aap bhi .. look at swara for once..

Everyone looks at swara n bust into laughter…
Shomi:(holds ragini’s ear) u girls will never change na..
Swra: atlest someone tell me too that what happens(confused)
Ap: beta there is gulal in ur maang that’s y she is teasing u…
Swra: raginiiiii… tu khatam hai aaj… (n she ran to catch her)

Everyone laughs


SwaSan were spending tym together… both were sitting on floor n were having coffee… sanskar rest his head on swara’s shoulder… soon swara felt his shoulder wet… she looked at him n saw him weeping lyk child..

Swra: sanskar plz stop it yr… dont cry
San: u kno swara when i was with swati we usd to spend tym in nyt … we keep on talking whole nyt… i never thought that she would do such thing with me..
Swra: sanskr let it be ur past… (holds his hand) m ur present n future… what swati does just forget that… but believe me i will never leave u..
San: shona u made me human… u made me trust relationships again… u made me believe in love again..
Swra: not me itz u who trust me…n..sanskar u kno.. after bhai”s death i feel so unprotected… bt when u r with me i feel safe.. when m in ur embrace i feel safest…
San: n ur voice make me clam… my anger vanishes after listening ur voice..
Swra:(hugs him) i luv u sanskarr…
San:(tightens the hug) i luv u too swara…

Background song

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aanso tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aasoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de…..Kuch is tarah teri palkein meri palkon se mila de
Aasoo tere saare meri palkon pe sajaa de

To be continued….

Precap : SwaSan Seperation..

Probabily u guyz want to kill me after reading precap.. that today i make them confess n tommrrow seperation… 😛

Credit to: meher

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