KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 10)


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Part 9


SwaSan were sleeping peacefully holding each other’s hand…sanskar get up first n was mesmerised to see a sleeping beauty ….
Sanky:oh god u are again doing all this to me….but i promise this time i wont let her go…i will not repeat my mistakes again….bt before that i hv to find …what she is hiding…
Then he see her phn n took that…n took abhay’s n pia’s number…
Swara also get up n she was shocked to see sanky”sanskar tum !!!yaha!??”
Before he could say anything ap n sujata comes with two plates…
Ap: hwz u feeling now beta ?
Swara:(confusingly) what happend to me aunty?
Sujata: beta u fall unconcious…
Swara :(guilty) m sry aunty i hv troubled u alot…
Ap: swara if u again say this i will slap u
Swra:(shocked) aunty!!???
Sujata: or ni k chhore tu mahre bete ki…..
SwaSan were blank
Sujata:(to cover)are u r his best frnd na…
Ap: achha u hv brkfst then we hv to leave …
SwaSan nodded yes

Outside room
Ap: sujata what were u doing…we dont kno what swra feels for sanky…n sanky too is nt confrmed about his feelings..
Sujata: vo sry jijju my tounge slips…

Ap: next tym be careful…

In room…

Sanky: swra hw r u feeling now?
Swra:hmm btr n thnx
Sanky: for what..??
Swra: for helpng me…that day in delhi too u hlpd me…
Sanky: itz my duty to help beautiful girl lyk u(winks)
Swra:(laughs) achha to mr sadu also kno how to flirt haan…m impressed..
Sanky: achha m going if u need anythng call me
Swra:uhmm ok..

******sanky’s room*****
Sanky:(on phn) can i talk to doctor abhay?
Guy on phn: yes u r talking with dr.abhay..
Sanky:abhay m sanskar…sanskar maheswari rember we hv met in delhi whn swra was ill
Abhay:ha ha sanky i rember u…bt why u called me?
Sanky: i want to talk with u about swra… abhay she is behaving differently…actully wierdly
Abhay: i kno sanky
Sanky:(shocked) what u kno ?
Abhay: ya frm past one month she is behaving lyk this…
Sanky: abhay do u kno that y she is lieng about aditya?
Anything which u kno
Abhay: even i was surprised she ask me not to talk abt aditya…
Sanky: bt where is he?
Abhay:he is no more

Sanky:( more shocked) what?how?
Abhay: ya he has died in an accident…this is what swra told me
Sanky: when it strted plz explan everything..
Abhay:actully it all strted a month back…she was very happy after aditya’s sucessful treatment..
Sanky: treatment ? For what?
Abgay: cancer…swra has donated her bone marrow to him…n he was recovering very fast..
Sanky: (in mind) thats y she was cryng after meeting bhai cz she feels her brothet in bhai…
Abhay: sanky actully before adi’s death both swra n adi went missing for few days…i hv asked her where she was bt she doesnt tell me.
Sanky: ok now u dont worry i will take care of her
Abhay;sanky 1 more thing…after adi swra feels unprotected…she is consoling everyone bt she is a girl who will never ever share her feelings with anyone…pleass take care if her …lot has happned witb her in these two monthz…
Sanky: i said na dont worry..
They hung up call


A girl wearing jeans n long coat with open hair is walking on road…she gets buzy in her phn…
On the other side a handsome guy wearing casuals is walking towards thAt girl..his laces were untied n he fall n that girl too fall with him as he bumped into her n girl shouted”u idiot cant u see look u hv break my showpieces”
Guy: m sorry miss i hvnt done that intentionally…actully my laces were untied (smile idiotly)
Girl:then please tie them..otherwise u will bump into anyone else
Guy:(scraching head) vo…actully i dont kno..how to tie them…my bhai use to tie them…bt m here for some work so….
Girl:(laughs looking at his innocent answer) oh god u r so sweet wait *she bend down n strted tieng his laces*
Guy:(tryng to stop her) look miss please dont do this…itz ok i will manage
Girl:(while tieng laces) ya that i can se how u can manage…done..
Guy: (forward his hand for handshake)thnku so much miss….?
Girl(while shaking hand): ragini n u
Guy: laksh.
**both smiles**
Laksh: so u r settled here?

Rag: no my mum dad n dida lives here n soon they are settling in india again so m here to help them in winding up and what abt u
Laksh; i hv studied MBA here n now m going back to my home…m frm mumbai n u?
Rag: m frm delhi basicly m frm kolkata bt styng in delhi since i was 2
Laksh:wow what a co incidence m also frm kolkata…
Rag: hmm means we will soon meet in india too…btw where r u living ?
Laksh: ya we will definately meet there too..m living i park street house no.67
Rag:now this is too much yr
Laksh: what???
Rag: i also live at park street bt at house no. 45
Laksh: ahh so we can share the cab right
Ragini nodded yes…


Swara(in mind) what happened to him yr ..he is behaving normally..he is nt even asking about bhai…

****@ Sujata’s room****
Sujata: jijji look at this saree isnt it beautiful
Ap: ya it is…bt itz for whom
Sujata: jijji itz swra
Ap: swra??
Sujata: ya i want her to wear this saree today in neha’s wedding..
Ap: bt sujata she has a saree with her..
Sujata: vo jijji i hv bought this saree sply…actully itz complementing sanskar’d sherwani
Ap: bt sujata how can we say her to wear this..
Uttara: that u leave on me badi ma..(winks)
***In evening***
Everyone was ready to go except swara…
Sanky: o kiddo come fast…
Swra: coming mr sadu just a min…
Then swara walks downstairs n sanky was lost seeing her..
Sanky:(in mind) oh god…she is beautiful…her beauty is increasing day by day…
Then uttra came n bump into swra n the coffee fell on her saree
Swra: uttra r u ok??
Utra: ya di bt m sry ur saree got stained..
Swra:itz ok…aunty uncle aap log jyaiye I will come later
Ap: bt beta what will u wear now ?
Swra: umm aunty i ….i dont kno bt i will manage…

Sanky: u shld hv bring extra dress kiddo
Swra: shut up angry bird..i hv other dresses bt this one is sply for wedding night…
Sujata: beta if u dont mind i hv a new saree if u want u can wear that..
Swra: bt aunty that will be ur na so how can i
Ap: beta we hv bought that for uttra bt she denied to wear that…n vese b tumhari sare uttra ki glti se khrab hui h…so if u wear that we will be happy…
Swra: ok aunty anything for u..
Dp: sanskar beta we are leaving …u stay here n bring swra with u..
Sanky:(in mind) yippppiee i can spend time with shonaa..
“Bt bde papa ….ok..if u r insisting”
Everyone left…
Swra shouts from her room
“Uttraaaa….uttraaaa….kaha ho yr….bhabhiii….pari bhabhiiiii”
Bt no redponse…
Sanky: swra everyone has left….only u n me are here
Swra: oh god why this happens to me..(irritated)
Sanky:what happend kiddo… ??
Swra:(thinks) first come inside..
Sanky:(shocked) what??? R u insane…what u want to do
Swra:shut up.(n pull him inside…)
Sanky: what r u doing ….(confused)
Swara:vo…vo…sanky i need ur help …i would hv taken uttra or bhabhi’s help bt they …they are not at home…so can u please help me..(innocently)
Sanky:ya i will help u…bt btao to kya help chahiye..
Swra: vo…vo…

Sanky: what
Swra:(took a deep breath)i cant tie my dori can u please tie it…phew
Sanky:(shocked) what:O how can i swra ?
Swra: y u cant Dont u hv hands? Or business men doesnt kno how to tie?
Sanky finally agrees “ufff ok”
He came behind her back…..put her hair on left side with his hand as soon as his fingers touch her neck…both feel something new…
Swra:(in mind)y i dont feel uncomfertable when he touch me…?dont kno what it is but i just want k esa he rahe….i just want to be with him…(blushes)
Sanky: done…
Swra:thnku (with a smile)
Sanky:(angryly) swra whats this haan
Swra:(confused) what?
Sanky: this deep back n all haa…
Swra:itz in fashion mr angry bird..
Sanky: whatever yr…i dont want u to wear all this…i cant bear if anyone sees u with lustful eyes…
Swra:(happy) if someone teases me then will u beat him(childishly)
Sanky:(holds swra frm waist) i will kill them…kisi ne dekha b to tumhe i will not tolerate that…
**both were lost in each other’s eyes n hv an intense eyelock….he was leaning towards swra to

kiss her bt swra’s phn rang n they come insenses**
In car..

Sanky: what happned y u looking tense after that call..?
Swra: i hv to go to mumbai ..i hv a meeting there after è days…i dont kno how to manage all things yr….i dont kno anyone there( she has forgotton that sanky is frm mumbai)
Sanky:(hits her head playfully) u dumb kiddo… i m aslo frm mumbai so u can come with us..
Swra:(in mind) wow with himm….i just luv to.. “”no sanky i cant trouble u more””

Sanky: u r coming n that’s final..ok kiddo

Swra:okay i will

The end

Precap: SwaSan moments…raglak bonding strts…swara to go mumbai

Credit to: Meher

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