KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 14) (promise revealed)


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Part 13

shomi: ragu hv u packed everything we hv to leave in 2 days
Rags: yup ma everythng is ready.. but ma my showpiece they hv broken 🙁 i want to buy new pls come with me na…
Shomi: beta i hv lots of work y dont u ask laksh
Rags: good idea
***on phone***
Rags: lucky get ready in 5 n come at my place
Laksh: what?? Why??? How???
Rag: i wanna go shopping to buy showpiece that u hv broken …so basicly it war fault n now u hv to come with me n that’s final.
Laksh: ok mam..i will be there but in 15
Rag: ummm…ok


All are having breakfast..
Swra was eating fastly…
Sujata: beta aram se kha … khana na bhhag ra kahi…
Swra: aunty if i take much tym then mr sadu will not take me ..
Rp: where??
Swra: on mumbai visit..
All together : u r going on date
SwaSan : (together shouts) NOOOO
Sanky: ma itz just k this kiddo wants to see mumbai
Swra: m done chlooooo
Sanky: ya sure chlte h…
*** in car***
Swara got a call
Swra: hello

Prson on call; do u rember that u hv a sister too
Swea: raguuuuu i missed u so much n ha i hv called u bt mr gadodia picked that….
Rag: swra cm on yr… he is ur father
Swra: no ragu he is only a business man mr gadodia.. who just kno how to impose..their decision on others..
Rag: swra listen to me ,me n bhai were the one who had affected most ..then y u r behaving lyk this
Swra: cz u n bhai are my life… i can do Anything for u …n i wish i could hv done anything for him too ( tears fall off her eyes)
Rag: swra bhai never wants u to behave lyk this
Swra:(ignore her que) when u r coming back
Rag:(understood) we hv our flight tommorrw so according to indian tym we will reach around 3 in morning…
Swra: wow n ya please bring earings , keychains n
Rag:(interepts her) n bracelets.. i kno.. swra u always ask me to bring bracelet bt u always give that to me…
Swra: oh ho swaragini are one so it doesnt matter… 🙂
**sanky in mind … u just wait swra nxt turn is mine now u r irritating me with ur call nxt tym it will be u**
Rag: achha what r u doing..

Swra: going out to explore mumbai..
Rags: woww… bt with whom
Swra: with a frnd:)
Rag: u kno i also made a new frnd n he is too frm mumbai…. n basicly from kolkata lyk us…achha itz nyt here so gud nyt will talk to u later
Swra: wow kolkata… n good nyt..
****call ends***
Sanky: wanna explore kolkata too??
Swra: ya badly…. u kno what
Sanky: no i dont 😉
Swra: then let me tell u m frm kolkata…bt i never been to there 🙁
Sanky: then my mum must kno ur mum..cz she knows everyone frm the marwadi community of kolkata
Swra: bt my mom is bengli…

Sanky; oh love marriage ha… then ur ragu must be lyk u….
Swra:no she is even better… a perfect marwadi…
Sanky: u luv her alot ryt
Swra: more that that….sanskar stoppp(shouts)
Sanky: ab konsa street food dikh gya tumhe..
Swra: u just wait here i will be back in 5
Sanky: swra wait where R u going…
But she left mean while came in n sit in car…

***On Beach***
Sanky: what u want?
Swra: i ….i …i want to make a sand house..(puppy face)
Sanky;(shouts) r u a kid… swra u r a compny head n u .. u want to make a sand house..
Swra: is there any restriction on making sand house for compny head…
Sanky: u r too much n how u gonna make that
Swra: not me we will make that with the help of this ( shows a packet)
Sanky: what is this??
She take a pack which contains beach toys(bucket, n all) for kids
Sanky: u seriously bought this… r u a kid really?
Swra: no bt it is my childhood dream na… so it can be fullfilled with toys only 😀
Sanky: m nt gonna do this stupid thing with u…

Swra: u hv to do this…otherwise
Sanky: if i dont then what
Swra: if u dont then i will tell dp uncle that u hd kissed me
Sanky: do what ever u want… m nt afraid of ur warnings
Swra: hello uncle…
Sanky: i kno u r pretending to be on call
Swra:(puts on spear) haanji uncle now i can hear u..
Dp on phn : beta is everything fine y u called me..
Sanky was shocked he never thought that swara really dialed dp’s num…..
Swra: uncle vo sanskar…he ..he
Sanky:(in between) is taking swra on long drive so we may come late is it ok bade papa
Dp:(smile) ya sure beta… there is nothing to ask….
Sanky:(shouts) u r mad or what??
Swra: yes or no
Ssnky:(angrly) yes..
They both spend some tym in playing in sand then in water itz nearly 7
Sanky:lets go swra
Swra: hmm ok..

While coming back they face traffic jam.. sanky asked some reason for the jam…he said that a guy has been hitted by a car n his sister is asking for help bt no one is helping her…. as soon as she hear this she get off the car n goes towards the girl…
She was numb to see a guy in such condition he was surdounded by blood pool… suddenly some flashback strikes her mind n he ask sanky to help them… they took the injured n his sis hospital..
***@ hospital***
Swra: doc plz save him dont worry for expenses n all bt treat him best…
Doc: mam plz relax we are tryng our best
Reha(injured’s sis) : di y r u doing this u dont even kno me…still u r helping me so much… how i can repay u

Swra: reha u r a sister n i kno how much a brother is valueable … i hv lost my bro bt i dont want u to lost ur brother( eyes filled with tears n left)
Sanky:(in mind) adi has died in accident is this is reason behind her concern ??? Bt i hv rembered that i heard some rumorsof aditya gadodia being killed… i think i should talk with swra she may need me…”
At that tym nurse came n ask to complete some formalities…

Swara was rembering past ..

Swra:(cries ) bhhhaaaaiiiiiiiii
Ran towards aditya
Swra: bhai i hv called ambulance everything willbe fine…
Adi: (saying with difficulty n pain) sho..shoo..shona…. proo.mise me…
Swra: bhai plz relax ( cries miserably)
Adi: no i wannt a prromisee now..
Swra: i promise everything bhai each n everything what u said Bt please phle aap thik ho jao
Adi: shoo.shonna after my death…oo..open that secret locker …. i. It has a… file..read .. th..that.. u…wi..will under..stnd evrythng…

Swra: (still cryng) no u r not going any where… nithng will happen to you… u cant leave ur shona ha…
Adi: u hv to me…mend rela…tion..s… btwn both familes n..n.. don..dont.. let ..anyone about me… ne.. never tell … any..anyone that … u.. u r my sis… (puts his hand on swara’s head)
Go..god.. bl…bless uu sh..sho..shonaaa….(his hand slips off her head… n he left her)
Swra: bbhhhaaaaiiiiii nooooo u cant do this to me….u hv to wake up… bhai i promise i will never ever tease u.. i will manage all my things …. i will forgive mr gadodia too… bhai plz… utho na…. u r my shield … now who will protect me haan… i can protect ragu bt who will protect me… m sry for everything plz come back pleasee…(cries till her tears got dried)

Sanky:(puts his hand on swra’s shoulder) swra he is fine now out of danger.. just cz of u… i hv given reha our numbers if she need anything she will call us now lets go”
Swra nodded yes…
On the way to MM she didnt say a word… she was just cryng… the tears wants to fall off her eyes… as soon as the tears shed off her eyes… new tears gets ready to shead off… the pain cant be described in words… just tears are enough to explain that….
sanky is still awake….
He went to swara’s room
She was still Cryng
Sanky: just sit near her n hugs her tightly…swra too feel safe in his arms n let herself break today….
As she was recalling adi’s letter she cried more hard..
swra opens the locker n found a file n a letter she strt reading the letter
“Dear shona

I kno when u r reading this letter i will be gone away frm u … frm ragu frm everyone… shona bt there is something u need to kno… shona baba has a friend just cz of some reason both the families parted their ways…i dont know their name or anything… bt just k sonething happend before i could find out the exact reason i fall into another trouble… i cant handel this… i will take the second trouble with me…as it costs my lyf… i kno u r angry on me.. bt i value my family’s lyf more than my own… shona tat file has papers of SR pvt ltd i want u to take it on heights… i want u to mend the relations…. u hv to take my place.. in our family n business too… n ya plz make ragu lil bold lyk u.. i kno u can do all this.. i kno u will keep ur promise… i love u… n i will miss..u … dont cry u r my strong girl na… m always with u…n ya sanskar is really a good guy just lil rude .. bt i kno my shona will teach him to laugh whokeheartedly…n shona plz try to forgive baba too…m nt forcing u bt plz try to mend ur relation with him he luvs u alot
Take care …..
Good bye…

Ur bhaii”
soom swra fall asleep in sanky’s arm… .. n he too sleep keeping her protected in his arms… as if he is justifyng his intentions… his intentions to keep his Swra safe… to stand with her no matters what the condition may be..

To be continued….

Precap swara going back to delhi…

Guyz thnku so much for appreciating it….i hv never thought that u woukd love this random idea so much..

** that sand house’s part n playing with toys is actully my dream….. bt as there is no beach in delhi i cant fullfill it… so i thought to complete it in ff**

Credit to: meher

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