Kuch iss tarah 2 (spoilt girl) (Episode 1)


Kuch iss tarah 2




Swara’s pov

“Woo-hoo!!!!! Yeah itz lyf… Avni…”

“swara plz stop car let me drive ” Avni was scared lyk hell ..

We both were coming back… From pub.. N roads were totally clear… N it should be na.. It 2 am… I was driving in full speed…. N poor Avni tries to stop me.. Lol.. No one can stop swara gadodia…

Suddenly I heard some siren noise… Ahh that was so irritating… It was some white jipsy with a red n blue lyts on it…

“Avni.. I think I hv seen this jipsy somewhere ” i asked her

” idiot stop the car.. Itz a police’s jipsy ” she revert

” ohh so they wanna race… Lets see who will win” I said with determination

“idiot stop the car or else we both will be dead” Avni was panicking

Then that white jipsy overtake us… N stopped infront of my car…

“shooott… I lost”

Then a tall man came n ask us to step out… We stepped out

I check that man from head to toe ” umm u hv a very bad fashion sense I must say” I told that man

“swara stop it… He is police officer “Avni shakes me

” ohh u r a police officer… So what.. Still u hv a bad frashion sense” I said the truth

“shut up swara” Avni closes my mouth

“license plz” that officer ask

“swara gadodia doesn’t need any… License ” I said proudly

” what u don’t even have a license swaraaa”avni rolled her eyes on me

“I think she is drunk too… So in this case U both hv to come with me ” office said

” yeayyyy kaha jana hai… ” I asked with gleamy eyes

” swara they are detaining us… For breaking law” avni nudged me

“what ever lets go.. ” I said

They ask us to get in their jipsy…” now way m not gonna step in this… I want my car”

“swaraaaa stop it ” avni forcefully took me in that low class jipsy

They took us to a police station
” I think u guys should hire.. A good interior decorator ”

” enough… Shut up ” that office scold me

” hw dare u to shout at me… Don’t you know who am I.. I am swara gadodia… Shekhar gadodia ‘s daughter…. Mind ur language ”

” ohh so u r swara gadodia… Bhut naam suna hai tumhara… Bade baap ki bigdi hui beti… ” that officer comments

I want to say something but avni stopped me…. N I kept a big pout…

Then avni starts her argument with that officer…

Then she called someone..

” achh m feeling sleepy… I want my bed” I demand

“oh princess itz not ur villa… Itz police station.. ” a khadoos lady officer again scolds me…

Itz nearly 4 n I saw a tall guy… I think I hv seen him somewhere… But where… Ohh.. He is lucky… But what he is doing here…

He showed some pprs to that officer… N then he came to me n ask me to come… I get up n my legs were trembling… Laksh n avni supports me from either sides… We get in laksh’s car…

“swara what’s this” laksh asked me in angry voice

“what!!? ” I counter question him

“you really don’t know..” he frowned

I immediately nodded no

“let me tell you… Aaj kitte case hote tumpe.. Number 1. Drink n driving… Number 2. Rash driving… Number 3. Over speeding… Number 4. Without license driving ”

I put my hands on my either ears n shouts” stoppp itt luckyyyy… Or else my ears will start bleeding ”

” swara itz not funny ” he said in strict tone

” ok fyn”I said with a pout..

Then I don’t remember what happened… When I opened my eyes I found myself in my room… I woke up n bingo.. My head was about to blast.. Itz was acheing lyk hell… I shout “Nancy plz bring coffee for me”

But no response then I remember.. That this concrete building is soo big that no one can hear me… I called her on intercom…

After a while I felt someone entering my room.. I said without even looking at her face “ahh Nancy thnx for coffee”

Then suddenly I felt someone pouring water on me… I jump n shout “what the hell ragini.. I hv told u many tyms I don’t want to see ur shitty face… In morning.. ”

“listen swara m warning u… Stay away from laksh… Solve your problems on ur own… Don’t drag my bf into ur troubles.. Got it ” she said in anger

“I will drag him.. Cz he is my bestie… N u r no one to tell me.. Mujhe kya karna hai or kya nahi”

“swara it last tym m telling u… Just stay away.. Why u always want to snach my happiness… U know what when u were In hostel I was happy… Jabse vapas aai ho.. Meri zindagi kharab kar di hai ” she said

” oh as if I am on cloud nine na.. After coming back… U know what in hostel there was peace now I hv to bear… Nonsense.. I hv to bear u n mom dad ” I said with totally high voice

” why don’t u die.. U can get peace in hell n I can get peace here… U r good for nothing… Just a burden on us” ragini said

” it is ur idea then why don’t you die… N just get lost from here… ” I shouted

Ragini left… N Nancy came in with coffee… I threw that mug on floor… ” get lost I said… Leave me alone ”

Nancy left… N I shut the door…

I sat on bed n started going through the hostel pics… A place where I stayed for 10 years… Sometimes I wonder… Does mom n dad luvs me!??? If they do so then why they have sent their 5 yr old daughter far away… Then I noticed a pic.. It was a recent pic of avni’s bday… A family picture… Where she n her parents were spending candid moment…I thought.. Really.. Family esi hoti hai.. Cz I don’t remember that I hv celebrated any moment with my so called family lyk this… Then my phone rang.. My eyes shined seeing the name

“Bae calling”

I picked that up.. Without wasting any moment

“hello baby… Hwz u”

” m fyn swara u tell me.. Hwz u”

“tumhare bina kaise ho sakti hoon”

“sry bby… But I promise I will be there by ur 20 th bday… ”

” it means u are coming back… Yeayyyyyyy ”

” hold on jaan… Yeah m coming back.. But only for For ur bday”

“aww my baby… Thankuuuuuuu… Luv u.. Ummmaahhh”

“luv u too swara bby”

We hung up

Aww my baby… Whenever I talked with him.. It makes my day…

I thought to go out… So I took bath n left…. For my home.. ‘Kapoor villa’

As soon as I entered the villa I saw sujata aunty serving lunch to lucky n rp uncle… I thought wow.. Hw can they all sit together… I mean we never sat lyk this… Ahh leave..

I ran n hug sujata aunty

“hello aunty… ” I kissed her cheek

” swara beta… Hwz u… Come sit here first n hv lunch ” aunty forcefully makes me sit

” swara beta what u want to hv.. ” she asked

” umm… I want to eat idli ” I demanded… As I know she cared for me

” beta for that u hv to wait.. Just 15 mins n I will prepare that for you “aunty said n left

I was thinking that.. My mum never does smthng lyk this..

” kiddo itz not fair.. I was asking for idli from a week n ma never listened to me.. N look tune ek baar kaha n she ran” laksh sound jealous

“ha cz aunty loves me more… Hai na sujata aunty” I said to tease lucky

“correct swara “aunty shouts from kitchen

After 15 minutes aunty came.. ” lo beta hv ur idlis”

Rp uncle had his lunch.. He put his hand on my head n blessed me “swara beta.. Take care”

Then aunty starts to feed me from her hands… N I kept on my drame…

“no aunty m full ”

” swara one more plz… Beta tumne kuch khaya he nahi” aunty said

“ma M ur real son.. I think u hv forgotten ” Laksh pouts..

Me n aunty burst out laughing… N I laugh wholeheartedly… I just luv to be here… I just luv sujata aunty.. Whenever I saw her I wounder.. Really ma.. Esi hoti hai…

My happiness faded away seeing ragini at main door… Urrgghh this girl can’t see me happy…

“achha aunty m going.. Bye.. Luv u aunty “I hugged her

” bye lucky ” I hugged him too…

I was going out.. Then ragini comments… ” u can’t see me happy… ”

” neither you can tolerate my happiness ” I too comment on her and left

Swara’s pov ends….

To be continued….

So let me clear this no one has seen swara’s bf… Till now it is not reviled who is he… N swara’s 20th bday is next week…

Here is the first episode guys… Hwz it…

Tell me.. Drop ur comments below


Guys hv u seem swaragini ‘s new promo… My poor sanky ????

Credit to: Meher

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  1. NIce but don’t keep Swara like this.

    1. I will try not to keep her lyk this?

  2. Good….awsm..

  3. Mona swasanholic Varunholic

    Oh god !! Swara’s really a spoilt girl but it’s all because of her parents… waiting for our hero..

    1. But are u sure he will be ‘hero’ he can be villain ?

  4. kuch is tarah back i love it

    1. Yeah baby itz back cz of u all

  5. Awesome

  6. awesome!!!! its soo good!!! I love ur ff’s!!!!

    1. Luv u tvisha dear ?

  7. Awesome. I liked this Swara rather than crying baby all d time.

    1. Me too lyk this swara much ?

  8. Omg!! Swara n Ragini- not Swaragini!! What character portrayal!! U kill me. waise bhi main bhoot hi hoon!! Who is Swara’s bf?! Lol. Swara is soo much arrohant. But loving her!! Lol. Keep it up sweethreat. Love u loaaddsss!!! :-*♥♥♥

    1. Yup they both are two individual personalities…

      I didn’t kill u ????? sachhi ?

      Swara’s bf is a guy ???

      Luv u loads ??

      N what about faith?

      1. I am messed up meher. Going through something real tough.

        I know dear, how can you kill me? After all you are such a sweetheart :-* ♥♥ 😉 acha in fb i fpund one Mugdha Johri. I sent her a message too. But neither she replied nor did she accept my request. If you are that then please accept my request. My id is Bishalakshi Maity

  9. Too good….

  10. Keep shining ((::: you’re just awesome
    and amazing like always!!

    1. Thnku so much dear… ??

      Itz all cz of ur encouragement

  11. Its awsm meher u are a skillful writer

    1. Thnku so much jiya ?

  12. Swara in new avtaar
    Spoiled brat…
    Hope so sanskar is her bf….
    Her bf n she has seen each other or not ??…

    1. Lol su obviously swara has seen her bf…
      N don’t forget sanky is Kavita’s bf

  13. Wow!! Meher you’re awsum?? I’ve not watched the promo yet but I’ll watch it, please post the next ASAP.

    1. Thnku kavya… N plz do watch promo.. Poor sanky ???

  14. Superb eagerly waiting……

    1. Thnku dear…
      Keep reading ?

  15. Meher it’s awesome seeing swara in this spoilt awatar it makes so new… But who’s this bf…. Unknown person is it sanky but then how…. Anyways epi was awesome loved it…. ?

    1. Thnku baby.. But remember I hv told that sanky is Kavita’s bf… ??

  16. 2day episode s fantastic
    I hope swara’s be s sanky

    1. Dear remember sanky is Kavita’s bf

  17. swara is so arrogant. waiting for sanky s entry

  18. Swara in new avatar….hmm I must say very different…loved it ???
    Hope her bf is ….. u know what we want….I guess???
    Acha anyways awesome episode ???

    1. I too luv her new avatar…
      No I don’t know what you want ?????

  19. yaaay … ! meher is back with a bang..

      1. hey can u tell me how to put a cover pic to the story … I tried par ho hi nai rha…

    1. Submit ur article m option hota hai.. Usme se select kro.. Which pic u want.. ???

  20. Awesome dear

  21. awesome… dont show swara like this totally.. waiting for our hero…..

    1. Me too waiting for Sanskar’s entry

  22. baby u rock it always…… actually i have always seen swara as sweet, bubbly, caring so this behaviours is a bit difficult to imagine…. lets see what happens next….

    1. Yup I too hv seen her in that way only… These all are Sanskar’s quality ?

  23. Yipee KIT is back with bang Di u know I was having tears unknowingly when u were following the story in swara’s POV specially about her parents and sis ragini and her taunting ????update soon coz now can’t wait anymore m so exited???luv u????

    1. And Di somewhere I think she is not as spoilt as she look she just need a bit of love and care and I know sanky will give her that love and care.

    2. Aww my babu.. But are you sure sanky will luv her
      . !!

  24. awesome..:)

  25. Wow di…itzz so nice…thus swara is much better than the crying one…lovd it… 🙂

    1. Yup I too love this swara

  26. awesome…..dont change swaras character…..i have a thought to c swara like this a spoilt brat bcoz every ff only sanky will b spoilt brat nd swara will change him….but i want vice versa…..i know sanky s also arrogant n ur ff but i love dis swara…..

    1. Don’t worry sanky is not arrogant he is a true business man… N m not gonna change swara.. Soon so enjoy ?

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  28. Yaar swara is sooo arrogant n spoilt girl….n. The rapport she shares with laksh n sujata is really admirable…..it shows she is not bad at heart just deprivation from family love has turned her into this….n



    1. Yup she is craving for luv n care… Which she gets from sujata n laksh…

      Sry teri toh ??????

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