KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 21) (misunderstanding cleared)

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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap: sanskar came to delhi..swra left with sanskar… dp comes to know about swara


Same night..
San: why u did that?
Swra no reply..she just keep walking
San: m talking to u.. y u behave lyk that with shekhar uncle.. for me..
Still no reply..
San: ok fyn … i will not go anywhere till u strt talking with me…
*he stand in btwn the road*
San: swra if i die today then… u will cry n will talk with my pic… just the way u talk with aditya.. but u will not talk to me ryt…if this i can seek forgiveness only by dieng then m ready but i cant tolerate ur silence any more…

His words hurted swara alot n she think that she actully behave too rudely with him..
She turn back n see him standing in btwn road with open arms..she ran n hugged him tightly.. they both were lost they forget that they were standing on road that too in btwn… tgey come back in sense hearing a voice ” ahem ahem u guyz are unbelievable”
They parted their ways n san hug that prsn
San: hey abhay hwx u..
Abhy: m fyn bt i think u guyz shld leave the road..
SwaSan:(blushes) ok
Abhy: so now tell me what happend
*sanskar explained everything*
Abhy: hv u lost it swra. … how can u behave lyk this .. u hv left ur home..
Swea: guyz u both r over reacting i kno if i stayed there then mr gadodia would lock me in a room… n no one will ever dare to go against him..

San:n how u can be so sure
Swea: itz his habbit… he would do what he had done 5 yrs back…
San: 5 yrs back what??
Swra: vo he..*san’s phn rang it was ap’*

*on phn*

San: ji ma
Ap: beta everythng is messed up here
San:what happned ma u r sounding tensed
Ap: beta ur bade papa comes to kno about swara being shekharji’s daughter n he is very angry on u…

San: ma same thing happend here
Ap: what!!
San explained everything
Ap: now what beta(worried)
San:ma everything will be fine just few days more… i promise i will make everything fine
Swara hits him hard
San: qaahhhh!!! Swra…
Swra shouts: aunty WE will sort things out..
Ap;(smiles) so mana lia tumne swra ko
San: (happy) haan ma.
Ap: beta never ever make her angry or hurt again..
San: never ma.

*call ends*

Swr: abhay call ragini n tell her not to worry.. i will be back home in a week
Abhy: ya bt now where will u live
Swra: m leaving for kolkata
San: miss compny head WE r leaving for kolkata
Abhay:omg tum log bhaag k shadi to ni krne wale
SwaSan: shut up..




swra: so m finally here my birthplace
San: mine too (in mind) i wish our child will also born here
Swra: what did u say?
San: nthng.. chlo lets go


They hv reached in a village
N ask about mr. Chaterjee
Ppl told them his house..

@chatterjee house

San:mr chatterjee m cmng straight to the point just tell me what happened 20yrs back y ap industries n gadodia industries suffered losses
Mr chat: n y should i tell this to u
Swra: because of that 2 best Best frnds parted their ways.
Mr chat: y u both r so intrested in this matter …who are u
San: m sanskar maheshwari… rp maheshwari’s son n she is swara gadodia.. shekhar gadodia’s daughter now tell us..
Hearing their identities mr chatterjee kneel down in front of them n strts cryng

Mr chat: m sry i .. i dont want to do that.. but i.. i need money for my son’s treatment n .. he.. he gave me money for changing quotes… m sryy _/\_

san: plx tell us kisne kia ye…
Mr chat: they r very dangerous n .. n.. swara beta be carefull.. they can do anything to u…plz be careful

San:what r u sayng n why they would harm swra
Mr chat: they come to kno that swara is tryng to mend relations.. that’s y they instigate dp sir about swara..
Swra: we need a proof where we can get that
Mr chat: they always meet at their place in kolkata.. evey month
Swra: good but when?
Mr chat :after 2 days at his house..

SwaSan : will u help us?
Mr chat: obvioysly yes
San: go n meet them n take this n make them confess everything…


mr chatterjee done as sanskar said.. n SwaSan were shocked to see the persons… behind all this conspiracy

San: (shocked) i cant believe this k ye log h iss sab k peeche
Swra: really sanskar.. how they can do this to ba(stops in btwn) to mr gadodia..
San: (in mind) now itz my turn to make everything fine btwn u n ur father
Swra: now we just hv to show this cd to all bt how?
San: n most importantly where
Swra: where i kno (smiles)
San: where?

Swra: actully mr gadodia n dp uncle had made a house in delhi… itz their dream house so we can call them there..
San: but that would hv become haunted na..
Swra: nopes i hv already renovated that..
San: wow u r osm (he kissed swara on cheek in exitment)
After realising what he has done he left swara in embracement
San: vo… vo.. m..so…sor..sorry.. i.. vo.
Swra: (blushing hardly) hmm.. come lets go we hv flight..



@DREAM ( shekhar n dp’s home)

Swra :(calls dp) durgaprasad maheshwari
Dp: (angryy) how dare u call me
Swra: look i dont hv much tym bt if u want to see ur sanskar free then come to delhi at xzy address with all family members…@7 pm.tmrw..
Dp;(shouts) if not then what will u do with my son..
Swra: i will make him arrest for attempt to rape… wanna listen anything more
Dp: u cheap girl dont u dare to do anything…
Swra: then come on tym..

San:(stares swara)
Swea: what
San: rape !!! Seriously !!! Too much swara
Swra:(giggles) ya
San:(goes closer to her) what r u saying
Swra:(breating heavly) vo.. vo… m..
Swra left bt sanskar held her hand
Swra:(blushes) sanskar leave me plx..
San: no way
He pulls swara towards him.. now there is no space btwn sanskar’s chest n swara’s back… his action makes her cherry red.. she was unable to utter anything..
San goes closer to her ear n said “ya swara what r u saying”
Swra couldnt say anything due to shyness ..
Suddenly someone opens the door n SwaSan part their ways
San: (in mind) aree yr abhay Or pia … wrong tyming..
Pia:(closes her eyes as well as abhay’s) sry sry we didnt see anythng… u carry on..
Swra: oh drama queen.. stop over acting..
Pia: over acting haan n what u were doing..
Swra: we were doing nthng
Pia: that’s y u are red lyk cherry..
Abhy: are stop guyz … look we hv bring food for u guyz..

All four of them had dinner n dozze off.

San:(calls shekhar) mr shekhar gadodia if u want to meet ur daughter then come at xzy add sharp @7
Shekhar: if anything happens to my daughter then i will kill u
San: first come here
After call both gives hifi
Swea: acha abhay pia everything is ready na
Both nodded yes..
Dp enters the house n shouts angryly ” swaraaaaa”
At the tym shekhar came n were shocked to see dp
Before any of them could say anything some one closes the door n lyts …
Everyone was confused… then SwaSan strts the cd
2 men were talking..
Man1: look what we hv done 20 yrs back itz benifiting us till now
Men2: ya n that dp n shekhar were easy trap..
*till now there face is not shown*
They turns b everyone was shocked to see them they are
Mr verma- dp’s most trustworthy employee
Mr roy- shekhar’s most trustworthy empliyee

Roy: i hv heard u instigated dp against swra
Verma: ya .. that girl was tryng to mend relations btwn both families …
Roy: oh god now what
Verma: i hv to instigate sanskar against her..
Roy: it will not work
Verma: y
Roy: he trusts her blindly after that slap ..
Verma: then i will kill swra..

Roy: what??
Vrna: ya we hv done so much hard work to close ap n gadodia industries .. now i dont want any risk… if i kill swra then shekhr sould get shattered…he has lost his son n now daughter he wont take this shock..(laughs)
Roy: bt swra n shekhar’s relation is not good everyone knows this.. i think we should kill ragini to break him
Vrma: no no no.. ragini is use less.. we can break both families again by killing swra.
Roy: but how?
Vrma: if we kill ragini then that swra will consoles her familiy … but if we kill swra no one will compose shekhr n along with that sanskar maheshwari will also get shattered… n he will never try to mend relations again..
Roy: must say u r intelligent..
**both laughs evily**
…..CD ENDS….
**verma n roy has their own compny n dp n shekher are their biggest ememies so tgey tricked them n create miss understanding btwn them**

DPn shelhar hugs each other
N both apologises to each other n clear all missunderstandings…
Dp: i want to apologise swra too but where is she..
Shekhr: yahi kahi hogi

*meanwhile ragsan*
San: rags hv u seen swra
Rag: ha she said k bahar koi hai so she has gone to check that
San;:with whom
San: what(worried)

Sanskar was going out but shekhar calls him..
Shek: sanskar beta
San: ji uncle
Shek: beta m sry… i behaved badly with u
San:(in hurry) itz ok uncle…
N he left..

To be continued…

Precap: Swara’s lyf in danger..

Thnx guyz for so much support n ya if u fell the track boaring just tell me

Credit to: meher


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