KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 19) ( slap: gift of trust)


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Recap: sanskar’s past revield..



Ap: ragini beta y dont u sang an aarti today… we hv listened to swara but now i want to listen u
Rag: ofcourse aunty i will..
*rag sang the same aarti which janki had sung after her marriage .. everyone suddenly sees the glimpse of past*
Suj: it was osm beta… u both sisters are truly talented..
Swra: u kno aunty ma told us that chhoti ma always sang this aarti..
Ap: choti ma ??
Swra: ya choti ma…vo (interepted by a phn call)
” sry aunty just a min”

****on phone****

Swra: hlo ha ma bolo
Shomi: when u r cmng back?
Swea: soon na btw hwz everyone
Shomi: everyone is fyn bt we are missing u…both…wait ur baba wants to talk with u…
Swra: ragu …le ma wants to talk to u..
Shekhar: hwlo beta
Rag: baba aap
Shkhre: she has gone na (sad)
Rag: u only luv her na baba (fake anger)
Shekhr: no beta i luv u both
Rag: then talk to me.. 🙂

They talk for some tym…

On call

Pia: look m telling u itz very risky what if they come to know about me…
Ptsn: nothng will gonna happen believe me
Pia: if they caught me i will lost my job
Prsn: i will asaure u nothng will gonna happen…
Pia : bt itz illegal to steal a file yr..
Prsn: if relation between two families mends then itz not wrong… ur intentions are not wrong pia..
Pia: hmm i thnk u r ryt.. dont worry today i will find that file Prsn : thnku i cant repay u…
Pia: stop it yr anything for u…

@ap’s room
Ap dp rp n sujata were talking…

Ap: ji swara n ragini are so nice na…
Dp: ha annapurna… swara is very mature as compared to her age
Sujata: bhai sa … i want to say something if u allow me..
Dp: ha ha sujata …y not
Sujata: earlier i was thinking to get swara n sanskar marry… but now i think that ragini n laksh can also be together …
Rp: ha bhai sa i agreee with her..
Dp: hmmm… they are well cultured girls..
Ap: ji they are cultured from heart… their clothes doesnt dicipt their culture…
Sujata: ya jijji we hv seen swara wearing saree ,suite, n even jeans but she always looks elegant…n beautiful…
Rp: bas u want a chance to talk about clothes atleast think of ur age… such talks doesnt suites u

Sujata: age what age.. m still young.. not lyk u…
Rp: are ur son will soon get mrried n u r saying that u r young…
Sujata: hayeee ji… after sanskar’s marriage me n swara will roam around mumbai in jeans…
Ap n dp smiles looking at her
Rp:(shaks) na u dont hv brain what r u saying… atlest bhaisa bhabhisa ki to shram krti..
Sujta: na mne kuch ni kia..

Rp ap n dp laughs….



Sanskar got a call n he rush to office without telling anyone…

@ offficr

San: ya ankit tell me..
Ankit:sir as i hv told u today she again went to record room n she might came back at any point of tym..
San : hmm lets wait for her…. today we will caught her red handed.(smile).
@12 maheshwari office…

Ankit and sanskar both were hiding in sanskar’s office…they were observing each n every activity in record room….

Soon a girl enteted the room..
Sanskar was shocked to see the girl….” pia !!!! Omg she is the girl behind all this but why”
Ankit: sir do u kno her
San: ya i kno her she is swara’s best friend….
Ankit: swara??
San: ya that girl who dragged me out(bites his tongue..)”(in mind) ” shit yrr”
Ankit smiles…

They saw pia searching for a file soon she got that file n was leaving record room..

She was shocked ” shanskar you”
San: yes pia me…
Pia: sanskar vo i… i..(nervous)
Sanskar bang his fist on door in anger..makeing pia more nervous..
San: pia tell me for whom u hv done this(angry)
Pia:(cryng) sanskar i…. i cant tell u bt believe me…. my intentions are not bad
San: u r steeling a file from my office n saying that ur intentions are not bad… call ur boss n ask him to come here ryt now…
*****pia calls someone*****
Pia: helllo

Prsn: ya do u get that file ?? Send me the pics now..
Pia: hmm.. can u please come here ryt now..i cant send u pics of files my camera is not working properly
Person: i am comming…

**sanskar was shocked to see the person**
San: tum !!!!(shocked)
Prson: sanskar tum yaha
San: i should ask this frm u swra .. y u r steeling a file from my office… (fumes in anger)
Swra: listen to me i can explain
San:(out of control) what u will explain haan…. tum b swati jaisi he nikli
Swra: sanskar trust me… i..
Pia: sanskaarrrr
Swra: no pia dont stop him… let him slap me… maro sanskar ek or thappar maro ruk q gye…
San:(holds her hand tightly with teary eyes) why swara… why u hv done this to me why..
Swra:(teary eyes) come with me i will tell u y i hv done this…(to pia)”pia give that file to me”
Pia gives file to swara.. n she hold sanskar’s hand n take him near car..
San: where r u taking me..
Swra: if i dont tell u then will u slap me again..
She said this seeing in his eyes…
***both reached MM***

None of them uttered a word …she takes him to his room n said” wait m coming”

She came back after a while ..she threw a pendrive n that file on his bed n says” u r literate.. so check this pd n file n u will get ur answers…”
She was leaving n then turn n said ” sanskar dont worry m nt angry at u… it wasnt ur fault … it was me thats y u dont trust me… ”
She left sanskar saw that file n pd
It contains newsppr headlyns about annapurna industries n gadodia industries … how they face losses n how two best frnds dp n shekhar part their ways… it also has some tender quotes n many more things which proves that the whole chaos was created among both the compnies delebrately… it was all planned n only cz of that both faces huge losses annapurna industries has to be shut down… n 95%wealth of gadodia’s were sealed..
It was clear that all was planned in such a way that both doubts each other…

Sanskar feels damn guilty to behave lyk this with swra …n sply for slapping Her..” shit yr.. how can i.. she was tryng to mend relations between both the families n i… i just slapped her.. how could i… what if she ..she left me after this… ya she will left me cz no girl will stay after this..swati was ryt i dont deserve to be loved… she was ryt i am an idiot.. i should trust her yr..”

He rush to her room bt she wasnt there
San (in mind) where is she yr… i hv to apologise her.. umm ha.. she must be on terrece..

Swara was thinking about what had happend few hours ago.. tears were rolling down… she has never expected such behaviour frm “her sanskar”
Swra:(to herself) wow swara ur sanskar doesnt even trust u.. n u are madly in luv with him..(touches her cheeck which is still paining due to tight slap) congrats.. ur gift of luv…. no no no gift of trust…

San came n saw swra in such state n feels more guilty of his deeds..
He goes towards her “swara… i .. i am sry”
Swra: no sanskar m sry…( taunting way)
San: swra i kno i should hv trust u bt i…i.. cant control my anger .. i.. just..
Swra: u just dont trust me sanskar thats it nothng else..
San:no swra itz not lyk that … i just recalled my past n..
Swra: tumne bas itna he jana tha mujhe sanskar in teen mahino m…. k apna past smjh k thappad mar dia…

Sanskar was speechless he has nothing to say…he just bow down his head n tears were flowing..
Swra: u slapped ur swara …jise tumne kl apni zindagi ka sabse kadwa sach bataya tha.. aaj usi ko.. well leave m going i feel Sleepy..
She left n sanskar couldnt sleep whole nyt due to guilt…


kavita came to meet sanskar n found SwaSan missing..
Kav:aunty swasan kaha h..?
Ap: swra said she wants to sleep more as she was working late nyt n sanskar’s breakfast has been sent to his room..
Kavita rush to sanky’s room
She bolt the door n said angryly”how dare u sanskar how can u slap swara”
San:(shocked) how u kno this?
Kav: ankit told me.. u r unbelievable sanskar…. u r repeating ur mistakes again..u hv trusted that swati who didnt give a damn to u.. bt u slapped swra who can sense that u r not safe after being hundreds of km away frm u…
San: i kno it was my mistake … m feeling guilty … bt she is not ready to listen me…
Kav:dont worry i will help u… bt plz dont let her go away …

KavSan tried alot bt she didnt respond..

@12 NOON

Swra: rags pack ur bag we hv flight in evening
Rag: swra what happened to ur face… this mark..
Swra:(seeing sanakar) nothing just a gift of trust from a friend….
Sanakar looks down in guilt with teary eyes….kavita consoles him… he tried his level best but all in vain… he was feeling more guilty as each second passes…


Swaragini were leaving…
Swea: uttra u hv rembere na what i hv told u… n still if u hv any confusion then call me ok..
Uttra: sure di..
Ap: swra when ever u go u took the happiness with u…
Swra; no aunty.. there are ppl who will be happy after i leave
Sujata: god bless u both.. ragini u r really sweet…N swra keep coming with ragini bless u( she touches swara’s cheek )
Swra in pain: aahhhh !!
Suj: what happned beta…

Ap put her hair back n now the slap marks are clearly visble to all
Pari: swra whats this…
Adarsh: ya it seems that someone has slapped u
Swra: bhai bhabhi relax nthng lyk that.. itz.. itz just allergy nthng else … byee

*SwaSan had a painful eye lock*
Ap notise this n understands that reason of swara’s sudden departure is sanskar…

Sanskar was dyning in guilt ap comes to his room n ask him… he cant lie n tells everything to her ap was happy to kno that swara n ragini are shomi’s daughter..

Ap: bt beta where us aditya?
San: he passed away in an avcident three months back..
Ap: then y she lied to me?
San: i will find itz reason soon…bt firstly i hv to apologise to her n seek forgiveness frm her
Ap: try ur level best… cz u hv done very wrong..

To be continued……

Precap: SwaSan’s kolkata visit… n Dp comes to kno about swara being shekhar’s daughter..

Guyx sry for late update… actully i dont kno what happened but for the first tym m facing power cut in my locality…thats the reason behind my late updates…

Credit to: meher

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