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Part 12

Yet another day…strted with lots of happiness n sunrises as it wants to make ppl believe in new begining…
Swara wakes up n smiles thinking about her sanskar…
She gets ready n wishes everyone today again sanskar is still sleeping.. swara ask ap about him
Swra: aunty where is sanky?
Ap: beta i think he is still sleeping
Dp: bt today he hv a meeting at 12 n he hv to prepare for that too
Ap: bt he came late at night i dont kno at what tym he came back
Swra: aree aunty he came back at half past one only
*everyone looks at her surprisingly*
Sujata: bt beta how u kno this?
Swara was blank she was cursing herself to blurt the tym of his coming back
Pari: vo chachi ji should i wake sanky up(change the topic)
Sujta: ya
Suddenly a naughty idea strikes swara’s mind n she ask them wether she can wake him up
Swra: aunty if u dont mind can i go n wake him up
Ap: noddes yes
*everyone was happy seeing swara taking intrest in sanskar’s day to day routine*

@ sanskar’s room
Swara strted singing a song…
Sanky:(sleepy) wow princess keep on singing itz so relaxing…
As soon as she stop singing she took the water bottle n pour the water on sanky… hiS upper body drenched completly … he gets up in a shock..” what the hell swara..u hv made my bed wet ”
Swara:(laughingly) itz good na now u dont need to hv bath….
Sanky: u r finished i swear …
He gets up from bed n hold her hand before swara can run out..
Swara:( laughing Badly) sanskar please leave me na …
Sanky: no baby u hv to pay for ur deeds ( winks naughtyly)
( he picks swara up in his arms n takes her to washrom)
Swara while struggling to release herself ” seems ur intentions are not good mr maheshwari”
Sanky: u wait n watch

He puts her down n bolted the door swara’s heart was beating fastly sanskar keeps moving towards her as soon as she hit the wall sanky blocks her way by putting hands on either side…
Swara: sanskar what r u doing(blushes)
Sansky: ssshhhh ( starts the shower drenching swara n sanskar) itz ur punishment..
Swara: (keeps on blushing) i lost sanskar
** both have intense eyelock **
Sanskar started leaning towards her n swara too cant control herself…. as soon as sanskar comes closer to her swara’s heart starts beeting more fastly… sanskar’s heart skips a beat seeing his drenched princess
They kiss each other a small yet passionate kiss..
They part their ways hearing knock on door.. it was pari
” sanskar r u in ?? Hv u seen swara she came here to wake u up bt now she is no where found”
**both are shocked as if they hv caught red handed**
Swara started hitting sanskar… he hold her hands n give her a stare…
Sanky: ya bhabhi she was there n she has been to kavita’s house for some work will be back soon
Pari: ok
Both felt relieved..
Swra: we were finished today just cz of u( again hit him )
Sanky: achha it was my mistake n who pour water on me(holds her tightly frm waist)
Swra:(breathing heavyly) i need to go san..sann..ss..kkaar.
Sanky left her
Sanky pops his head out n see the way he signals swara to came out..
Swara ran towards her room…
@11 swara has left for the meeting…n sanky too
Laskh was waiting for rags outside her home…as ragu came out Laksh was lost seeing her ..
She was wearing while jeans with boots n a crop top…
Rags waves her hand infront of him.
Rag: lucky hello ?? Where are u lost..
Laksh: u r brautiful but u may catch cold yr…
Rag: dont worry i hv jacket with me…n ya i kno that m beautiful( winks).
Laksh: so where we are going
Rag: i hv seen an indian resturant here plz take me there … that is somewhere near city mall
Laksh: for sure…

*they reached the resturant rags was waiting for lucky as he has gone to park his bike…. suddenly some goons started miss behaving with them*
Laksh:(shouts) hey u leave her
Goon 1: why who is she( he holds laksh’s coller)
Rag:(thinks some thing) wowwwww u will beat him so exiting…( claps with happiness)
Laksh:( stare rags with angry n confused look) what the hell rags u r clapping..
Rags: ya cz as soon as he will hit u …ur flip side will be seen
Goon 2 : what flip side
Rag: ya u kno what when anyone hits him na he literally run to bite… he doesnt bother wether he is human or vegetable
Goon1; u r kidding
Rags:(makes an innocent face) do u think i can lie … he is suffering from split personality.. (in low voice) he is actully escaped from mental asylum…
Laksh is still staring her with angry glare
Goon 1: let it be guyz we should leave
Goon 2: ya enjoy with ur mental…
everyone is sitted on the table…
A girl wearing black jeans red shirt n black blazer with free hair entered the room everyone was shocked to see her specialy sanskar

Sanskar in mind” omg swara it means she is new head of SR pvt ltd. This girl is multi talanted”
Mr rishikesh bakshi welcomes her n introduce her as the new head of SR pvt ltd. ” good morning gentle men she is miss swara gadodia new head of SR pvt ltd”

Mr. Shukla: bt she is so young… just lyk a kid
Mr. Narayan : i agree it seems that she is newly graduate how can she handel the whole firm…
Mr sen: exactly how can we trust a kid …itz business not a cookry show
Sanky was fuming in anger he was about to say something bt before he could say anything swara speaks
Swara :(confident n firmly) ya m a new graduate but age is not related to any kind of talent…. mr maheshwari is with us he has achieved heights at a very young age… n rahi baat trust ki so that u can decide after the presentation … if u r over with ur special comments about me can we proceed

Everyone was blank but sanky was smiling seeing her in this way

Sanky in mind: oh god this girl is a mystry 2 days back she was cryng after hearing taunts n today she is reverting with confidence 🙂

Swara complets the presentation n everyone was hell shocked

Sanky: so miss gadodia i think itz one of the best presentation i hv ever seen.. maheshwaris will be prevelleged to work with a talanted yet young compny head
Swara: thnku mr maheShwari ….. now i think that everyone’s doubt got cleared.. (stares confidently towards all)
Mr narayan : miss gadodia today u hv proved us wrong
…. u r just like ur brother u Will take his compny to heights… bless u
Sanky was shocked to kno that she aditya gadodia’s sister. Swra gadodia as he never asked swara’s surname..

* after signing contract*

Mr sen : bt i hv a doubt miss gadodia … ur relation with ur father is not very good so in future what if… it affects ur working( smile eveily)
Swra: mr sen m a grown up …. i kno how to sepearate my professional lyf from my personal… if i started to tell about ur relations then.. bt dont worry m nt lyk u….

He was about to slap swara but a strong hand holded his wrist tightly…
Mr sen:leave my hand mr maheshwari
Sanky: u should kno how to behave in business meeting n most importantly how to respect girl… i dont want to hv any allience with a person lyk u…

* everyone at a time signs some liegal pprs … after that he has been removed from the board*
Sanky: so miss country head… shall we leave
Swara nodded yes
Sanky: y dont u tell me that u r aditya gadodia’s sister
Swra: i will tell u sanskar trust me… but not now
Sanky: swra y r u lieng about adi
Swra:(unshed tears in eyes) because of a promise..
I said na i will tell u bt not now…
** there was silence in car **
Swra:(shouts) stop the car
Sanky:( confused) what happened??
Swra: (innocently) look there i want to eat street food
Sanky(unbelievable look):r u serious itz so unhygenic…i will take u to a resturant na. There u can hv whatever u want
Swra:(angry) huhh… i hate u …street food is so yumm… u kno delhi’s street food is so tasty i want to taste mumbai’s street food too…
Sanky:(blank face)Get u off my car
Swra: dont do this to me plz how can i come back … m new here… look my phn is also dead… what if someone kidnaps me… oh god.. look if someone kiddnaped me then u hv to pay randsom as my family is in belgium..n what if someone killed me..oh no m so young…i dont even get married .. plz plz dont do this to me … m ur best friend naaa( she said all this in one breath )
Sanky put his hans on her mouth…
Sanky: u r too much drama… ha
Swra: bt vo (interepted by sanky) “if u dont shut ur mouth then i will kiss u again.. got it”
Swra :(widens her eyes) no no no…. u r so shameless haan.. that things are to be done in private (winks naughtyly)
Sanky:(surprised by her statement) u r such a nautanki na now get off i will park the car
Swra:(proudly) i kno that m a nautanki…
**both were enjoying together…. they hv tried almost all street food… some girls recognised sanky.. n ask to click selfie with him… he was posing with the girls n swra was fumingin anger … she doesnt utter a word while coming back home**
Sanky: what happend swra…kuch gale m atak gya h kya
Swra:(angry stRe) no
Sanky: then y u r so quite.
Swea: non of ur business …u go n click selfies….
Sanky: ok if u r saying this then m leaving n ya i will give this kulfi to them.
Swra: wait wait wait …… kulfi :*
Sanky: ya i brought it for u
Swra: aww thnku give it(takes packet from his hand)
Sanky: but u r angry(takes pack frm swra)
Swra: no no m nt(takes pack again)
Sanky:but i am(takes pack)
Swra: if u give this kulfi to me i will sing a song for u
Sanky: sure ??
Swra nodded yes…

After having kulfi sanky ask swra To sleep
Sanky:get ready tmrw by 10 will going to visit mumbai
Swra:( hugs hin) woww thnu good nyt..

The end

Precap swasan day out n aditya’s promise revield
RagLak on shopping

Credit to: meher

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