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Recap: laksh proposes ragini.. sanskar’s accident


Swaraglak reaches MM at 11 in morning…
As soon as she entered the MM she drop her bag n rush straight to sanskar’s room
Where as ap sujata uttra dp n rp were sitting in hall … they were shocked to see swra along with laksh n a girl (ragini) ….
Raglak talks with family they were happy to see laksh back n mostly they were happy to see swra’s care towards sanskar

Swara rush to his room he was nt there … she got more tensed… she searches every room of MM bt couldnt find him… in between ragini tries to stop her n wants to tell something but she is not ready to listen ….she broke down in tears suddenly she heard someone calling her “swara”
Swra see the person n hugs him tightly… n he too without wasting tym took her in his warm embrace…
Everyone was happy to see this they hv moist eyes ..moist with happyness

Person cares her hair n says “swra stop cryng…. or else whole MM would drown”
But she doesnt stop cryng at last she spoke a word after 18 longgg hours “sanskaarrr”
Yes he is sanskar … who is just get discharged n comes home…
San:(whipe her tears with left hand) swra stop cryng my kiddo doesnt look good while cryng..
Swra: u hv scared me to death… how can i live without u..
San: kiddo i hv just come frm hospital n u r scorlding me..
Swra: oh m sry i forgot… come sit here..No… no….no…. come i will take u to ur room..
Kav:(puts her on swra’s shoulder) swra relax

Swra:(jerks her hand) dont u dare to touch me
Kav: swra y r u behaving lyk this
Swra: m nt liable to answer u… when u cant keep ur words stay away… (supports sanskar)”come sanskar i will take u to ur room”

Everyone was wondering y swra behaves lyk this…
Kavita told everyone about swra how she called her at night n ask her to check sanskar’s well being…
Ap: Itz unbelievable sujata
Suj: haan jijji … itz unbelievable k how she knows about sanskar’s accident..
Ap: ji aap kya khenge iss bare me…
Dp: hmm u r ryt….anpurna agar ye hum ni sunte to i can’t believe this….
Rp: bhaisa swra is a blessing for our son….
Rag: uncle ji not only swra bt sanskar is also a blessing for my sister
Adarsh: mtlab?
Rags explain the whole incident which abhay told her that how sanskar called him n ask him to check swra

Ap: god bless them
Then they heard someone shouting frm sanskar’s room they went there..
swra:(shouting in anger) what the hell dont u hv sense.. how can u be so careless … haan .. u r so called business tycoon bt u dont kno who to drive..
San:(innocently) swara listen to me once
Swra: shut up mtlb meri smjh ni ata k tum ho kya.. r u a kid.. first tell me how u get driving liscene… how u clear the driving test… do u bribe them.. or do u blackmale them..(swra felt a hand on her shoulder)”wait a min”
Swra: ha so where was i…ummm.. ha U r so shameless na i hv told u na u shld not stay in office at late hours bt no… u will not listen to me … n y would u listen to me… mai hoon kon
Rag shakes her”swraaa stop it”
San: kiddo zara si he chot hai.
Swra:(widenes her eyes n again shouts) chhoti si… hv u lost it … u hv a hairline fracture in ur arm n 4 stiches in head n still u r saying zara si…
San:(cutely) m feeling hungry
Swra: what u wanna eat .. tell me.. i will prepare that for u
San: ummm.. i want tomato soup

Swra: no u will not get that itz sour n it will cz swelling to ur stiches.
Rag: how u kno this?
Swra: are doc told me after my operation…
Everyone together: ur operation
Swra:(covers topic) my operation?
Lak: ya u just said
Swra: what i said ?
Pari: u said after ur operation
Swra: are i said after my frnd’s operation achha m going to makr smthng for sanskar (to ap) aunty can i go n prepare that?
Ap: of course
San: bring two plates i kno u hvnt eaten anythng frm yrstrrday
Maheshwari office

Pia is in record room she n she called someone
Pia: hello
Prsn: ya tell me
Pia: i got a file “annapurna industries” is written on it
Prsn: click itz pic n send that to me…
Pia: ok i will but y r u doing this
Prsn: i will tell u when tym comes..
@Sanakar’s room
Swra bring food for both of them…
Swra: m back with food… 🙂
San: thank god i was feeling hungry yr… give it to me..
(About to take plate)
Swra:(stops him from taking plate) wait mr maheshwari i will feed u with my hands

San: bt i hv hands
Swra: yes u hv bt rember that ur one hand is fractured…
She starts feeding him

San: wait .. n what about u
Swra: i will eat aftetwards
San: no u r feeding me with ur hands so i hv one hand free so i can feed u with my hand 🙂 🙂
San: u r feeding me just lyk swati use to feed me..
Swra:(feels uncomfertable hearing a girls name) who is swati?
San: my past..
Swra: will u tell me about her..?? Only if u want
San: (holds swra’s hand tightly) i will tell u this tommorrow bt i also want to kno something will u tell me ?
Swra:(feels that he must ask about aditya’s death)
San: dont worry i will not ask about aditya i want to ask something else..
Swra:(relieved) ok i will but now u take rest…

swra woke up late as she was working whole nyt..she opened her eyed n look at watch n was shocked” oh god how can i be so late”
She gets ready n goes to sanskar’s room bt he was nt there she asked ap”aunty where is sanskar?”
Ap was blank
She asked ragini ” ragu do u kno where is he”
Rag blank

Pari gathered some courge n told her”swra sanskar office gye hain”
Swea:what ?? N u all allow him to go
Sujata: beta we tried our level best but u kno him
Swra: ya aunty i kno him bt he doesnt kno me…
swra entered the office n ask receptionist” where is mr sanskar maheshwsri?”
Recp: mam do u hv an appointment with sir?
Swra: i hv asked u where he is(angry)
Recp: sry mam i cant tell u
Swra: what the hell
In the mean tym kavita Came n said “he is in conference hall swra he is discussing sonething with his managers.”
Swra ignors her
Kav: conf. Hall is on left side n swra m sry sanskr doesnt allow me to call you.. m sry
Swra:(melts) itz ok.. now come with me .. i will not leave him today..
@conference hall
Swra opened the door with a bang

San:(angry) whoz dis dont u hv manners
Swea:(more angry) as if u hv manners
San:(shocked)swra what r u doing here
Swra:i think i should ask this frm u… u shameless creature u got discharged yesterday only n today u r here in ur office…
San: itz my work swra
Swra: n keeping u in limit is my work
San: ohh hello what limits i hv crossed
Swra: no no u hvnt crossed any limits it was me… whose hand got fractured n who got stiches in head
San: swra just a hair lyn fracture nothng else….
Swra:(shouts) JUST A HAIR LINE FRACTURE… u idiot … facture is fracture.. n u r coming home n that’s final
San: oh really tumne kaha or mai mann gaya
Swra: u hv to come with me..

**they keeps on fighting lyk this.. whole office gathered in conference hall..as itz a new experience for them .. bcz no one has ever dared to shout on “the sanskar maheshwari”**
Swra : u shut up or else i will break ur other hand too
San: try it
Swra holds his hand n dragged him out of conferrnce hall…dp rp adarsh came office from a meeting were shocked to see swra there
Dp: swra beta u here?
Swra: m sry uncle i dont want to create a scene here bt this sadu is nt listening me
San: achha
Swea: haan
Dp: sanskar shut up…swra beta u continue.
Swra: uncle m taking him back to home..is it ok
Dp:(smile) itz best beta..
Rp: ha beta n keep an eye on him or else he would strt working again..
Adarsh: swra do one thing tie his legs n hand to chair..problem solved
Swra giggles
San: u all r so mean …

Swra: they r best…achha uncle m going..
All: bye swra take care..

To be continued

Precap: swati’s chapter revieled and sanskar’s question to swara

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Credit to: meher

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