KUCH ISS TARAH (Episode 1)

♥♥kuch iss trah♥♥


About the past

Scene 1
Dadi-shekhar thare ko or sharmishtha ko alg hona he hoga…
Shekhar- but ma ….we love each other n what about aditya he is just 6..
Dadi-i dont want to listen anything you guyz have to seperate or else they will not let us live neigther me nor you…
Aditya was watching all this crying silently…
Scene 2

Shomi-shekhar we dont hv any ootion left we hv to do this
Shekhar-shomi how could you think i can marry some one else that too after 7 yrs of marriage..
Shomi- shekhar we hv to think practically they will not leave us think about aditya ma n baba if something happens to you then how can we live( cries)

Scene 3

Shekhar taking vows with janki…
Sharmistha n aditya watching all this n crying bitterly….
Janki’s pov “dont worry shekhar ji i will make sure that you n sharmistha ji will…………to be continued

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