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Recap: swara lost her voice


Dr garg: wait mr maheshwari…
San: now what (unintrested)
Swra hold his hand n signals him not to behave rudely…
Abhay: ya dr garg …
Dr grg:(pointing towards swra) is she swara?
Abh: ya she is..
Grg: den plz come in i will treat her…
San:(happiness out of control) what.. really.. but u just refuse to treat her then now?
Doc: earlier i dont kno that she is swara
Abh n swasan were confused..
Doc: first come in n then i will explain u…
@doc’s cabin
Doc: actully i want to thank u swara … u hv saved my daughter…
Swra n abhsan are still confused…
Doc:that day in jaipur.. u saved my daugher tanvi..

Swra rember that girl she saved in jaipur when she went out to buy bangles for neha…
She nodded yes

Doc: firstly thnku swra… i cant thank u in jaipur… but now i will thank u by treating u… n mr maheshwari she will speak again..
San: thnku doc … thnku so much…
Doc: first let me examin her…
After an hour…
Doc: luckyly her vocal cords didnt get completly damaged…
Abh: so she can be cured without operation?
Doc: first lets give her some medecine n vocal therapy.. if after that she doesnt get recover then we will operate her.
San:(worried )doc plz dont operate her.. she is a kid how can she handel the pain..

Swara sees him with shocking expression as he said that she is a kid to doctor… she hit his Foot with her..
Abh: wht happnd?
San:(stares swea angrly) nthng..
Doc: mr maheshwari that will be our second option.. so dont worry ..


Pari adarsh uttra n rp has left for mumbai.. as they hb decided to shift delhi.. so they need to complete formalities n all so they left..

Swasan n abhay enters
Ap: what happnd beta
Shomi: my shona will be fyn na..
San: ya aunty our shona will be fyn..

@nyt san was sreching something on internet..
Swara came with dinner
San: not now yr m bzy..
Swra(writes): now dr garg is ready to treat me then y r u serching that on net.
San:(in mind) how she knows this.. ohh god this girl knows me better than i kno myself..”” m nt serching that swra””
Swra stares him angryly.. n closes his laptop.. n feed him with her hands..
San:(in mind) i luv u swara.. i kno u r feeding me so that i cant talk in btwn.. n it will make me feel guilty of not saving u..
Swra:(in mind) i kno san if u get tym in btwn then u strt talking with me.as always….bt bad luck i cant reply u… n it will make u feel guilty.. bt trust me sanskae m living only cz of u..
After 2 days…

Swra was frustated as she cant speak n cz of tht she cant work or express herself..

Swra:(in mind) What the hell yr.. m feeling useless.. i cat do anything.. i cant even work.. workk oh god sanskar has left his work for me.. no no i shld send him back…. i dont want karma to suffer loss cz of me…

She reach to his room he was video calling with kavita… without earphones..

San: i will not come back before she gets completly recoverd
Kav: yr m getting ur point bt try to understand i cant handel here
San: kavita plz yr manage na i kno u can do that
Kav: san we hv lost 2 tenders which could be a easy catch ..
San: i dont give a damn to tenders… i can leave thousands of tenders for swra..
Kav: yr here liegal proceeding has strted to shift head office to delhi ..
San: kavita plz swra is my priority
Kav: yr mr dev is uncontrollable.. i cant handel him…
San: what he said
Kav: first tell me u wont be angry..
San: tell me noww..
Kav: he said if ur swra cant speak for lyf then .. would u stay there for ever…
San: cancell my all alinces with him..
Kav: san it will cause loss to karma
San: dont care …just cancell that..
Swra was listening all this.. she was overwhelmed with his care for her but at the same tym worried cz of his sudden decision..

Swra: i hv to do smthng firstly i hv to talk with kavita n tell her not to take any such step which he said..
She was diailng her number..
Then cuts that.
Swra: (in mind) u r such an idiot yr.. u cant speak .. i should msg her…

She msgd her…then she done sonething on her laptop n took itz print n go to sanskar..

San: come in na swra..
She handed him a ppr..
San: whats this kiddo..
He was shocked to see that n shouts” r u kidding me.. ticket to mumbai m not going anywhere”

Swra makes a puppy face …

San: m not leaving u…(holds her hand) ye haath chhorne ke lye nahi pakda hai maine..

Hearing this tears of happiness fall of her eyes.. n they have an intense eyelock..

Swra:(write) plz sanskar.. go n come back fast.. i dont want karma to face losses cz of me… i will feel bad .. n i kno u dont want me to fell bad… so for ur kiddo.. go n come back forever…

*she atlast convences him*

After a week…

Swara cant recover with medecines so they decide to operate her..no one inform sanskar about this… as its swara’s strict instruction


Swra was lyng on bed she want sanskar to be with her at this point..

Swra:(in mind) i dont kno y m feeling scared… i want sanskar to be with me… but it was me who has sent him away… now what.. if somethng happens to me..

Someone interpt her thoughts
“What u think u will not tell me n mujhe nahi pata chlega that my kiddo needs me… m with u kiddo ur mr sadu is with u”
Swra was happy to see sanskar… n she was thinking how he knows this..
San: ya ya ya .. u must be thinking how i kno this.. dear i was in touch with dr garg directly as i kno u will defintely hide smthng
Dr garg: so r u ready swra..
San:(tensed) iTz not risky na doc.?
Dr garg: no no no… utz nt at all risky.. just a minor one… dont worry

An hour later

@ swara’s ward

San: now she can speak na.. shona say my name..
Doc: hv patience mr maheshwari.. ut will take few more days…

@4 Days Later

Sanskar was in GM n is very restless as itz Almost 15 days since he last talk with swra.. he was dyng to listen her sweet voice….

He felt someone standing besides him… he saw n found swra …

San: swra tum yaha..
Swra took him n make him lye on bed…
San: what r u doing swra…

Swra place her finger on his lips … n covers him with blanket..

San:(confused) swraaa what is this….
Swra closes his eyes with her hands…
San:(get up) m not getting u..
Swra point finger towards clock it shows 1 am..
Then she agin make him lye .. n starts caring his head.. just lyk a mother does to her child to make him sleep..
Unknowingly she strts humming song..

San:(relaxed) wow kiddo even your humming is so soothing…
*he realises that she was humming n he get up in exitement*
San: u r humming swra… ur voice..
Swra:(didnt notice this earlier but now she also realised that she was humming )
San: shona plz try to speak na … kuch b bolne ka try kro..

San was on cloud nine to hear his name from her mouth after so many days… n swara too was happy that atlast her voice is coming back…
He hugs swara tightly in exitment… he starts juming n shouting..” yeyyyyyyy yeyyyyy m shona is back”
Swra tries to make him quite but he was lost in his own…

Hearing him shouting everyobe gathers in his room laksh comes first

Laksh:(sleepy) what happned bhai…
San ran n hugged him tightly… n kisses him on cheek
Lak:(shockef) bhai what r u doing … mai koi esa vesa ladka nhi hoon….
Swra bust into laughter seeng this..
Lak:(angry) here m dignity is in danger n u r laughng swara…
By the tym all came to his room … lakdh fees himself n hide behind Ap
Ap: laksh what happned.. n sanskar y r u shouting…?
Dp: ha beta itz too late…
Sanskar was tooo happy that he go n hug dp he was about to kiss him too.. bt he controls himself…n swra was laughing seeing him this way…
San: bade papa m yoo happy my sjona’s voice came back…
Shomi: really beta…
Swra:(huggs shomi) h.aaa.. mm..aa..aa (in a faded bt auidble voice)….

Everyone congratulate each other… n gives blessings to swra…
Shekhar lift his hand to bless her bt she only touches his feet n move backward…everyone notise this…n wonders y swra behave lyk this with shekhar…

Same nyt
@dp’s room

Dp: itz good na that swara recoverd..
Ap:ji.. bt did u notice that
Dp: swra’s behaviour towards shekhar?
Ap: ji..
Dp: i felt smthbg is fishy..i will ask shekhar tmrw abt this..
Ap: abhi to m happy for sanskar 🙂
Dp: hmm

To be continued…..

Precap: reason behind swara’s rudeness for shekhar revield..

Credit to: meher

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