KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 12)

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Part 11


As soon as flight strts taking off swara closes her eyes tightly n hold sanskar’s hand tightly…(he was sitting beside her)
Sanky: what happend swara? R u afraid in travelling by flight
Swara: nthng lyk that itz just k …..k….i feel afraid while take off..
Sanky:hence proved that u r a kiddo
Swara: n u r an angry bird…m scared n u r making fun of me…i will not talk to u
Sanky:(holds her hand more tightly) kiddo dont be angry… achha i promise i will take u to sight seeing…
Swara: pakka
Sanky: yup kiddo….

**flight landed n drivers were waiting with cars all left except SwaSan n luggage so sanky signals driver to go back so that he could spend time with swara**

In car
Swara saw beach n strted clapping exidetedly…sanky again got lost in her sweetnees..
Swara: wowwww sanskarr beach….u kno i always wanted to play on beach bt in delhi i cant….. m so exited… plz will u take me here plz plz plzzzz(puppy face)
Sanky ; obviously swra… i will i promise
Swara: oh i forgot to call ragini..
***on phone***
Swra: hello ragu ? Hwz u
Other side no response
Swra: ragu r u fine?

Person on phn : swra beta hwz u
Swra: i will talk to u later
Person on phn : beta plz dont do this to me m ur father
Swra: u r a business man not my father…
Shekhar: beta itz been years …but still ur haterad towards me doesnt decrease
Swra: i dont want to talk as i said..if ma dida or ragini comes then if u can then plz ask them to call me..if ur reputation doesnt goes down.. mr gadodia
N she cuts the call

Sanky:(in mind) whats this yr…i cant solve mystry behind aditya’s death n now another mystry arises… why she hates her father…as far as i rember her phone if full of her n her father’s pic then whatz this…. oh swara u r a mystry…
Swara:(in mind) i will not forgive u baba i will never…

Rags took laksh with her to her house
Laksh: namastey aunty.
Shomi: namastey beta…come inside
Laksh: thnku aunty
Shomi: ragu please go n tell alice to bring snacks n tea..
*rags left*
Shomi: so u hv studied here?
Laksh: ya aunty my MBA got completed last year but i want some certificates so hv to come back…
Shomi: ragu told me that u r also from kolkata..
Laksh : ya aunty…bt i hv never been there since we shifted to mumbai…lyk rags aslo hvnt been to kolkata..
Shomi : hmmm

*rags n alice comes with snacs*
Rags: achha laksh currently r u working or not..
Laksh: i sometimes help my bhai papa n chachu in business
Shomi: oh so u r also frm business family..a future business man
Rag: ya such business man who doesnt kno how to tie laces(laughs)
Shomi; are so what haan u too dont kno many things should i strt..
Rag: no mA
Shomi; achha to beta whats ur father’s name?
Laksh: ji durgaprasad maheshwRi..
Shomi:(shocked) u r ap n dp ji’s son..
Laksh: ya bt how u kno…
Rag: obviously she knew them as we hv also resided there na..
Rag: achha ma can i go with laksh
Shomi : yes
Laksh went ahed n then shomi called rags ” ragu one min”
Rags: ji mA
Shomi: beta plz rember one thing make sure that shekhar will not come to kno about laksh’s parent’s … otherwise what will happen i dont kno…n plz dont ask anything now i will tell u everything…
Rags nodded yes

Next day..
Everyone was ready except sanky…
All were in pooja ghar for morning prayer…
As soon as aarti started sanskar feels something…he gets up n recognise that voice..”oh god this voice…here… but how…. today i must find out who is she…. but wait y i want to find her just cz of her voice… hwz it possible that i hv same feelings for two girls.. one side swara n other side that girl ”
At the time he came down stairs everyone hAs seated on dining table for break fast he too joined them…
Sanky:badi ma…who has sung todays aarti?
Ap: are beta that was(interepted by kavita) “swara u r here”
Swra: kavitaaa.. 🙂
Kav: omg i cant believe this bt how?
Swra:u hv called me to ana to tha he…
Sanky: kavita called u ? But when?
Swra:vo she(interepted by ap) ” beta u guyz can talk later first come n hv breakfast”(gives kavita a reliefing look)
Swara n kavita getz buzy in talking n sanky got again lost in her innocense…n forgets about the aarti n all..

shomi:what happened shekhar u r looking upset?
Shekhar: jis pita ki beti usse muh mod legi vo pita khush kaise rah skta h mishti(cries)
Shomi:hv u talked with shona?

Shekhar : ya she has called to talk ragini n she said that m nt her father m only a businessman…
Shomi: dont worry shekhar give her time.. everything will be fine
Shekhar: itz been 5 years shomi how much more time…i hv lost my son….i cant loose my daughter too..
Rags:u are not going to loose any of ur daughter baba…trust me everthing will be fine… u kno our swara na she cant hate anyone (smiles)

sanky came home late at night itz nearly half past 1 he was going towards his room…suddenly a melodious voices hitted his ears … it was that voice…he went into the direction of voice n found that it has came frm swara’s room…he knocked the door n swara opens that
Swra: what happend sanky?
Sanky: where is she ?
Swara:(confused) who?
Sanky: that girl who is singing the song…
Swra: sanky there is no one..only me
Sanky: no swra i hv heard her singing…she must be here…if she is not here then frm where that sound came?
Swra: that sound was coming from my voice box
Sanky; what??

Swara: (hitted his head playfully) duffer i was singing…
Sanky:it means u were the one who sang “hansi ban gaye” in that business party ??
Swra: yup i sang that… u were also there ??
Sanky: kiddo tum mujhe apna naam bta deti to kya sach m nazar lag jati tumhare naam ko..(stares her)
Swra: omggg u were the one with whom i danced(strts jumping) …not bad haan quite good dancer
Sanky: ssshhh tym dekho … keep quite.. achha i should leave now good nyt 🙂
Swra: good nyt 🙂

In sanakar’s room..he was lyng on bed thinking about swara ….
” wow now i understand that i dont feel same for two girls… my singing princess is my princess my swara…. but what if she doesnt love me… :/ itz ok i will be happy seeing her happy …..bt before that i hv to find out aditya’s death mystry n the reason behind her rudeness toward her father …. i will sort everything …. just the way she has sortted me… just the way she hv again made me human… ”

Swara(in mind) ” wow i danced with him.. thnku u so much sanskar… thankyou … bhai look m keeping my promise …. i will sort everything …. sanskar will laugh whole heartedly … i will mend the relations …. firstly i hv to make sanskar happy after that me n sanskar together will make things work ”

The end

Precap SwaSan kiss, Swara meets sanskar in a business meeting and RagLak in trouble

So guyz i hv arises some new mystries n dont worry everything will be revield in coming episodes…

N if u feel at any point that my track if dragged too much just let me kno.. 🙂

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