KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 11)


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Part 10


SwaSan hv reached the wedding venue n as soon as they entered…sanskar’s business associate mr sehghal meet them..

Mr. Sehghal: hello mr n mrs maheshwari nyc to meet u…itz been very long since we last met…

SwaSan were blushing with a blank face

Sanky: hello mr sehghal ..bt one correction she is not my wife she is my best frnd..

Swra feels smthng when she heard “my wife” from his mouth…
” i wish he would say ya she is my wife swara sanskar mheshwari….wow…..wait wait swra dimag k horses rok zada so rhi h”

Mrs. Sehghal m sry mr maheshwari actully ur clothrs are complementing each other’s so we hv missunderstood..
Swra: itz ok mam… 🙂
Mrs sehghal : if dont mind can i say one more thing..

SwaSan : for sure

Mrs sehghal: u guyz are nt a couple bt believe me u both look osm together i cant stop myself frm prasing u…

SwaSan (bluses)”thnku ”

In wedding sanky n swra both keeps on searching for each other

Swara was talking with her friends n unknowingly she put her hair on her left sholder..sanky saw her bare deep back n feels uncomfertable….he moves towards her group n stand besides her on ryt
Sanky: hello guyz if u dont mind may i too join u..
Swra: obviously yr…
Ruchi: if i hv nt mistaken then u were the guest speaker in our conference ??
Sanky: yes
Harshad: u r business tycoon sanskar maheshwari
Sanky: ya bt here m only sanskar guyz
Swra: stop it guyz…

Vini: swra how u kno him??
Swra: long story will tell u later
Sanky: ya very long …btw guyz(put his left hand on swra’s shoulder) she is such a kiddo…( whlie saying he took her hair n put on her back…again covering her bare back) how u guyz tolerate her haan

Swra:(fake anger) n u r angry bird….huhh…

Sanky: n u r kiddo..

Both keeps on fighting then sujata called sanskar n kamla called swara…
*both left*
After some time sanskar saw swara n became angry as she has again putter her hair on her shoulder n her bare was clearly seen…he anain went towards her…
Sanky: swra there is smthing stuck in ur hair
Swra: what??
Sanky: wait let me remove that..
He again took her hair n place that on her back n said” done”
Swra: thnku 🙂

This time sanskar keeps on staring her….after some time while working swra was about to put her hair again in front this tym sanky moves towards her n hold her hand n take her to a room

Swra:(confusingly) what happened yr…why are u doing this..
Sanky: (angry) whats this ha..y r u continously putting ur hair in front…
Swara: what ????
Sanky: ya i hv told u na i dont lyk this deep back n upar se tum apne baal age rakh rhi ho….m warning u i dont want to see ur hair pn ur shoulder keep them on back or else i will take u to home back ryt now…got it(angryly)
Swra:(hugs him n cutely) sry
I will never do this again…u should hv told this to me na…i will not do that 🙂
Sanky:(caringly) itz ok n m sry zada Gussa kr dia mne..

Both realises the hug

N again strted enjoyng the wedding

Wedding was over n swara was helping everyone in winding up…..
Two ladies saw her n strted taunting her..

Lady 1 : she is swara na?
Lady2: ya she is swra
L1:look how shameless she is..i hv heard that her bro has passed away recently n lool how she is enjoying this marriage…
L2: ya i wonder that y mr singhania has invited her…if i knew that she is coming i will definately not come…
L1: exactly who knows how inauspecious she is…
L2: u kno she is living alone in delhi…god knows what she does…
L1: bt her sister was also there na ?
L2: her sis is in belgium with her parents …dont kno what she has done..

*swra who was rearing all this..shatters n tears strted falling off her eyes…sanskar saw all this n fumes in anger bt he control himself as his priority is swara ryt now..
Swara left the venue crying…she was running on the road… she was lost somewhere …she doesnt notice the running traffic or anything she just keeps on running… sanskar was following her*

At a point swara stops running n breaks down in tears ….she was sitting on road…suddenly a car was about to hit her…but two strong hands pulls her up..
N then took her aside

Sanky:(holds her shoulders) what the hell u were thinking…are u blind cant u see cars coming towars u…hv u seen the time damm it…what if some thing happens to u …mai kaise jeeta tumhare bina…

Swara after listening all this just hugged Him tightly n he too receprocated the hug even tightly…swara couldnt utter a word but her tears were telling the whole story…..
After a while sanky wipes her tears n says” u should not bother about anyone…”
He called adarsh n told him that he n swara are leaving for home….

rag: ma u kno today i hv make a new friend he is also from kolkata n very sweet too…
Shomi: ahem ahem some one is lyking someone 😉
Rags: no ma nothng lyk that…achha hv u called swara?
Shomi: ya she has msged me at nyt that she will be bzy whole day…vo today is neha’s marriage na..
Rag: ohh…ma m missing her alot…u kno when we were in delhi na..me n shona always pulls bhai’s leg(smile faded away)
Shomi:(teary eyes) ragu…dont be sad adi is with us…n will always be…n dont worry he n janki will be taking care of each other haan

Rag: ya ma u r ryt…chhoti ma n bhai will be taking care of each other..
Shomi: achha so when will u bring ur new frnd on dinner haan?
Rags: i will ask him tomrw…he will be very happy…n u will also lyk him…
Shomi: itta lyk krungi k son in law bna lungi (laughs teasingly)
Rag: kya ma…achha m going byee…m feeling very sleepy..(blushes)

both SwaSan reached home…swara was looking pale n dull..her eyes become red while cryng…she was just looking lyk a lyf less body….she went to her room n changed…sanky went into kitchen after sometime swara heard some noices.
“Aaahhhhh” “bommmm”
Swara got up n found that itz coming Frm kitchen she went inside n saw sanky covered with flour..frm head to too…utensiles were lyng on floor…vegetables were struggling to be on the table…swara laughs to see the scenerio..
Swra:(laughing) whats dis sanskar…look at u yaar..
Sanky:(smiles seeing her smiling) vo..i m feeling hungry…
Swra: u get out i will make food…
Sanky: ok n i will help u

Swara:(shouts) noooooooo
Sanky:(innocently) why?
Swara: i will manage….

Aftersome time swara prepares food n both hv food…n talks for sometime..n falls asleep


Swara n mf left for mumbai…

The End

Precap sanskar meeting with that girl….shomi to kno about laksh’s truth

Guyz thanku so much for appreciating my ff …it means alot to me….thankyou so much…
When ever u feel that the track is boaring please tell me

Credit to: meher

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  1. Wow nice but what is that past ? N plz let sanskar know that whom he is searching is actually swara only

    1. Swara’s n sanskar’s past will be reviled soon…abi to sanky would come to about that girl whose voice he heard in colg…

  2. Which girl u r mentioning in precap? Episode was really amazing.

    1. Sry that was a bit confusing actully that girl whose song he listend in colg

    2. Oh ya that singer girl

  3. Is adi is alive? And whole part is awsm

    1. Nopes adi is not alive…

  4. Whole part is just amazing

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