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Recap: sanskar slaps swara.. ap to kno about swaragini being shomi’s daughter


Delhi GM

Swaragini reached home…

Shomi: beta we misses u so much..
Swarag:we too maa
Dadi: now i will not let u go anywhere… vese b thode dino m shadi kar k dono door chali jaogi..
Swrag:(hugs dadi) dadi hum kahi nhi jynge…
Shekhar: sara pyr dadi or ma k lye.. u dont luv ur baba..(fake anger)
Rag: i will u baba (hugs him)
Swra: m going to change.. n ya ma i will nt eat dinner…
Shomi: wait swara..
She left..


Rag came into room n saw swara playing guitar in balcony… swara’s phn was ringing continously
Rag: pick ur call sera may me anything urgent
Swra; i dont want to lift any call
Rag sees the phn n said” sanskar is calling u y u r nt talking to him”
Swra: nothng lyk that ..
Then rags phn rang n it shows laksh calling she went out n lift the call

On call

Rag: ha lakdh
Lak:wait rags bhai wants to talk to u
Rag: sanskar ? Bt y ?
Lak: about swara
Rag: about swara ..give him phn
San: rags howz she did she eat anything… ??
Rag: u guyz hv fought ryt ?
San: ya sort off
Rag: thats y she is not anseering ur calls ryt..
San:(guilty) ya
Rag: so lemme tell u shr is not well she havnt eaten anything..
San:rag do me a favour plz
Rag: hmm boliye
San: make her eat anything..n then go near her n keep talking to me..
Rag: hmm ok..
She bring food for her n somehow emotionaly blackmale her n make her eat….
Rag (on phn): she ha eaten
sanskar:Now do what i say….n make sure that everything is audible to her…
Rag done as sanskar said

Rag: what laksh “Kolkata”…. oh sanskar ig going there byt why..

San: good rags she is listening na ?
Rag: hmm
San: good now say..
Rag: achha annapurna industries se relatrd koi baat hai..

Swra who was listening to this thinks” ap indusyries may be he found any proof thats y he was calling me… shitt yr.. swra u can be angry with him but mending relations is more important”

Rag:(shouts) achha laksh will talk to u later…


Laksh: bhai whats this n do u think it will work
San: it will definately work i kno my swara(smiles)
Lak:(teases) ur swara haan ??
San:(blushes) aree nothing lyk that yr….
Lak: ohh hoo look the sanskar maheshwari is blushing …
San; stop it yr..
Lak: vese i lyk swara “bhabhi”
San: n i lyk ragini bhabi (winks)
Lak:(shockked) how u kno this
San:(hold his ear)achha beta tu girlfrnd bana le or mujhe mat bta or mujhe pta b ni chlega…
Lak: bhaii aahh!! Aahh!!!
San: next tym dont lie
Lak: bhai u r ahead me…
San: lakkkshhhh!!!
Lak: sry bahii( he ran frm his room)


Swara was lyng on bed her phn rang she saw tym itz 5am
Swea: who is calling me this tym n where is my phn yr..
She serchs her phn n found it in balcony..
Swra: who has kept my phn here…leave may b i hv left it here ..
Rag was observing this n was smiling
Rag: swara baby itz me… i kno u will talk with sanskar there only…. i kno my sister… i wish k everything will Be fine… god please make everything fine..
Swara: picks call but doesnt anything
San: shona m sry(with lots of love)
Swra:(tears strts falling off her eyes hearing his voice after a day)
San: m with u i will help u in mending relations shona.. i TRUST u m SORRY … i shouldnt slap u n m regretting every moment shona..
Swra: still didnt speak a word
San: i kno u r listening to me… we just need some proofs so that we can prove bade papa n shekhar uncle’s innocense …. we need to find the real culprit… we will clear the missunderstandings .. .. m serching all files related to ap industries… n then we hv to go to kolkata…
Swra: we will go after ur plaster will get removed
San:(smiles) ok take care shona..
Swra doesnt reply..

***15 days later***
San: kavita book two tickets for kolkata from delhi..
Kav: what delhi ?
San: ya first i will go to swara’s house..
Kav:(smiles) so finally u hv fallen in luv again..
San:(blushes) ya n this tym … true luv n that too with a ryt girl
Kav: m happy i cant wait to play with ur n swara’s kid yr m so exited
San: hold on hold on… yr u r too much… first let us get married.. n before that i hv to seel forgiveness frm her…
Kav: hmm hope this trip will bring u closer… btw y r u going there?
San: something imp will tell u later..


@Maheshwari office

Mr verma: m happy dp sir atlast everything is fine after 20 years
Dp:(confused) what r u saying??
Mr verma: ya everything is sourted out btwn u n mr gadidia na

Dp:(fumes in anger hearing shekhr’s name) what r u saying this…
Verma: ya i hv seen mr sanskar maheshwari with his daughter…
Dp: whatt!!!
Verma: ya he was spending candid moments with his daughter swara…(smriks)
Dp: (angryyy) my sanskar doesnt kno his daughter swara..
Verma: but sir..she had came to office that day when sanskar sir was injured
Dp: that swara… that is swra gadodia shekhar’s daughter..
Verma: ji sir


Dp:(shouts)sanskaarr !! Sanskaqrr!!
Everyone came out
Ap: what happened ji
Dp: where is sanskarr
Sujata: bhaisa vo he has gone to delhi for some work
Dp: for meeting “swaea”
Ap: why r u so angry plz relax aapki tabiyat khrab ho jyegi…
Dp: sab kuch kharab ho chuka h annapurna..
Ap: what?.
Dp: that shekhar has again played his cards.. this tym he uses my son laksh n sanskar… that swara n ragini are shekhar ‘s daughters..
Ap was shocked that how he knows this.. n rest all were truly shocked…
Rp; how u kno bhaisa?
Dp; mr verma told me… n that girl swara she is so eviel she has tricked sanskaar … she definately have some motive… thats y she lied to us about her brother…. that fimily is so cheap…

Door bell rings … shomi opens the door n ask” ji whom do u wanna meet?”
Swara was passing by n rest family was sitting in hall..
Person on door: namastey aunty … i want to meet swara…
Swara was shocked to her his voice… she was shocked to see person standing on door.. she ran n hug him.. all were shocked.. Swara actully has forgotton that she is angry eith him…
Rag: aree sanskar aap
Everyone was shocked to hear his name…
Shomi: sanskar??
Swara releases the hug n starts behaving as if she is angry….

He spent some with them… n signals ragini something… she understands that…

Rag: baba can we take sanskar out on shopping with us … cz swara will be going for conference tmrw..

Shekhar: hmm ok..


Swaragsan spent tym togrther n sanskar tries to make swara happy n seek firgiveness frm her bt all in vain..


They reached home @7

Shekhar:(angry)dont u dare to enter my home…
Everyone was shocked
Rag: baba but why?
Shelhar: i hvnt expect this frn u… ragini.. u n swara hv gone to mumbai n live at that durgaprassd’s home… n u sanskar get lost dont enter my house
Rag: baba what r u saying ?
Swra: ragu stop… ya i hv been to there so what…!!
Shekhar:(fumes in anger) do u kno them.. they are my enemies…
Swra: they are your enemies mr gadodia…
Sahekhar: u r my daughter n still u r saying this..
Swra: i am not ur daughter mr gadodia… u hv only one daughter ragini.. ur son has died few months bach but ur daughter had died 5 years back…

Shekhar: swaraaaa (he was about to slap her but sanskar holds his hand)
San: m sry uncle bt please … calm down… we can explain everything
Shekhar: huhh get out(jerks his hand) u get out…
Swra:(holds sanskar’s hand) wait sanskarr
Shekhar give her an angry glare.
Swara: u r nit going alone m coming with u..

Shekhar: u r leaving ur father for this man … who is he
Swra: i dont want to tell u who is n what he means to me..

SwaSan left…

Rag: ma how this happens
Shomi: when u were out that tym he recieved call


Shekh: helloo
Prsn: shekhhaarrr gadoodiaa
Shekhar:(angry)how dare u call me durgaprasad maheswari.
Dp:how dare i…?? How dare u to trick my son with ur daughter..
Shekhar: dont say anything about my daughter
Dp: ur daughter swara has tricked my son sanskar…. n due to her tricks he has been there to meet ur daughter…
Shekhar: shut up… i kno my daughter very well.. get lost..


shomi: ohh god again this..
Rag: dont eorry ma everything will be fine..

To be continued….

Precap: SwaSan exploring kolkata..

Guyz please do read my first two shot “its my destiney”


Credit to: meher

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      Itz previous part.. u will get link of each previous part in starting ..is part m bhool gai thi.. hope u got me

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