Kuch iss tarah 2 (Episode 21)


Kuch iss tarah 2

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Recap : swara’s blast on sanskar… Sparsh fall ill.. Swasan emotional talks


Itz nearly dawn.. When sanskar reentered the room… His eyes fell on two angels sleeping peacefully.. Swara was sleeping beside sparsh.. N sparsh was sleeping hugging swara tightly… A smile appeared on sanskar’s face

“how I could never notice her innocent beauty..”he thought and covers swara with comforter and he slept while adoring two babies sleeping peacefully…


Sanskar’s phone rang.. He picked the call n immediately left to guest room to see adiraj..

@guest room

“what!! “adiraj said in shock

” yes I was right look at these photos ” sanskar showed him some pics

” okay so I will see you in 2 hours.. Firstly I hv to drop swara.. “adiraj said

Sanskar nods.. Adiraj wakes swara up n left.. After dropping her at Kapoor villa he called someone” meet me at hotel paradise in an hour”he said


An hour later
@ hotel paradise

Adiraj n sanskar were already in room.. N were waiting for the third man to come.. Soon the door open and laksh enters the room..
He gets irked seeing sanskar
“adiraj, what this man is doing here ? ”

” laksh please calm down itz urgent.. About swara” adiraj said

Listening about swara laksh calmly sat..

“laksh Shaurya goenka is not a correct guy for swara “adiraj said

” what do u mean by this.. “laksh frowns

“h-he just want to use swara.. For the heir of goenka industries.. After that they will kick swara out.. N his mother sakshi goenka is supporting him “sanskar said

” w-what!! “laksh couldn’t believe his ears

Sanskar then showed him his some pics with various girls while Enjoying.. Then he plays a video of Shaurya n sakshi’s talks..

” thnku adiraj ” laksh said in shock

” if u wanna thank then thank sanskar “adiraj said with smile

“what” laksh said with tears

“ya.. Laksh sanskar was the one who got doubt on Shaurya.. Then he hired a detective to spy on him” adiraj said

“thanks sanskar.. That day we all behaved so badly with u still u did this much for shona “laksh said..

” laksh I deserve that.. I had done lots of mistakes.. I hv spoiled her life.. Now whenever I will get chance to save her I will do That ” sanskar said

Laksh looked into his eyes.. There was a special shine which force laksh to trust sanskar

” I hope this time we can trust you ” laksh said dubiously

” sure dude.. U can ” sanskar said confidently

Both sanlak hugs..

” achha now tell me how you got doubt on Shaurya “laksh ask

” since when adiraj told me about Shaurya I feel something is not good n one day…

****FLASHBACK ****

before confessing everything publicly he went to hotel new moon.. For a meeting there he bumped into Shaurya n both’s phone got exchanged…

Sanskar was waiting for clients in restaurant.. Shaurya’s phone vibrated.. N he lifts that without noticing the caller ID.. Before he could speak.. The other person spoke

“Shaurya what the hell is this.. I am calling u since night.. How many times I have to told you that till ur marriage control urself.. ” lady shouts

‘Shaurya’ this name immediately strikes sanskar’s mind n he decides to reply” hmmm”he said

“what hmm.. Shaurya come back now.. If laksh comes to know about ur habits he won’t hesitate in breaking ur alliance with swara.. Then how will we get our heir “sakshi again shouts

Sanskar cuts the call.. Then he went to reception to exchange phone with Shaurya…

After his meeting he told everything to adiraj n hired a detective to spy on him..

He spied on him n finally made a video of Shaurya n sakshi discussing their disgusting plan.. He also clicked Shaurya’s pic with esc*rts

And mailed that to sanskaar

“now I will break my shona’s alliance with that jerk” laksh said determinedly

@Kapoor villa

Laksh has called goenkas he didn’t tell anything to anyone.. Soon goenkas came except arnav goenka

“are laksh beta u called us in hurry “sakshi said with a fake smile

” ya aunty ji I want you all to watch flim with us” laksh said while controlling his anger

Soon he played that video of sakshi n Shaurya… Everyone got shocked… Sakshi n Shaurya’s color fades seeing that..

“wanna say something “laksh frowned

” beta itz untrue.. We love swara.. We never thought anything like this “sakshi tries to handle..

She was about to go near swara but ragini came in between.. ” u may leave now.. We will send ur shagun back through driver “she said straightly

” yes we are breaking this alliance ” laksh said strongly

Swara was again helpless… Again she has faced another cruel but real side of people.. Who can do anything for their own benefit… She was not even crying.. She was just lifeless..

” how could you do this.. U can’t break this alliance “Shaurya panicks

” we have already broken this alliance Shaurya now leave.. Don’t force me to call guards “laksh roars

” I will marry… N that too with swara… I want heir for my property “Shaurya said n drags swara towards gate.. Before he could move a step he got a hard punch from none other than sanskar… With that punch he left swara’s hand and she sat on the floor with a thud.. Adiraj n ragini consoles her..

Sanskar was beating Shaurya.. “ahh leave me.. U r beating me for this wh*re” he said

“hold ur tongue Shaurya before I kill U ” sanskar strangel him

Laksh somehow released Shaurya..

“what do you think.. Who will marry a girl like her.. Who doesn’t know about swara gadodia’s past.. An alcoholic.. Smoker.. Spoilt.. Arrogant girl.. N over that should I tell u what had happened to her 5 years back” Shaurya said wickedly
His last sentence make her weak n she cried she clutched her dress tightly… Those comments, those taunts were again going through her eyes…

“Shaurya get lost.. Don’t utter a word against her. U don’t deserve a pious soul like swara… A pervert like u can understand her Divinity… She will get the best man.. “sanskar said while throwing him out..

” itz easy to say.. Will anyone marry am impure girl like her.. No.. No one will.. U know what swara.. U r just a burden on ur sister.. U r just a problem.. N no one wants problem.. No one wants you mark my words.. It was my humanity that I was ready to marry you.. “Shaurya said.. Still sanskar was beating him but no use he said what he wants to…

Laksh calls guards and they were taking him..

” I hv destroyed ur life once mr sanskar maheshwari.. N will do this agin”shaurya thought

“will u marry a girl like swara… Let me tell you… U won’t “Shaurya said smirkingly

” yes I will ” sanskar shouts with determination

Everyone got shocked listening to this.. Swara got up n locked herself in room..
She was crying.. She recalled those comments which she had faced..

” why.. Why me.. I just want to go away from di n laksh’s life.. Shaurya’s each n every sentence was correct.. M just a burden.. M a just problem..” she cried.. And thought something..

Here adiraj n sanskar were knocking door.. N laksh was explaing everything to ragini … Soon the door opened and swara was standing there with a smile.. Both got shocked to see her smiling

“uff what happened.. Why u guys are staring me.. Itz not good guyz”she said n giggles

“swara r u fine “ragini ask

” yup di.. M perfect.. Di m hungry please feed me”she said n drags ragini to dining table

Everyone was tensed to see her this way..

“laksh she is upto something big”adiraj whispers

“oh god… She has came out of trauma with much difficulty n now this Shaurya.. It was my mistake.. I should hv checked his background.. “laksh feels guilty

” somethings are beyond our control… ” Sanskar consoles him


Everyone was shocked as well as tensed about swara… Swara bought milk for raglak n before serving that she has mixed a small tablet in that.. ” m sorry di.. But I hv to do this.. U won’t let me go… This sleeping pill will last for 4 hours n this time is enough for me to go away from u..” tear skips her eyes

Ragini was sleeping with swara… As soon as ragini went in deep sleep cz of that pill.. Swara took her bag n some money n she wrote a note for raglak

*di, lucky.. U guys hv done alot for me.. But now I can’t trouble u anymore… So m going away.. Please don’t try to search me.. N don’t worry I won’t commit suicide.. Cz I hv to suffer more..

Ur shona*

@1 am

Sansakar was going back to MM when he saw swara… Sitting on roadside with a bag n crying miserably.. He immediately step out of car n went towards her “swara what are u doing here that too with luggage at this point of time”

“none of ur business “she said while crying

” yes itz my business cz u r my son’s sweetie “he said

She doesn’t reply

” swara m asking you something “he holds her shoulders firmly

She jerked his hands n starts to move.. He over take her n shouts..” u should go home ragini n laksh must be worried for you”

“m not going back… Got it.. Now leave “she shouts

” what do you mean by this swara.. Tell me..u hv Sparsh’s swear”he again hold her hands

“how cheap u r.. U hv sweared me with ur son… But if u wanna listen then listen.. M going away from di so that she can live.. So that she won’t face any problem.. ” she cried

” do u think swara , ragini could live without you “he ask softly

” I don’t know.. I don’t know anything… I just don’t want to live.. Shaurya was right.. M just a problem… U know di n laksh sleeps separately… Cz of me.. That’s why I want to get married so that they can move on.. But everything got ruined.. If wish this all come out after marriage “she cries harder

” swara what are you saying.. Ur life will be destroyed if this come out after ur marriage” he cups her face

“where is life sanskar.. I don’t have any life.. I don’t care what he will do to me.. “she said hopelessly

” swara do u think.. Ragini n laksh could live happily after this.. Don’t worry swara u will get a soul mate “he said n wipes her tears

” no one will marry me sanskar… ” she said

” come with me.. I will drop you home.. “he said

” m not going anywhere “she resist

” just stay there for today.. I will take sparsh to u afterall he wants to see u for the last time “he said

Sparsh is her weakness so she reluctantly agreed n came back…



Sujata n rp came back after from relative’s place after listening yesterday’s incident…

Swara was just sitting in her room lifelessly.. Everyone has tried to take her out of room but none could succeed
In afternoon adiraj, dp, ap, uttra, sanskar n sparsh came to Kapoor villa

“are sanskar you..”laksh greets him as after yesterday’s incident he has no issues with him..

“ya vo mom n dad wants to talk something “sanskar said

Sansakar greets Sujata n rp too

” sparsh u go n play with sweetie that room is her’s ” adiraj point towards swara’s room n sparsh ran in no time

” ji dp ji what u wanna talk “rp ask.

” we came here for asking swara’s hand for sanskar “dp said

Everyone got shocked

” but yesterday only her alliance has been called off.. Then why u want her hand” ragini frowns

“ha beta sanskar told us about all that.. Beta we love her.. N over that she loves our sparsh.. “ap said

“can I take some time” ragini ask they nods n ragini took laksh n rp n sujata

“beta I think we should agree “sujata said

” but ma.. Tmrw that incident and today this.. I don’t want to stress her.. N over that whatever he had done to swara ” ragini said

” beta trust me I hv seen life more.. I can see in his eyes that he has changed n will take care of swara ” sujata said

” I too feel the same “laksh said..

” but.. “ragini wasn’t ready to agree

Suddenly they heard some laughing sounds it was coming from swara’s room.. All went there n saw swara laughing wholeheartedly… As if nothing had happened yesterday… As if all her pain has vanished..

” now tell me when you hv seen her smiling this wAy”sujata ask..

Ragini went in thoughts as she doesn’t remember when she had seen her smiling wholeheartedly

“I will agree only if swara agrees “she put condition

Everyone agrees…

” dp ji ap ji we will accept this alliance only if swara agree “rp said

” we don’t have any problem.. Itz her life she has right to take decision ” dp said..

“can I talk to her” sanskar spoke

Ragini was about to say no bt laksh said yes

@ swara”s room

Swara n sparsh were playing.. When he knock the door.. Sparsh ran to him n said “papa u know.. I love sweetie”..

“yes champ I know.. Achha dadi was calling u.. Go to her” he said n sparsh ran

“swara can I take ur 2 minutes “he ask..

She nods

“swara u hv suggested me to remarry.. So that sparsh can get a mother” he said

She again nods

“so will you marry me.. So that he can get world’s best mother ” sanskar said

” look sanskar I don’t need ur pity.. So please “she said

” but sparsh needs u.. Swara I know we didn’t share a sound past but we can share a better future.. What if I marry anyone n she mistreat sparsh then ” he said

” I promise swara I will give you all happiness I will take u out of the dark streets.. I know you can’t say no if i take sparsh’s name.. I don’t know whether I can love you or not but I will protect u definitely.. Just say yes.. “he thought

” he is correct.. What if that girl mistreat my sparsh no no no.. I can’t let this happen… I will do anything for his safety.. I can die for him itz just a marriage.. It would be good for all.. But God please give me strength so that I can suppress the feelings in my heart deeper n deeper. “she thought

” I am ready “she said

” thank you “he said

” m doing this only for sparsh “she confirms

” yup only for him” he agrees

Both came downstairs and told them that they are ready to get married.. Then sparsh came running “sweetie come na.. Lets play”

Adiraj lifts him up n said”champ now u should not call her sweetie ”

” why.. She is my sweetie only”he cries

“cz now she will be ur mumma.. N we are talking her to home” ap said

“sachhhi!!!! Yippieeeeee!!! ” he jumps in happiness..

Swara opens her arms for him and he ran to her” I love you mumma”

“I love you too baby ” she kissed him on cheek..

” dekha ragu.. Her smile is pure”laksh whispers

“hmm I think so”ragini too somewhere agrees

“di if u all hvnt any problem I want this marriage to happen tmrw”swara said

“what!! Tmrw!!! What’s the need of this hurry swara “ragini said

” ya swara we can take time… “laksh said

” please lucky.. I don’t want any function or anything just a simple marriage please “she pleads

N finally all gave up



As swara wants simple n soon marriage they both took seven vows in temple the very next day .. One person was moat exited for this marriage n that was sparsh…

“now u will live with me na”he ask innocently.

“yes.. I will ” she said..

After Her yes sparsh hold her hand n drags her to the car n ask her to sit n as soon as she sat he sat in her lap…

To be continued..

Precap : sanskar’s stand for swara

I know Guyz u hv lots of expectations with their marriage.. But at this point that happy marriage would be impossible… But yes I will give u all a big fat wedding that too happy…

Sorry if I hv broken ur expectations…

Please let me know… If u like it or not.. Hope silent readers will also tell me..

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  3. Di naw my exam r starting so this is my last comnt . If u not finish ur ff. The comnt fr both ff. I write it in yeh dooriya to bt dont no what hapend. Ed mubarak. If ur nt muslim then to. Becoz the religion does not factors. I will read ur ff after my exm. Hope in 13 days u will not finish ur 2 ffs. Hope u updte the nxt prt tmrw cz i can use my mobile til tmrw. Sry fr late cmnt. I read it tmrw bt dint gt tym to cmnt. Oh updte 23 no part

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