KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 22) ( swra lost her voice)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap: dp n shekhar’s missunderstanding cleared … swra missing


San comes out n serches for swara…but she is no where to be found


Dp: rag where is swra
Shek: are yr let her be na sanskar is also not here may be they r spnding tym together…
Ap: m very happy SwaSan has mend relations
Sujhata: ha jijji now we all can hv fun lyk before..
Rp: itz not ur age to hv fun
Suj: aap fir se strt ho gye.. abhi toh mai jawan hoon

*all burst into laughter*

**now u must b thinking k how all can be clam after knowing that verma n roy can harm swara n she is missing… so lemme clear this that only SwaSan has seen the whole cd sanskar has edited that part in which they r saying that they can kill her… so that no one gets worried**


San:(shouts) swarraaaa !!!
Where are you …
He founds nearby every place.. he fall on ground due to a stone
Then something hurt his hand… he saw that that’s swara’s watch..
San: oh god swara’s watch… where are you yar… kidddo
San:(in mind) no no no.. roy n verma must hv taken her to somewhere in the house… they knew it that we will find her everywhere except in the house…
He ran towards the out house … he on his phn-s flash n peep through window he got shocked.. as if some one has snached his everthing… verma n roy tied swara’s hand n mouth n they were strangling her neck with rope
San :(angryyy) rooyyyy !!! Leave her…
Verma: oh sanskar sir u r here
San: leave her otherwise i will kill u..
verma: sari mehnat bekar kar di iss ladki ne.. i will kill her
Roy: if u can then save her (laughs)
Soon swra losses her conciousness
Roy: we should leave now..
Verma: ryt..
Roy: sanskar … save her if u can…
Sanskar breaks the window pane with a stone… n manges to enter in… he took swra in his arms
San: swra get up ! Swra get up!
No response
He took her to living hall…
Everyone was laughing but soon their smile faded away seen swra..
Rag: swaraa!!
Dp: sanskar what happend to her..
Rag: abhay plz check her na (cries)
Abhay checks her..n sanskar explain everything
Abhay: pia took these keys n bring my bag frm car …n be fast
San: abhay tell me she is fyn na..
Abh: san we hv to take her to hospital but before that let me give her first aid..
San:lucky start car..
Pia give him his bag n he gave an injection to her..
On the way..
Abh: lucky plz be fast..her pulses is very low.. if we cant reach on tym it will be difficult to save her..
San: no no abhay pl dont say lyk this..


After treatment abhay came out..
San:(cryng) she is fyn na..
Abh: relax yr… she is stable.. but if he strangle her for one more min she would hv died there ….u saved her..
San:(relieved) thank you..
Shek: i cant loose my daughter…(cries)
Dp: she is strong … look she is fyn..

After 2 hrs

Abhay: uncle now u can go home she is fyn n as soon as she gain her senses i will take her home..
San: ha bde papa aap log jao.. m here with her
Unwillingly all left except abhay n sanskar..

Abhay: so when will u tell her
San: what
Abh:that u luv her
San: vo.. i..
Abh: dont be late..
San: u r her best frnd na so tell me .. does she luv anyone…?
Abh: yaa
San:(tensed) whom
Abh: u
San:(shocked n happy) really.. no i mean she said herself
Abh: no bt her eyes says..


Swra gains conciousness..
San called abhay..
Abhay: so get ready to go home swra..
Swra tries to say yes but.. she cant speak.. she has lost her voice.. tears strts falling of her eyes.. sanskar hugs her..
San: abhay whats dis y she cant speak
Abhay: i thing due to force her some vocal cords got damaged…
San: now what..
Abhay: come swra first let us check u…

After 3 hrs
Abh:here r the reports wahi hua jiska darr tha
San:(tensed) what
Abh: the chances of her to speak again is very less
San:(shattered) what no… there must be any solution…
Abh : ya there is.. if dr. Garg handels her case then there r bright chances..
San: tell me what can i do . I will do anything for swara..
Abh: sanskar he doesnt takes cases easily..
San: give me his contact detail i will convence him anyhow.. n ya plz dont tell this to swra ..
Abh: ok n if possible thn plz be with her… she needs u…
San: ye kahne ki baat nhi h… m with her always…

He took sad swara to home

Shomi: shona hwz u.. beta i was so scared
Swra simply smiles with teary eyes
Rag: achha come what u wanna eat.. rice ?
Swra nodded no
Ap: beta come sit here
Swara goes n sit
Dp: beta m sry … i hv behaved badly with u.
Swra nodded noo..
Dp: then u hv forgive me?
Swra nodded yes…

Laksh: swra y r u just nodding yes or no… say something
San: vo lucky she needs rest… thats y she is not advised to speak..
Lak: achha n till when.
San: vo vo vo
Swra: shows her 2 fingers
Rag: achha for 2days..chlo itz good atleast shanti to hogi ghr m.

Everyone laughs

Swra:(in mind) rags now i will never speak… i hv heard everything… what abhay said.. but dont worry i wont trouble u more… i will find a way out….

San:(in mind)i wont let anythng happen to u swra i luv ur voice i luv u… i will make dr garg to take ur case..


san: yr what is this i want an appointment with dr garg asap
Kav: sanskar m tryng my level best… bt itz very difficult.. he is not even attending call
San: kavita plz do anything bt please. Fix my appointment.. i cant see my swara in this condition..
Kav: everythng will be fyn… dont worry..

Sanskar feels a hand on his shoulder … n turns n say…”swara”
San: come here sit..
Swra:(ask for pen n paper)
Sanskar give her that n she write smthng n gives to sanskar n they strt talking
Sanskar was replyng n swra was writing…
Swra: i kno that i cant speak ever
San:no.. nothng lyk that..
Swra: u r assuring me or urself…
San:(hugs her tightly) i wont let anything happen to u..
Swra: aree mr sadu. Mai mari nahi hoon srif awaz gai hai..
San:(angry) if u say anything shit again then …
Swra: then what?
San:(goes closer) then i will kiss u
Swra: u r really a shameless creature..
*she left*
San:(in mind) i want to listen my name from ur mouth .. i want to listen that not to read that..


abhay comes to GM

Abh: namstey aunty
Shomi: namastey beta…
Abh: aunty where is sanskar..?
Shomi: upstairs in his room..
San: ya tell me what happned
Abh: i hv talked with dr garg
San: what he said
Meanwhile swara came n abhay change the topic
San: she knows everythng
Abh: he denied to take her case
Sam bang his fist on table in anger..
Abh: relax yr..
San: how can i relax… swara has lost her voice n u r saying me to relax..
Swra huggs him tightly n consoles him..
*they heard sound of utensils .. they look at door ragini was standing there in a shock… swra abhy n sanskar run towards her to stop her but she ram downstairs n hugs shomi n cries badly*

shomi: beta what happned y r u cryng
San: vo nothng aunty …ese he..
Abh:ya aunty nothng ..
Rag was about to say smthng bt swra hugs her…
Rags releases hug n says…
“Swra i will not listen to u.. i will tell truth to everyone”
Swra was pleading her not to say anything…
Rag: ma baba swara sanskar n abhay hv hided a big thibg frm us…
Ap: what beta ?
Rag: aunty.. swra has lost her voice.
Everyone: what!!
Rags tell them everything…
Shomi : no no no this cant happen with my shona..
Ap: sambhaliye apne aap ko sharmishtha …
San:(kneel down in frnt of shomi)aunty.. i promise swara will Be fine… she will speak again… trust me…
Kavita somehow fixed his appointment with dr garg…

Abhay , swara and sanskar went to his clinic


@Garg Clinic

Dr garg: so u want me to take her case..
Abh: ya doc only u can treat her..
*he checks her reports…*
Dr garg:m sry i cant treat her..
San: bt y..
Dr garg: m nt liable to answer u mr maheshwari..
*after so much argue at last absan left*
Swara was waiting for them outside she didnt go in cz she cant face the truth

San came out with a sad face but he consoles swra
San: swra dont worry.. i will talk with best doctors but i will make u fine …
Swra:(holds his hand tightly)
They were going but dr garg called them
Some one called him: mr maheshwari wait..

To be continued….

Precap: SwaSan moments

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Credit to: meher

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