KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 16) (accident)


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♥♥kuch iss tarah♥♥


Recap: swara back to delhi… gadodia’s back to India..

Dada n dadi also shifted to delhi
15 days later
Ragini was pacing to n fro in her room then swra enters the room n saw her… she goes behind her n starts immitating her….suddnly rags turns in btwn n collided with swra
Rag: ouchhh swra
Swra: same to u ragu
Rag: what r u doing here
Swra: i think for doing bunji jumping frm here what say
Rag:(poker face) swarrraaaa
Swra: obviously duffer i came here to take my phn… m going sm where bye…
Rag: byee

Aftere 3 hrs ragini got a call
Rag :hello
Prsn: pl rags come here
Rag: swra r u ok (tensed)
Swra: no plz cm at cafe for coffee plz
Rag: bt what hppned
Swra : cant tell u just come here

Rag reached there n shouts “swra where r u”
Suddenly lyts get off n she said in scared voice “swra itz nt funny”
Suddenly a man come n holds rags frm back…she tries to free herself bt she recognise his perfumen said “lucky tummmm”
Lyts were on now she hugs him tightly she has forgotton that she was angry frm him…
Rag:but how u both together?
Laksh: lemme explain..
the day rag came back india he serched her social networking ids n found swra in list he tells her everything…n ask for help n luckyly she agreed

Swra: achha guyz u carry on i dont want to be a fly in the ointment n she left..

Rag:(fake anger) i will not talk to u y dont u call me..
Lak: vo.. mam if I infom u about my visit then it will not be a surprise
Rag: n my gift
Lak:(shocked) what? Gift?
Rag: yup dont u know that when u meet someone u should give them a present…
Lak: really is there smthng lyk that.. :O
Rag nodded a big yes
Lak hold her tightly frm waist n leans towards her… rags closses her eyes tightly laksh leans n kisses her forehead
Lak: rag dont worry i will never ever do anything which u dont lyk..
Rag:(over whelmed) thnku so much lucky
Lak: bt i will not listen u after marriage

Rag:(shocked n blushes n turn around)
Laksh hugs her frm back n says “wanna dance with me”
Rag: (hardly say anything cz of blushing) hmmm
Lak: then lets go

Song plays on back groubd hjkdksjjhfbajjajajnbgajhhsdjsjaj

Laksh put rags hand on his shoulder n then hold ragini frm waist…they were looking in each other’s eyes… they were lost … then laksh came behind ragini n hold her hands n lift her(rember gerua dance of swasan)
After dance laksh blindfolds her n holds her hand n take her out…
Rag: where we r going laksh?
Lak: wait a min..
He removed the blind fold

Rag was mesmerised to see itz pool side decorated with lights
Rag was lost
Laksh opens his arms n ask ragini” i lyk u ragini i hv never tried relationship with any one bt now i want to try it with u… if u agree(pouts) will u be my gf(smiles cutely)
Rag nodded yes n hugs him” i also lyk u laksh n ya i will be ur gf… 🙂

NOTE:- THIS IS NOT THEIR LOVR CONFSSION… love confession will be ahead n after that our Great SwaSan will confess their love so hv patience… 😛

@night rag came back home
She saw swra n hugged her tightly
Rag: swraaaa m so happpyyyyy… thnku thnku
Thnku so muchhhh :*
Swra: only thnku ha i want a treat
Rag:anything for u… achha m going to sleep m very tired
Swra: ya u must be tired (winks)
Rag:(blushes n left)

Swra call sanskar
Swra: hello sanskaarrr(cutely)
San: r u ok swra(tensed n shocked)
Swra: (confused)ya m fyn bt y r u asking this
San: u never took my name this much cutely na…
Swra:(blushes) u kno m veryyyy happyyy today
San: why
Swra:cz ragini is happy
San:n y is she happy

Swra: are i hv told u about ragini’s frnd frm mumbai na…who met her in belgium
San: ya i rember
Swra: ha so today he proposed rags how cute na m very happy for ragini n laksh
San:(shocked) what u said laksh?
Swra: ya bt y r u surprised mne btaya to tha laksh k bre m
San:(in mind) are yr mne dhyn he ni dia naam pe tb to ” achha swra whts his surname”
Swra: kya sanskar i hv told u na he is also maheshwari
Sanky: swra m snding u a pic n tell me is this is laksh
Swra:(confused) ok bt..
Swra checks the pic n again calls him
Swra: yup he is laksh
San: u r finished today
Swra: who
San: laksh

Swra: whatttt??? Whyyy???
San: he lyk ur sis n he doesnt even tell me
Swra: do u kno him???
San: shona he is my brother he is badi ma’s son
Swra:( happyly) woww itz so good na u me n ragini laksh all together… it would be so much fun n i dont even need to leave ragu we can live Together woww…
San:(happy n in mind) thats what i want swra i want to be with u forever…” (teases) what do u mean swra haan ??
Swra:(realises what she said n bites her tounge)in mind shit yr what i hv said now what will sanskar think about me..””vo sanskar nothng … i mean that u n me r frnds n ragu n laksh r couple so we can enjoy together na … n btw what r u doing””
San: nothng just finishing my work for tmrw’s meeting
Swra: first eat food n i kno that u dont hv tym to eat by urself so call ap aunty or sujata aunty they can feed u …
San:(smiles) kiddo ma n badi ma is at home
Swra:(shocked) then where r u…

Sanskar blank
Swea:(shouts) its nearly 12 n u r in office dont u hv shame… achhe ghr k ldke itti raat ko office m ni rukte… atleast think of kavita …cz of u she is also suffering
San:(shocked) how u kno that kavita is with me
Swra: mr angry bird i kno this k she will never leave u…
San:(doubtfully in mind) kahi swra ko ye yo nhi lgta k mai or kavita….. ni…. nhi
“Achha kiddo m just leaving will talk to u tmrw”
Swra: ok byee take careee

Swra hung the call n go to sleep…
Itz 1 at nyt swra was sleeping…she strted to hold her blanket tightly n strts blabering smthng she was sweatting badly… then she woke up suddenly n shouts ” sanskarrr”
She was restless she look at the tym itz quarter past 1 she took her phone n dial sanskar’s number… it was switch off…

Swra thought that his phone’s battry might get drained … she was about to dial MM’s land Line number but then she thinks itz nt good to dial them at this point of tym…so finally she called kavita
Swra:(worried) helo kavita sanskar is with u na ?
Kav: relax swra seems u r tensed n ssnskar was with me he dropped me home n then left some 20 mins ago…bt y r u asking
Swra:(more worried) kavita sanskar”s phn is off n i felt lyk smthing happened to him something bad.. i dont kno what to do…

Kav: swra u r just exaggrating this… nthng lyk this he was with me n was perfectly fine… now u sleep
Swra: kavita can u plz go n check him in the morning i will again call u….
*swra didnt sleep whole nyt she was worried n afraid she booked the flight tickets to mumbai…all flights were full either direct or indirect so she booked the first flight which was next day at 7 in the morning*

Swra didnt hv breakfast she tried to call everyone but no one answers her call….
Swara was packing her bag then shomi asked where r u going swra?
Swra: mumbai
Dadi: what bt why?
Swra: dadi i hv an urgent work there(rember something) ma where is ragini
Shomi: she went to a frnds place
Swra: achha ma dadi m going will be back soon…
Dadi & shomi : swra wait a min

But she left…
Swra calls ragini” where r u ? N is laksh with u?”
Rag: m at ridge area n ya laksh is with me bt..swra cuts the call before she can complete
Swra: laksh hv u talked with sanskar?
Lak:(shocked) no bt y n how u kno sanskar?
Swra: call anyone at home
Lak: swra bt
Swra: do as i said…now
He called home’s number…n put phn on loud speak
uttra pick that
Lak:hello uttra hwx u n eveyone
Uttra:(cries) bhaiyA vo
Lak: (tensed) uttra what happened y r u cryng
Swra become more worried
Uttra: bhaiya vo sanskar bhai met an accident last nyt
Swra was shocked as if some one has snached her everything
Lak; hwz he
Uttra: currently he is in hospital bt will get discharged by nyt…bhai plz come na everyone us tensed…
Lak; uttraa m coming bachhe dont cry..

swra was a lyf less body laksh booked two tickets frm the same flight…for him n ragini as he knew that rag can only handel her in this situation…

Rags tell everyone that pia is ill n they hv to go as pia’s family is in cape town

Ragini came to room n saw swra she was all dull n pale…even her tears got dried…she hasnt said anything from when she came to know about his accident… many thoughts were running in his mind… when she jerked one thoght another occupies its place…swra was preparing herself for worst…she was preparing herself for seeing her sanskar in any condition
Swra in mind” nothing will gonna happen to u… i hv lost bhai bt i cant even think of lossing you…”

Precap: swra going to mumbai n SwaSan nok jhok… pia steeling a file from maheshwari office

So most awaited part of sanskar’s accident is here …

Credit to: meher

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