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Recap: swaSan nok jhok , swati’s chapter begins


Swra dragged sanskar to MM where as all were laughing to see him in such a helpless state n sanskar was totally annoyed
San: kiddo it was not at all funny what u hv done to me
Swra: what hv i done?
San: kiddo what my staff will think about me now..
Swra: san u are behaving as if i kissed u infront of them
San:(goes closer ) that would be better 😉
Swra :(blushes) vo ragu is calling me
Ragini was in deep thoughts that she dont even notice laksh
He came n stand beside her.. goes slowly near hear n shouts”bhoo”
Rag came to reality: laksh whts dis r u a kid?
Lak: what happened u look tensed?
Rag: i was thinking about swra
Lak:(surprised) swra??
Rag:(tensed)ya i was thinking what she said yesterday
Lak: explain please..
Rag: laksh in sanskar’s room she said doc told her after her operation n then she cover it by saying my frnd’s operation…
Lak: may be her tongue slips
Rag: i dont think so laksh there is smthng fishey…
Lak: (holds her hand)we will find that dont worry
Rag: hmm

11pm everyone in mm was sleeling…
Swra was on terrece..she keeps on thinking about swati…
Swra:(in mind) who is swati.. what relation they hv or they had… n where is she now… itz for the first tyn i heard a girls name from his mouth except kavita.. he said he will told me today..bt the day has Ended n still
Her thoughts were interrepted by sanskar’s word
San: swra the day has ended but we hv night n according to ur insyructions i cant go to office…for a week so we can talk tonight… shall we
Swra left without uttring a word sanskar was shocked with her behaviour he stood there numb…then after 10 mins swara came back…with two cups of coffee..
Sanskar smiles seeing her this way
They both sat on floor n swra say “now we can start :-)”
Sanskar : swati was my life.. my soule… my heartbeat… in short i live only for her.. bt everything got changed… i changed myself.. u rember when we first met at delhi i shouted at u i behave rudely with u
Swra nodded a super cute n super big yess
San smiles seeing her
San: that all cz of her i stop making reltions i stop trusing ppl i stop believing the most pure n powerful feeling … feeling of love
Swra: esa kya kia usne jo tum itte badal gye
San: it all started 4 yrs back
sanskar n swati were college frnds swati kavita sanskar and aniruddh were osm foresome… they were best frnds…
Sanskar always prefer swati over all his frnds even kavita too comes second…
Swati has never showerd her emotions..
Where as sanskar n aniruddh always use to compete with each other for sanskar itz always a healthy one bt for aniruddh itz his lyf…
After college aniruddh disapperd …
He never contact kavita or sanskar…
Sanskar has established karma n itz running quite well..sanskar also won best new businessman of the Year’s award…
Slowly slowly swati n sanskar becomes more than frnds n he propises her.
San: swati u r my lyf my soule my everything… i want to spend my entire life with u… will u become mrs swati sanskar maheshwari..
Swati: no i want u to become mr. Swati raichand (laughs)
San: achha ji..esa h to m ready
They both share some cozy n romantic monents

Tears are falling frm his eyes..swara hugs him n says..
“Itz ok sanskar i dont want to listen further if it hurts u”
San: no today i want to tell everything to u… i want to break down in ur arms.. i want u to compose me.. .. will u ?
Swra:(hugs him tighty) i will sanskar… i will..i will not let u break…
Sankar: after i propose her my compny faces losses for no reason… i was loosing tender with a difference of a rupee or less i was very tensed … at that tym swati consoles me… we came more closer….then….

san: so swati will u marry me..?
Swati: mujhe kuch khne ki zaroorat h kya??

All preprations were grand venue was decorated royaly

Swati n sanskar were taking vows it was 6 vows were completed now it was the last one vow and after that they will reach a step ahead of becoming one..

But now swati’s true color unvieled she stoped walking….n stop taking vows
San: swati what happned ..chalo fere(vows) pure karo
Swati: ummm mera mann nahi hai sanskar.
San: swati itz not funny everyone is seeing us
Swati: so … WHAT.!!!
san: what r u doing i cant understand…

Some one enters the venue n said ” let me make u understand sanskar”
Kav: aniruddh u.. bt how
Ani: ya baby itz me aniruddh mehta.. (opens his arms) come here baby
Swati opens the knot n goes towards him n hugged him tightly
Sanskar couldnt utter a word..
Ani: sanskar itz our plan swati always loves me… she has USED u.. she is the one who has copied ur tender quotes n make u lose..

Sanskar still cant belive on all this he keeps on pleading swati … bt all in vain

Swati: n ya sanskar u r nyc guy bt rember no one can love u… if anyone would fall for u then rember she will fall for ur money only … u dont deserve to be loved…
Ani: i use ur feelings to establish my business
Swati: sanskar u r such a fool…
Ani: enjoy ur first night after ur wedding which cant happen (laughs)
*both swati n aniruddh left*

That day sanskar changed himself he always makes himself occupied with work.
Kavita knows his condition so she decides to become her PA n take care of her… sanskar has locked his heart… for 5 long years he kept himself away frm every emotion frm every relation…till he met swara


Swara was shocked to know about sanskar’s past she hugged him tightly ….
Swra:(cryng) dont worry sanskar i will not leave u… never ever.. i will heal ur wounds … i will make ur heArt happy…
San:(happy bt thinks to tease her) swara if u dont leave me now i will die of choaking.(laughs)
Swara hits on his chest lightly
San:( full too drama) aaahhh!!! Swara!!!!
Swara:(worried) m sry zada lg gai kya…(strts rubbing his chest )” feeling bettr?”

San: if u will kiss then i will feel even better
Swra understands his intension
Swra: u non sesnse creature
San: swra decide one thing u call me by various nanes…choose one
Swra: achha kon kon se naam yaad h Apko?
San: mr sadu,angry bird, mr maheshwari,sanskar,idiot n creature with any prefix lyk shameless or no sense
Swra laughs listening this..
Sanskar too adore her laughing whole heartedly

San: now may i ask u something
Swra: hmm bt..
San: ha i will nt ask about aditya
Swra smiles
San: why u covered the topic yesterday?
Swra:(tensed) topic…which topic
San: about ur operation..
Swra: vo …. vo… sanskr
San: itz ok if u dont want to tell this to me…
Swra: actully sanskar i will tellu bt u hv to promise me u will never tell this to anyone..
San: u can count on me swra….
Swra:..actully sanskar adi bhai was suffering from cancer
San:(pretends to be shocked as he knew about this frm abhay) whatt!!!
Swra: ya..n we hv only one option left to save him… by donating my bone marrow to him..
San: m proud of u swra.. but why ragini reacted to the news of ur operation?
Swra: she doesnt know about this…
San:(truely shocked)what ??!!!
Swra: actully no one knows this except me bhai abhay n now u too
San: bt swra what if she comes to know about this she will feel bad … she also hv opportunity to do sonething for her brother..
Swra: she cant sanskar only siblings can donate …
San:(confused) she is ur sister na ?
Swra: no .
San: what!!!!
Swra: she is my lyf… my baby.My everything … we dont share blood relation bt we share relation more strong than that
San:bt how?
Swra explained everything abt jnki n shekhar’ s marriage n janki’s death etc.

San: u guyz are osm….

Swra: i kno now u should sleep.. itz 2

San: hmm good nyt…

Swea: good nyt

Sanskar was going suddenly swra come n kissed his on cheks make him blush..
Swrra (in mind) thnku sankar for coming in my lyf..

San:(in mind) today i make u confess ur one mystry n i promise i will make u tell me everything.. i will wait for the day…

To be continued….

Precap: sanskar caught pia while steeling…and confrnting swara .

So thanku for lyking my ff so much..
N this tym i hv decided to write a two shot for a change i will complie dhara’s n kritika’s idea in one…
I will try to post the parts either on saturday n sunday or on sunday n monday..

Credit to: meher

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